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1945 ASA Men’s Major Fast Pitch Nationals

1945 held at Lakewood Stadium in Cleveland, Ohio on September 12-17.

Champion – Zollner Pistons, Fort Wayne, Indiana (72-4)
Runner Up – M&S Orange Beverage Company, Flint, Michigan (50-7)

Charles Justice of M&S Orange was 7-2, 7 shutouts, 74 Ks, 69 IP; lost 1st game of tournament to Zollner’s 3-2, then pitched 7 consecutive shutouts, including the 1-0 victory in the first final. The winning run was scored by Justice himself. They went on to lose in the final championship game 1-0. All total, gave up 4 runs in 9 games and also had a streak of 55 scoreless innings. He hurled 49 innings in the the last two days. Justice is listed as the MVP in some sources and also Most Valuable Pitcher in other sources. One of Justice’s Shutouts was a combined effort as Percy McCracken started the game and Justice relieved him in the 4th inning, hurling 1-hit ball the rest of the way and Flint scored 4 runs in the top of the 10th to win, giving Justice the 4-0 victory. Justice also hurled a 19 inning 1-0 victory over Tip Top Tailors as Bill Pack hit a HR to win the game. Justice struck 27.

Hughie Johnston, Zollner (6-22, .273, 3 doubles, 3 Runs, 6 RBI). Some newspapers sources said he was the MVP, but the performance of Justice was just too incredible to ignore.

Leo Luken, Zollner Pistons (4-0, 33 K, 28 IP, 3 Shutouts; pitched 1-0 final, beating Charlie Justice). Charlie Justice beat Zollner’s Dizzy Kirkendale 1-0 in first final to force the championship showdown with the Pistons prevailing 1-0 as Chick Goldberg’s base hit scored Neal Barille (6 runs scored, 4 RBIs in the tournament) with the winning run. Detroit went 6-1 to win the event, outscoring their opponents 23-6. Dizzy Kirkendall, Zollner (2-1, 29 K, 24 IP, 1 Shutout).

The Zollner Pistons team won a record 50 straight games during the season in 1945. They finished the season 72-4 and the pitching staff threw 451 scoreless innings out of a possible 464 innings played.

Leo Luken was 35-0 on the year. Luken’s first victory of the tournament was a 1-0 shutout over Phelps-Dodge of New Jersey for the ASA National Industrial Championship. The final was part of the bracket as a play-in game. Kirkendall finished the season 29-3, including 17 straight wins at one point. The Pistons pitching staff of Luken, Kirkendall and Corgan threw 451 scoreless innings out of a total of 464 innings played during the season.

Some sources state that M&S players, Charlie Justice (pitcher), Bobby Wright (catcher) and Bill Hamilton (first base) were named to the All World Fast Pitch Team by a local publication.

  • MVP – Charles Justice, M&S Orange Beverage Company
  • Batting Leader – N/A
  • HR Leader – N/A


1. Zollner Pistons, Fort Wayne, IN (6-1) (West Industrial Champ)
2. M&S Orange Beverage Company, Flint, MI (7-2) (West Central)
3. Stove Machinists, Tacoma, WA (3-2) (Northwestern)
4. O.S. Stapley Hardware, Phoenix, AZ (4-2) (South Pacific Coast)
5t. Tip Top Tailors, Toronto, ON (2-2) (Canada)
5t. Houston Slush Pumps, Houston, TX (2-2) (Southwestern)
7t. Coors Beer, Salt Lake City, UT (2-2) (Rocky Mountain)
7t. Westinghouse, Pittsburgh, PA (2-2) (East Central)
9t. Merced AFB, San Francisco, CA (1-2) (North Pacific Coast)
9t. Ritter’s Dental, Rochester, NY (1-2) (Mid-Atlantic)
9t. Phelps Dodge, Elizabeth, NJ (1-2) (East Industrial Champ)
9t. Monowat Electric, Cranston, RI (1-2) (North Atlantic)
13t. Kavokas Grill, Washington DC (1-2) (Central Atlantic)
13t. DF Giants (Gigantes), Mexico City, Mexico (0-2) (Mexico)
13t. Buck’s Bar, Omaha, NE (0-2) (Western)
13t. Coast Guard Repair Shop, Miami, FL (0-2) (Southern)
17. Quincy Club, Cleveland, OH (0-2) (Host)


Hammer Field Raiders, Fresno, CA – Defending Champs – Disbanded. Westinghouse, Pittsburgh, PA went in place of Old Reliables, Columbus, OH, who could not attend. Northern Region did not send a team or did not hold a tournament. Puerto Rico did not attend due to World War II transportation restrictions.

