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2020 Team USA Men’s Slowpitch Teams

2020 Team USA Men’s National Team

  • Kevin Bazat, Columbia, Missouri, Swings: Easton
  • Cory Briggs, Siloam Springs, Arkansas, Swings: Miken
  • Dale Brungardt, Vancouver, Washington, Swings: DeMarini
  • Daniel Cayton*, Redding, California, Swings: Easton
  • Travis Clark, Kenosha, Wisconsin, Swings: Easton
  • Andrew Collins, Largo, Florida, Swings: Monsta
  • Greg Connell, Moultrie, Georgia, Swings: Easton
  • Ben Dunn, League City, Texas, Swings: Easton
  • Ryan Harvey, Clearwater, Florida, Swings: Worth
  • Bubba Mack, Milton, Florida, Swings: Easton
  • Kyle Pearson, Stonewall, Louisiana, Swings: Miken
  • Andy Purcell, Rockledge, Florida, Swings: Louisville Slugger
  • Filip Washington, Rochester, New York, Swings: Anarchy
  • Brian Wegman, Hamilton, Ohio, Swings: Easton
  • Jeremy Yates, Lake City, Florida, Swings: Easton

Coaching Staff

  • Brett Helmer, Cicero, New York, Head Coach
  • Todd Ankney, Lake Villa, Illinois, Assistant Coach
  • Tim Barnes, Gladewater, Texas, Assistant Coach

2020 Team USA Men’s Futures National Team

  • Colin Baartman*, Golden Valley, Minnesota, Swings: Miken/Worth
  • Joseph Bennett*, Statenville, Georgia, Swings: DeMarini
  • Patrick Ellwanger, St. Paul, Minnesota, Swings: Easton
  • Chente Granados, Chino, California, Swings: Worth
  • Alex Hovey*, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Swings: Monsta
  • Jared Hunt*, El Cajon, California, Swings: Monsta
  • Tyler Marshburn*, Clayton, North Carolina, Swings: Easton
  • Phil Matte*, Radcliff, Kentucky, Swings: Demarini
  • Jason Matusik*, Umatilla, Florida, Swings: Miken
  • Ryan McClanahan, El Cajon, California, Swings: Miken
  • Zane Migues*, Broussard, Louisiana, Swings: Louisville Slugger
  • Brett Rettenmeier, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Swings: Monsta
  • Josh Riley, Berea, Kentucky, Swings: Worth
  • Adam Ussery, Hot Springs, Arkansas, Swings: Monsta
  • Johnathon Williams, Chicago, Illinois, Swings: Anarchy

Coaching Staff

  • Rob Humphrey, Burlington, Iowa, Head Coach
  • Denny Crine, Henderson, Nevada, Assistant Coach

* Indicates rookie

ASA Pitching Height Arc History

From the start of ASA Slow Pitch in 1953 the pitching arc 3 feet from release (pitcher’s hand) to 10 feet. Sound familiar?

In 1975 at the ASA National Convention they voted to go to an unlimited arc. This lasted for two seasons.

  • Mike Nye hit an incredible .769 at nationals in 1976 with an unlimited arc.
  • Umpires would call anything that didn’t land within 6 inches of the back of home plate a ball.
  • Zinn’s Diner fielded a team with 10 small people and a pitcher that could throw a 25 foot arc for strikes. The were beating national powers like York Barbell and Howard’s Furniture.

In 1977 they switched to a 6 foot to 12 foot arc from the ground.

For the 2010 season ASA switched to a 6 foot to 10 foot arc from the ground.

Other changes to field dimensions:

  • In 1982 the bases moved from 60 feet to 65 feet.
  • In 1989 the pitching plate was moved back from 46 feet to 50 feet.
  • In 2010 the bases were moved from 65 feet to 70 feet.