1944 ASA Men’s Major Fast Pitch Nationals

1944 held at Cleveland, Ohio.

Champion – Hammer Airfield Raiders, Fresno, California (58-4)
Runner Up – Zollner Pistons, Fort Wayne, Indiana (76-12)

Al Linde put on one of the greatest single performances in the history of the ASA Nationals on the mound, in the field and at the plate. He was 4-0 in 41 IP, 74 Ks, 4 shutouts, 2 no-hitters and gave up only 5 hits, he also had 2 game winning walk off hits and made a diving catch and then doubled the runner off of second to save another game. Linde was 37-1 on the season with 15 no hitters. He now has 93 no hitters in his career.

Kermit Lynch, Raiders (1-0, 11 IP, beat Briggs 6-0 on a 2-hitter) – Lynch was 21-3 on the year with 14 no hitters. Linde and Lynch combined for a total of 52 shutouts in the teams total of 58 wins. 29 of the shutouts were no hitters.

Harry Goorabian, Raiders drove Bob Nugent with the winning run in the championship with a base hit up the middle.

Zollner Pistons; Leo Luken (3-0), Stan Corgan (1-2, took the loss in the 12 inning final 1-0, while striking out 16 batters). The only 2 Pistons that got hits were Monday Cielenski and Chick Goldberg.

Warren “Fireball” Gerber (3-1 with a shutout for third place Ferguson Auditors), Diz Kirkendall was 1-1 for the Auditors with a shutout, but lost the 3-2 elimination to the Pistons.

  • MVP – Al Linde, Hammer Airfield Raiders (Pitched 12-inning 1-0 two-hitter in final w/21 Ks)
  • Defensive MVP– Tony Iacovitle, Hammer Airfield Raiders (threw out player at the plate to keep Zollner from scoring)
  • HR Leader – N/A


1. Hammer Airfield Raiders, Fresno, CA (5-0) (Defending Champs)
2. Zollner Pistons, Fort Wayne, IN (4-2) (West Central)
3. Ferguson State Auditors, Columbus, OH (4-2) (East Central)
4. Market Inn, Salt Lake City, UT (4-2) (Rocky Mountain)
5t. Tip Top Tailors, Toronto, ON (3-2) (Canada)
5t. Monowatt, Electric, Cranston, RI (2-2) (North Atlantic)
7t. Kodak Park, Rochester, NY (2-2) (Mid-Atlantic)
7t. Delchamps, Mobile, AL (2-2) (Southern)
9t. Briggs Bombers, Detroit, MI (1-2) (Industrial Champ)
9t. Cummings Construction, Baltimore, MD (1-2) (Central Atlantic)*
9t. Martin Bombers, Omaha, NE (1-2) (Western)*
9t. Leece & Neville, Cleveland, OH (1-2) (Host)
13t. OS Stapleys, Phoenix, AZ (0-2) (Pacific Coast)
13t. Ardmore Army Air Field, Ardmore, OK (0-2) (Southwestern)
13t. Portland Merchants, Portland, OR (0-2) (Northwestern)

* won a game by forfeit


Merced Army Air Field, San Francisco, CA (Military Service) did not show up. Northern Region did not send a team or did not hold a tournament. South Atlantic Region Disbanded in 1943. South Atlantic States merged with Southern Regional States. Puerto Rico and Mexico did not attend due to World War II transportation restrictions.

1943 ASA Men’s Major Fast Pitch Nationals

1943 held at Detroit, Michigan.

Champion – Hammer Airfield Raiders, Fresno, California (25-3)
Runner Up – Briggs Beautyware, Detroit, Michigan

(Unofficial MVP by Newspaper accounts) – Kermit Lynch, Raiders (3-0; 3 shutouts, including 1-0 win in finals, also drove in Dalton Moore with a triple to account for the only run of the game)

Al Linde, Raiders (1-1 pitching with a shutout, and played OF when he wasn’t hurling)

Ed Figelski, Briggs Beautyware (Pitched a 14 inning no hitter, winning 1-0 and having 27 Ks in the opening game, then came back in the first championship game to shut out Hammer Field 4-0 to force the final showdown, Big Ed had 10 Strikeouts to finish with 37 total in the 2 games he pitched. Ed Pearl was the pitcher of record in the final championship game for the Briggs Bombers and he only gave up 1 hit, but just happened to be Kermit Lynch’s RBI triple. Pearl was 2-2, Figelski was 2-0 and Ted Bankey was 1-0 for the Bombers.

Russ Johnston, Canadian Dental Corp. was 3-2 with no hitter.

The Zollner Pistons never made it out of the Regionals having been beaten by Midland Dow AC and then eliminated by the Peoria Caterpillars.

  • MVP – Kermit Lynch, Hammer Airfield Raiders
  • Batting Leader – Ed “Tyranski” Tyson, Briggs Beautyware (9-19) – .473
  • HR Leader – N/A


1. Hammer Airfield Raiders, Fresno, CA (5-1) (Military Service)*
2. Briggs Bombers, Detroit, MI (5-2) (Host)
3. Coca-Cola, Cincinnati, OH (3-2) (East Central)
4. Martin Bombers, Omaha, NE (4-2) (Western)*
5t. Canadian Army Dental Corp, Toronto, ON (3-2) (Canada)
5t. Public Service, Denver, CO (2-2) (Rocky Mountain)
7t. Dow Chemical, Midland, MI (2-2) (West Central)
7t. Kodak Park, Rochester, NY (2-2) (Mid-Atlantic)
9t. Camp Wallace, Galveston, TX (1-2) (Southwestern)
9t. Garvin’s Grill, Washington DC (0-2) (Central Atlantic)
9t. Teamsters, Tacoma, WA (1-2) (Northwestern)
9t. Phalanx Fraternity, Phoenix, AZ (1-2) (Pacific Coast)
13t. United Wire, Providence, RI (0-2) (North Atlantic)
13t. Burtner Farms, Greensboro, NC (0-2) (South Atlantic)

* won a game by forfeit


8th Naval District, New Orleans, LA (Southern) did not show up. Deep Rock Oilers, Tulsa, OK – Defending Champs – Disbanded. Phalanx Fraternity, Phoenix, AZ went in place of O.S. Stapley, Phoenix, AZ, who could not attend. Northern Region did not send a team or did not hold a tournament. Puerto Rico (Atlantic Ocean) and Mexico did not attend due to World War II transportation restrictions.

1942 ASA Men’s Major Fast Pitch Nationals

1942 held at Detroit, Michigan.

Champion – Deep Rock Oilers, Tulsa, Oklahoma
Runner Up – Briggs Bombers, Detroit, Michigan

The tournament had a different twist to it as it was the first national to use the double elimination format, but it differed then the norm.

In prior national tournaments, state associations were sending their champions on to nationals. This was the first year that teams would play in regional tournaments with the regional tournament champion advancing to the national championship. The tournament totaled 16 teams, 14 regional teams, 1 defending champion, and 1 host team.

Sig Lawson hurled 3 shutouts, and a 3-2 no hitter. He beat Phoenix 1-0 on a 15 inning shutout, then threw the 3-2 no hit game against Bendix in the winners bracket final. he later came back to shutout Zollner 2-0 in semis. The powerful Zollner squad (62-11 on the season) could only manage 4 hits off Lawson. He then threw a 2-0, 1 hit shutout against Briggs with 12 Ks in the championship game. The leadoff man for Briggs beat out a bunt, Lawson retired the next 21 men in a row.

Al Linde, Deep Rock (Played OF in the 4 games Lawson pitched and went 2-1 himself, hurling shutouts in both victories)

Leo Luken, Zollner Pistons (3-0, 23 IP, gave up only 1 run and 4 hits and struck out 33 batters). Stan Lipa was 1-2 for the Zollner squad.