2010-2019 All Decade Team

  • Co-Player of the Decade – Andy Purcell
  • Co-Player of the Decade – Brian Wegman
  • Offensive Player of the Decade – Greg Connell
  • Defensive Player of the Decade – Don Dedonatis
  • Team of the Decade – 2017 Smash It/Scene/TDM/Miken/Worth – (69-7) – Won the Conference USSSA regular season and USSSA Major World Series


P – Travis Clark
P – Andy Purcell
C – Brett Helmer
EH – Ryan Harvey
1B – Kyle Pearson (LA)
2B – Greg Connell
3B – Bubba Mack
SS – Don Dedonatis
MI – Bryson Baker
OF – Brian Wegman
OF – Jeremy Yates
OF – Andrew Collins
UT – Dennis Rulli
UT – Kevin Filby
UT – Luis Reyna
Manager – John Rector
Sponsor – Travis Resmondo


P – Andrew Vitcak
C – BJ Fulk
EH – Dale Brungard
1B – Scott Kirby
2B – Steven Lloyd
3B – Shannon Smith
SS – Kevin Bazat
MI – Kevin Kennington
OF – Brandon Dillon
OF – Brian Zirkle
OF – Cory Large
OF – Jason Branch
UT – Chris Greinert
UT – Mike Umscheid
UT – Chris Larsen
UT – Jeff Flood
Manager – Steve Shortland
Sponsor – Brett Helmer


Geno Buck
Lee Powers
Nic Santana
Ben Dunn
Cory Briggs
Jeremy Isenhower
Neil Haglund
Brad Reckart
Brian Rainwater
Filip Washington
Rick Baker
Adam Rockoff
Josh Riley
Orlando Castillo
Steve Whaley
Brett McCollum
Brett Rettenmeier
Brian Logan
Chad Mullins
Daniel Kirkwood
David Kessler
Faron Miller
Keith Laski
Kyle Pearson (FL)
Patrick Ellwanger
Ryan Parfitt
Jimmy Salas
Chente Granados
Donovan Pokraka
Johnathon Williams

ASA Girls’ 10-Under A Fast Pitch National Champions

1998 – California Crunch, Chino, CA (held at Chattanooga, TN)
1999 – Invasion, Placentia, CA (held at Broken Arrow, CA)
2000 – San Diego Renegades, San Diego, CA (held at Stockton, CA)
2001 – USA Athletics, Cypress, CA (held at Moreno Valley, CA)
2002 – Minors Gold, San Jacinto, CA (held at Tulsa, OK)
2003 – Lakewood Ladies, Lakewood, CA (held at Johnson City, TN)
2004 – American Athletics, Orange County, CA (held at Tulsa, OK)
2005 – Corona Angels, Corona, CA (held at Johnson City, TN)
2006 – 95 Texas Glory, Mesquite, TX (held at Moline, IL)
2007 – Indiana Thunder, Goshen, IN (held at Auburn, AL)
2008 – Team Smith Blue, Chino Hills, CA (held at Bloomington, IN)
2009 – Victory USA, Cypress, CA (held at Johnson City, TN)
2010 – Firecrackers 99, Cerritos, CA (held at Chattanooga, TN)
2011 – Team Watley, Santa Ana, CA (held at Johnson City, TN)
2012 – Firecrackers 01, Cerritos, CA (held at Bloomington, IN)
2013 – So Cal Athletics, Lakewood, CA (held at Bowling Green, KY)
2014 – Tennessee Mojo 03, Cookeville, TN (held at Johnson City, TN)
2015 – Birmingham Vipers 04, Odenville, AL (held at Normal, IL)
2016 – Universal Fastpitch, Fairfield, CA (held at Stockton, CA)
2017 – Lasers Silver, Miamisburg, OH (held at Findlay, OH)
2018 – Knockout Divas 07, Montgomery, AL (held at Montgomery, AL)
2019 West – KC Storm 08, Lee’s Summitt, MO (held at Broken Arrow, OK)
2019 East – Atlanta Vipers Stewart, Loganville, GA (held at Johnson City, TN)

ASA Girls’ 16-Under GOLD Fast Pitch National Champions

2014 – TN Fury 97, Whitwell, TN (held at Broken Arrow, OK)
2015 – Nebraska Gold Mizuno Heard, Lincoln, NE (held at Salem, OR)
2016 – Texas Bombers Gold, New Braunfels, TX (held at Broken Arrow, OK)
2017 – Florida Impact Feldman, Lithia, FL (held at Clearwater, FL)
2018 – Texas Glory Naudin, Frisco, TX (held at Plano, TX)
2019 – Tulsa Elite OKC Walde, Oklahoma City, OK (held at Plano, TX)