Walter Blumke of Briggs was 3-1 hurling Briggs from an early defeat all the way to the finals. Ed Figelski (2-1) pitched the other Briggs victory.

Ed “Tyranski” Tyson of Briggs (9-21, .328)

Stan Corgan pitched every game for Bendix, but could not duplicate his magic of the 1941 tournament and finished 3-2.

The last four teams were entered into a semifinal format. Deep Rock was undefeated, while Bendix, Zollner and Briggs all had 1 loss. Leo Luken pitched a 2-0 no hitter with 11 K to eliminate defending champ, Bendix Brakes in the one semifinals. Briggs, behind the pitching of Walter Blumke gave Deep Rock their first loss, pinning a rare defeat on pitcher Al Linde 3-2. Bendix now had 2 losses and was eliminated and finished 4th. The other three teams still had only 1 loss, so with Stan Lipa taking the mound for Zollner, they were eliminated by pitcher Sig Lawson’s shutout pitching in a 2-0 loss to Deep Rock. With Briggs and Deep Rock both having one loss, the Championship game was another Sig Lawson masterpiece, as he hurled the Deep Rock Oilers to the title with a 2-0, 1-hit shutout and struck out 12 Briggs Batters.

The Pistons were led by the bats of Doehrman, Jim Ramage (5-17, .294, 5 RBI), Porky Slater (5-18, .278) and Zollner Pistons Basketball star, Curley Armstrong (5-19, .263). Armstrong, who in 1943, would go onto win the MVP of the World Basketball Tournament, held in Chicago. Oskkosh edged out Zollner for the title, but Armstrong was good enough to be named MVP.

  • MVP – Curley Armstrong, Zollner Pistons
  • Batting Leader – Lloyd “Lefty” Doehrman, Zollner (5-11, HR, 2 3B, 2 BB, 2 Sacs, 3 RBI) – .455
  • HR Leader – Bill Robeson, Deep Rock Oilers – 4


1. Deep Rock Oilers, Tulsa, OK (6-1) (Southwestern)
2. Briggs Bombers, Detroit, MI (5-2) (Host)
3. Zollner Pistons, Fort Wayne, IN (4-2) (East Central)
4. Bendix Brakes, South Bend, IN (3-2) (Defending Champ)
5t. Chicago Match Corp., Chicago, IL (3-2) (West Central)
5t. Goetz Bewery, St. Joseph, MO (2-2) (Western)
7t. Phalanx Fraternity, Phoenix, AZ (2-2) (Pacific Coast)
7t. Kodak Park, Rochester, NY (2-2) (Mid-Atlantic)
9t. Denver Public Service, Denver, CO (1-2) (Rocky Mountain)
9t. Romancos, Roanoke, NC (1-2) (South Atlantic)
9t. Homewood Dairy, Birmingham, AL (1-2) (Southern)
9t. Metz Brewing Company, Omaha, NE (1-2) (Northern)
13t. Cummins Construction, Baltimore, MD (0-2) (Central Atlantic)
13t. Merrill & Usher, Worcester, MA (0-2) (North Atlantic)
13t. Magna Firemen, Salt Lake City, UT (0-2) (Northwestern)
13t. HMCS York, Toronto, ON (0-2) (Canada)


Puerto Rico (Atlantic Ocean) and Mexico did not attend due to World War II transportation restrictions.

1941 ASA Men’s Major Fast Pitch Nationals

1941 held at Detroit, Michigan.

Champion – Bendix Brakes, South Bend, Indiana (61-22)
Runner Up – Romanco’s, Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina

Stan Corgan came in the last inning to get the final 3 outs to preserve the championship victory. Big Ike Bierwagen also pitched 9-inning no-hitter and teamed with Len Murray to win a tough 12 inning game over Pontiac, Michigan. Stan Corgan came in and pitched the last inning of the championship game to preserve the shutout).

Vince Piotrowski was 2-3 in the final with a double, home run and 4 RBI. Big Stan Corgan was also 3-0 for Bendix. In the semi-finals, Ed Kizelevich of Phelps Dodge of Elizabeth, NJ twirled a no hitter against the Romancos, but lost the game 1-0. The other semi final saw Bendix Brakes beat Briggs (Ed Figelski took the loss and finished the tournament with a 3-1 record) of Detroit 7-2 behind Stan Corgan’s pitching and Vince Piotrowski’s 3 hits. Piotrowski had 5 hits and 4 RBI in the final 2 games.

Russ DuBarry, Romanco’s went 5-1, 4 shutouts, pitched 61 consecutive innings. He won 5 straight games, giving up just 1 run and hurling 4 shutouts until the finals. Bendix jumped all over DuBarry and in the 4th, Howard Sama came in relief and the powerful Bendix bats kept hitting, as they had 14 hits and 9 runs total in the game.

Bendix ended the season with 38 straight wins. The continued the streak in 1942, getting up to a record of 46 straight wins.

Romanco is short for Rosemary Manufacturing Company.

  • MVP – Ike “Bonecrusher” Bierwagen, Bendix (3-0 record; he hurled the final championship game and went 6 innings giving up no runs and 4 hits with 8 Ks. He also had a double)
  • Outstanding Pitcher – Russ DuBarry, Romanco’s (5-1, 4 shutouts, pitched 61 consecutive innings)
  • HR Leader – N/A


1. Bendix Brakes, South Bend, IN (6-0) (Indiana)
2. Romanco’s, Roanoke Rapids, NC (5-1) (North Carolina)
3t. Briggs Beautyware, Detroit, MI (4-1) (Detroit)
3t. Phelps Dodge, Elizabeth, NJ (3-1) (New Jersey)
5t. Pontiac Big Six, Pontiac, MI (3-1) (Michigan)
5t. Goetz Brewers, St. Joseph, MO (3-1) (Missouri)*
5t. Daws Drugs, Rochester, NY (3-1) (Rochester)
5t. O.S. Stapleys, Phoenix, AZ (3-1) (Arizona)
9t. Kozey Alley AA, Cleveland, OH (2-1) (Cleveland)*
9t. Caterpillar Diesels, Peoria, IL (2-1) (Illinois)
9t. Metz Brewing Company, Omaha, NE (2-1) (Nebraska)
9t. Brooks Sports Shop, Denver, CO (2-1) (Denver)
9t. Dates Laundry, Buffalo, NY (2-1) (Buffalo)
9t. Voight’s Sikorsky, Stratford, CT (2-1) (Connecticut)*
9t. Deep Rock Oilers, Tulsa, OK (2-1) (Oklahoma)
9t. Senate Beer Team, Washington DC (2-1) (Washington DC)
17t. Tip Top Tailors, Toronto, ON (1-1) (Canada-Toronto)
17t. Victory Club, Pittsburgh, PA (1-1) (Pittsburgh)
17t. Western Printers, Racine, WI (0-1) (Wisconsin)
17t. Kodak Park, Rochester, NY (1-1) (Defending Champ)
17t. Stockman’s, Great Falls, MT (0-1) (Montana)
17t. Berger Merchants, Kansas City, KS (1-1) (Kansas)*
17t. Voit Sports Equip, Los Angeles, CA (1-1) (Los Angeles)
17t. Mountain Fuel, Salt Lake City, UT (1-1) (Utah)
17t. International Nickel, Huntington, WV (1-1) (West Virginia)
17t. Modern Sponging, Philadelphia, PA (1-1) (Philadelphia)
17t. Lindy’s, Cranston, RI (1-1) (Rhode Island)
17t. Merrill-Usher, Worcester, MA (1-1) (Massachusetts)
17t. Worthen Bankers, Little Rock, AR (0-1) (Arkansas)
17t. Katsons’s, Albuquerque, NM (1-1) (New Mexico)
17t. Montford Merchants, Spartanburg, SC (1-1) (South Carolina)
17t. Buckeye Pulps, Memphis, TN (1-1) (Tennessee)
33t. Coca Cola, Cincinnati, OH (0-1) (Cincinnati)
33t. Iowa Packing, Des Moines, IA (0-1) (Iowa)
33t. Greenbaum Tannery, Milwaukee, WI (0-1) (Milwaukee)
33t. Chicago Match, Corp., Chicago, IL (0-1) (Chicago)
33t. Paige Dairy, Toledo, OH (0-1) (Ohio)
33t. Golden West Flour, Longmont, CO (0-1) (Colorado)
33t. Thompson’s Terriers, Cheyenne, WY (0-1) (Wyoming)
33t. Peerless Pumps, Fresno, CA (0-1) (California)
33t. White Elephants, Vancouver, WA (0-1) (Washington)
33t. Belridge Oil, San Joaquin, CA (0-1) (San Francisco)
33t. Don ‘Q’ Rums, Ponce, Puerto Rico (0-1) (Puerto Rico)
33t. Koonz Creamery, Baltimore, MD (0-1) (Maryland)
33t. DuPont’s, Richmond, VA (0-1) (Virginia)
33t. Shankweilers AC, Allentown, PA (0-1) (Pennsylvania)
33t. Dispatchers Club, Boston, MA (0-1) (Boston)
33t. Strong Hardware, Burlington, VT (0-1) (Vermont)
33t. Grumman Yankees, Bethpage, NY (0-1) (New York)
33t. Rieck & Fleece, St. Petersburg, FL (0-1) (Florida)
33t. City Service, Shreveport, LA (0-1) (Louisiana)
33t. National Gypsum Gold Bond, Mobile, AL (0-1) (Alabama)
33t. Ken-Macs, Louisville, KY (0-1) (Kentucky)
33t. Litoloff Insurance, New Orleans, LA (0-1) (New Orleans)
33t. Texas Unemployment Comp. Co., Austin, TX (0-1) (Texas)
33t. Eastern Air Lines, Atlanta, GA (0-1) (Georgia)