ASA Girls’ 18-Under GOLD Fast Pitch National Champions

1994 – Gordon’s Panthers, Cypress, CA
1995 – Batbusters, Santa Ana, CA
1996 – Gordon’s Panthers, Cypress, CA (held at Stockton, CA)
1997 – Orange County Batbusters, Santa Ana, CA (held at Oklahoma, OK)
1998 – Gordon’s Panthers, Cypress, CA (held at Phoenix, AZ)
1999 – So Cal Athletics Gold, Irvine, CA (held at Chattanooga, TN)
2000 – Katy Cruisers, Katy, TX (held at St. Louis, MO)
2001 – Katy Cruisers, Katy, TX (held at Marietta, GA)
2002 – OC Batbusters, Santa Ana, CA (held at Broken Arrow, OK)
2003 – OC Batbusters, Santa Ana, CA (held at Salem, OR)
2004 – Southern Force, Johnston City, IL (held at Marietta, GA)
2005 – Shamrocks, Vienna, VA (held at Salinas, CA)
2006 – OC Batbusters, Santa Ana, CA (held at Oklahoma City, OK)
2007 – Worth Firecrackers Rico, Huntington Beach, CA (held at Oklahoma City, OK)
2008 – Gold Coast Hurricanes, Plantation, FL (held at Oklahoma City, OK)
2009 – Sorcerer Gold Phil, Concord, CA (held at Oklahoma City, OK)
2010 – East Cobb Bullets, Kennesaw, GA (held at Marietta, GA)
2011 – Team North Florida, Dunnellon, FL (held at San Diego, CA)
2012 – AZ Desert Thunder Gold, Tucson, AZ (held at Oklahoma City, OK)
2013 – Atlanta Vipers Gile, Kennesaw, GA (held at Clearwater, FL)
2014 – Wagners Gold Dunn, Oviedo, FL (held at Oklahoma City, OK)
2015 – Beverly Bandits, Grove City, OH (held at Hillsboro, OR)
2016 – Beverly Bandits DeMarini, Taylor Mill, KY (held at Oklahoma City, OK)
2017 – Virginia Unity Johnson, Spotsylvania, VA (held at Clearwater, FL)
2018 – Rock Gold Waye, Holland, PA (held at Plano, TX)
2019 – Excel Elite Williams, Sherman, TX (held at Plano, TX)

ASA Girls’ 18-Under A Fast Pitch National Tournament Champions

1974 – Houston Blue Angels, Houston, TX
1975 – Loves Park Cougars, Loves Park, IL
1976 – Raiders, Sepulveda, CA
1977 – Citizens State Bank, Maryville, MO
1977 – Raiders, Sepulveda, CA
1978 – Ock Island County Rookies, Rhode Island, NY
1979 – Oklahoma City Jets, Oklahoma City, OK
1980 – Nor Cal Tremors, Fairfield, CA
1981 – Orcutt Express, Santa Maria, CA
1982 – Raiders, Sepulveda, CA
1983 – Santa Monica Raiders, Santa Monica, CA
1984 – Santa Monica Raiders, Santa Monica, CA
1985 – Santa Monica Raiders, Santa Monica, CA
1986 – Inland Cities Raiders, Bellflower, CA
1987 – Raiders, Santa Monica, CA
1988 – California Raiders, Santa Monica, CA
1990 – Gordon’s Panthers, La Palma, CA
1991 – California Raiders, Santa Monica, CA
1992 – Orange County Batbusters, Santa Ana, CA
1993 – Gordon’s Panthers, Cypress, CA
1994 – OC Batbusters, Santa Ana, CA
1995 – California Waves, Santa Barbara, CA
1996 – Orland Park Sparks Red, Orland Park, IL (held at Eden Prairie, MN)
1997 –
1998 – Santa Fe Springs Rebels, Santa Fe Springs, CA (held at Sacramento, CA)
1999 – California Breeze, Sacramento, CA (held at Sioux Falls, SD)
2000 – Blazing Angels, Bristol, PA (held at Normal, IL)
2001 – Arizona Alleycats, Green Valley, AZ (held at Salem, VA)
2002 – Sorcerer Softball, San Ramon, CA (held at Rockford, IL)
2003 – Sorcerer Softball, San Ramon, CA (held at Garland, TX)
2004 – Orange County Bat Busters, Santa Ana, CA (held at Clovis, CA)
2005 – Louisville Lady Sluggers, Louisville, KY (held at Columbus, GA)
2006 – Carolina Cardinals, Tobaccoville, NC (held at Owensboro, KY)
2007 – Artesia Punishers, Artesia, CA (held at College Station, TX)
2008 – Lemont Rockers DD, Lemont, IL (held at Owensboro, KY)
2009 – Tampa Mustangs, Tampa, FL (held at Las Vegas, NV)
2010 – Stone City Sharks, New Lenox, IL (held at Hemet, CA)
2011 – Indy Crush Walker, Indianapolis, IN (held at Normal, IL)
2012 – Central Florida Sting Black, Orlando, FL (held at Johnson City, TN)
2013 – Carolina Cardinals, King, NC (held at Salem, VA)
2014 – Tampa Mustangs, Tampa, FL (held at Montgomery, AL)
2015 – Windermere Wildfire Stutsman, Windermere, FL (held at Spartanburg, SC)
2016 – Carolina Cardinals Chandler, King, NC (held at Bloomington, IN)
2017 – Carolina Cardinals Chandler, Rural Hall, NC (held at Salem, OR)
2018 – Carolina Cardinals Chandler, King, NC (held at Salem, VA)
2019 – Alabama Sparks Elite Stewart, Harvest, AL (held at Montgomery, AL)