* Won a game by forfeit.


St. Paul Park, St. Paul, MN, Fargo Merchants, Fargo, ND, Terratine, Bangor, ME, and  Ted’s Corner, Sioux Falls, SD did not show.

1940 ASA Men’s Major Fast Pitch Nationals

1940 held at Detroit, Michigan.

Champion – Kodak Park, Rochester, New York
Runner Up – Bendix Brakes, South Bend, Indiana

In the final game, Harold Gears hurled a 3-hit shutout and only had 1 strikeout, but scored the winning run on a Joe Farrell Single in the bottom of the 6th inning. George Sutphen (no-hitter) and Bill Morris (1-hitter) won the other two games for Kodak. The Rochester contingent gave up no runs in 6 games. Farrell led the team in batting (7-19, .368 with 3 doubles, a triple, 4 runs scored and 4 RBI). Tom Castle and Charles Streb both were 6-17 (.353 with each scoring 3 runs and having 4 RBI).

Stan Corgan, of Bendix Brakes, pitched final game, losing 1-0, the game winning single was the only hit he surrendered. Corgan was 2-1 in the tournament and Stan Lipa, a pickup from the Zollner pistons was 2-0.

Rochester defeated Dates Laundry of Buffalo in Semi finals on Gears’ no hitter, while Bendix beat Toronto 3-2 in 14 innings behind Stan Lipa’s pitching. Bendix had just beaten Phillips 66 of Okmulgee, OK 2-0 in a quarterfinal game.

Cam Ecclestone, pitching for Bowles of Toronto went 4-1, including a 24 inning 1-0 defeat of the Phoenix Auto Kings, he had 36 Ks. 15 year old Len Murray pitched the entire game for the Auto Kings.

The legendary Coon Rosen went 2-0 for the Phoenix Auto Kings.

  • MVP – Harold “Shifty” Gears, Kodak Park (4-0, 3 shutouts, including a no-hitter, gave up 0 runs and only 4 hits. had 24 Ks in 26 IP)
  • Batting Leader – N/A
  • HR Leader – N/A


1. Kodak Park, Rochester, NY (6-0) (Rochester)
2. Bendix Brakes, South Bend, IN (5-1) (Indiana)
3t. Bowles Lunch, Toronto, ON (4-1) (Canada-Toronto)
3t. Dates Laundry, Buffalo, NY (4-1) (Buffalo)
5t. Auto Supply Kings, Phoenix, AZ (3-1) (Arizona)
5t. Phillips 66, Okmulgee, OK (3-1) (Oklahoma)
5t. Page Dairy, Toledo, OH (3-1) (Ohio)
5t. Elgin AC, Elizabeth, NJ (3-1) (New Jersey)
9t. Big Six Van Wagoners, Pontiac, MI (2-1) (Michigan)
9t. Sioux Toolers, Sioux City, IA (1-1) (Iowa)
9t. Caterpillar Diesel, Peoria, IL (2-1) (Illinois)
9t. Kauffman Penfold, Fort Lupton, CO (1-1) (Colorado)
9t. East Hills Merchants, Cincinnati, OH (2-1) (Cincinnati)
9t. Westport Chevis Stars, Westport, CT (2-1) (Connecticut)
9t. Cranston Trojans, Cranston, RI (1-1) (Rhode Island)
9t. Marion Motors, Ocala, FL (1-1) (Florida)
17t. Briggs Beautyware, Detroit, MI (0-1) (Detroit)
17t. Weaver Walls, Cleveland, OH (0-1) (Cleveland)
17t. Regal Beer, Baton Rouge, LA (1-1) (Louisiana)
17t. McNutt Oilers, El Paso, TX (1-1) (Texas)
17t. Bradley Lumber, Warren, AR (1-1) (Arkansas)
17t. Jensen’s Alleys, Milwaukee, WI (1-1) (Milwaukee)
17t. Sinclair Oilers, Parco, WY (1-1) (Wyoming)
17t. Mountain Fuel, Salt Lake City, UT (1-1) (Utah)
17t. Romancos, Roanoke Rapids, NC (0-1) (North Carolina)
17t. Atlanta Police, Atlanta, GA (1-1) (Georgia)
17t. International Bus. Machine, Washington DC (0-1) (Washington DC)
17t. Bethlehem Steel, Baltimore, MD (1-1) (Maryland)
17t. Don ‘Q’ Rums, Ponce, Puerto Rico (0-1) (Puerto Rico)
17t. Dupont Dye, Wilmington, DE (1-1) (Delaware)
17t. Harvard AC, Portland, ME (1-1) (Maine)*
17t. Norfolk Navy Yard, Norfolk, VA (0-1) (Virginia)
33t. Nick Carr Boosters, Covington, KY (0-1) (Defending Champ)
33t. Mound Park Tavern, St. Paul, MN (0-1) (Minnesota)
33t. Western Printers, Racine, WI (0-1) (Wisconsin)
33t. Shopping Center, Billings, MT (0-1) (Montana)
33t. Service Growers, Kansas City, KS (0-1) (Kansas)
33t. Dr. Pepper’s, Lincoln, NE (0-1) (Nebraska)
33t. Park Ridge Merchants, Chicago, IL (0-1) (Chicago)
33t. Dunn Lumber, Seattle, WA (0-1) (Washington)
33t. Ken-Mac, Louisville, KY (0-1) (Kentucky)
33t. Public Service Company, Denver, CO (0-1) (Denver)
33t. Binkley Miners, Macon, MO (0-1) (Missouri)
33t. Hollister Cowboys, Hollister, CA (0-1) (California)
33t. Kraft Cheese, Albuquerque, NM (0-1) (New Mexico)
33t. Hamilton Watch, Lancaster, PA (0-1) (Pennsylvania)
33t. St. Joan of Arc, New York City, NY (0-1) (New York)
33t. Smokey’s, Pittsfield, MA (0-1) (Massachusetts)
33t. Alpha Society, Nashua, NH (0-1) (New Hampshire)
33t. The All-Stars, Etowak, TN (0-1) (Tennessee)
33t. All Pals, Philadelphia, PA (0-1) (Philadelphia)
33t. 20th Century Club, Pittsburgh, PA (0-1) (Pittsburgh)
33t. U.S. Engineers, Huntington, WV (0-1) (West Virginia)
33t. National Gypsum, Mobile, AL (0-1) (Alabama)
33t. Flamingoes, Bellows Falls, VT (0-1) (Vermont)
33t. Gas & Electric, Columbia, SC (0-1) * (South Carolina)

* won a game by forfeit


Troy Laundry, Twin Falls, ID, Mint Bar, Sioux Falls, SD, and Fargo Merchants, Fargo, ND withdrew.

1939 ASA Men’s Major Fast Pitch Nationals

1939 held at Chicago, Illinois.