ASA Girls’ 16-Under A Fast Pitch National Champions

1989 – Batbusters, Fountain Valley, CA
1990 – Southern Cal Raiders, Valencia, CA
1991 – California Thunder, Covina, CA
1992 – Nighthawks, Anaheim, CA
1993 – Fresno Force, Fresno, CA
1994 – Gordon’s Panthers, Sylmar, CA
1995 – Batbusters, Anaheim, CA
1996 – Lady Sharks, San Jose, CA (held at Chattanooga, TN)
1997 – Fresno Force, Visalia, CA (held at Fresno, CA)
1998 – USA Athletics, Santa Ana, CA (held at Novi, MI)
1999 – California Cruisers, Buena Park, CA (held at Marietta, GA)
2000 – Tuff E Nuff, Los Angeles, CA (held at Garland, TX)
2001 – Case Batbusters, San Clemente, CA (held at Normal, IL)
2002 – Oregon Sun Supply, Beaverton, OR (held at Sioux Falls, SD)
2003 – OC Batbusters, Yorba Linda, CA (held at Midland, TX)
2004 – Explosion, Cypress, CA (held at Bloomington, IN)
2005 – OC Batbusters, Orange County, CA (held at Sioux Falls, SD)
2006 – OC Batbusters, Dove Canyon, CA (held at Seattle, WA)
2007 – Nashville Cruisers, Brentwood, TN (held at Sioux Falls, SD)
2008 – Lady Magic, Elk Grove, CA (held at Owensboro, KY)
2009 – Northwest Blaze, Beaverton, OR (held at Sioux Falls, SD)
2010 – OC Batbusters, Claremont, CA (held at College Station, TX)
2011 – The Next Level Delamater, Temecula, CA (held at Chattanooga, TN)
2012 – Tulsa Elite 95, Owasso, OK (held at Montgomery, AL)
2013 – Atlanta Vipers Berry, Sugar Hill, GA (held at Sunnyvale, CA)
2014 – Ohio Lasers Blue, Miamisburg, OH (held at Salem, VA)
2015 – Florida Fire 98, Brandon, FL (held at Chattanooga, TN)
2016 – Ohio Lasers Purple, Columbus, OH (held at College Station, TX)
2017 – Firecrackers Alabama Ingram, Moundville, AL (held at Normal, IL)
2018 – Washington Ladyhawks Breer, Puyallup, WA (held at Kent, WA)
2019 – Hotshots Platinum Knoop, Oviedo, FL (held at Salem, VA)

ASA Girls’ 15-Under A Fast Pitch National Champions

1973 – Sunflower Girls, Bluff City, KS
1974 – Oklahoma City Racers, Oklahoma City, OK
1975 – Bay City VIP’s, Bay City, TX
1976 – 7-Up Ladybugs, Topeka, KS
1978 – Roadrunners, St Louis, MO
1979 – Tulsa Archrivals, Tulsa, OK
1980 – Royal Aces, Eugene, OR
1981 – Lil’ Sports, Irving, TX
1982 – Shilos, Sylmer, CA
1983 – Inland Cities Panthers, Cypress, CA
1984 – Inland Cities Panthers, La Palma, CA
1985 – Gordon Panthers, La Palma, CA
1986 – Gordon Panthers, Buena Vista, CA
1987 – Batbusters, Fountain Valley, CA
1988 – Batbusters, Fountain Valley, CA