Champion – Nick Carr Boosters, Covington, Kentucky (77-10)
Runner Up – Ferguson State Auditor, Columbus, Ohio

Norb Walken was 6-0, had 5 shutouts, 2 no hitters, 99 Ks, 52 IP, including a 5-1, 14 K in final. One of the more amazing things is that in 52 IP, he did not walk a single batter. Since the 1937 National, when “the Cyclone” pitched for Curlee Clothiers and counting last year and this year with Nick Carr’s Boosters, Warken has a 11-1 record with 10 shutouts, 5 no hitters, including a perfect game. He has also struck out 198 batters in 105 innings pitched. In the 11 games he hurled to win the Kentucky states and Nationals, Warken was 11-0 with 161 K in 89 Innings along with 9 shutouts).

Ralph Solt, Ferguson (4-1), Pitched 3 consecutive no hitters, then shutout Briggs 1-0 in 11 innings to advance team to the final. Solt defeated Briggs hurler Ed Pearl in that semifinal. In the other Semi-Final, The Boosters behind The Cyclone (Norb Warken) eliminated the Exchange Club of Salt Lake City 2-0 on a two-hit shutout in 9 innings. Warken had 17 K in the game to defeat Ray Ortiz of the Exchange Club, who finished the tournament 3-1. Warren Gerber (1-0) pitched the other win for Columbus.

The Nick Carr Boosters team had future Zollner Piston players Bill West, Leo Luken, Bernie Kampschmidt and Jim Ramage on their team.

Ed Pearl (2-1) and Ed Figelski (2-0), both led Briggs Beautyware to a top-4 finish. Sam Lombardo led the hitting attack for the Brigg’s squad.

Pohlar’s Cafe of Cincinnati, behind the pitching of Diz Kirkendall went 3-1 as Kirkendall threw 2 no hitters, one was the 1-0 loss to Columbus that eliminated Pohlar’s.

Kermit Lynch made his National tournament debut with the Modesto Merchants and hurled 2 shutouts, going 2-1.

Phoenix native Nolly Trujillo pitched for the Hollister, CA Cowboys and went 3-1.

  • MVP – Norb Cyclone Warken, Boosters
  • Batting Leader – N/A
  • HR Leader – N/A


1. Nick Carr Boosters, Covington, KY (6-0) (Kentucky)
2. Ferguson State Auditors, Columbus, OH (5-1) (Ohio)
3t. Briggs Beautyware, Detroit, MI (4-1) (Detroit)
3t. Exchange Club, Salt Lake City, UT (3-1) (Utah)
5t. Royal Crown Cola, Albuquerque, NM (2-1) (New Mexico)
5t. Hollister Cowboys, Hollister-San Fran, CA (3-1) (San Francisco)
5t. Pohlar’s Cafe, Cincinnati, OH (3-1) (Defending Champ)
5t. Big Six Van Wagoners, Pontiac, MI (2-1) (Michigan)
9t. Deep Rock Oilers, Tulsa, OK (2-1) (Oklahoma)
9t. Ft Lupton Aces, Longmont, CO (2-1) (Colorado)
9t. Thompson Terriers, Cheyenne, WY (2-1) (Wyoming)
9t. Modesto Merchants, Modesto, CA (2-1) (California)
9t. Hammond Civic Center, Hammond, IN (1-1) (Indiana)
9t. Beaty Stores, St. Joseph, MO (2-1) (Missouri)
9t. Tru-Blu Beer, Washington DC (2-1) (Washington DC)
9t. Daily Bowler, Buffalo, NY (1-1) (Buffalo)
17t. People’s Jewelers, Toronto, ON (1-1) (Canada-Ontario)
17t. Esso Service Stations, Columbia, SC (1-1) (South Carolina)
17t. Firestone Tires, Clearwater, FL (1-1) (Florida)
17t. Five Points AC, Birmingham, AL (1-1) (Alabama)
17t. Cities Service Oils, Shreveport, LA (1-1) (Louisiana)
17t. Doss Cafe, Omaha, NE (1-1) (Nebraska)
17t. St. Mary’s A.C., Philadelphia, PA (1-1) (Philadelphia)
17t. Schukei Motors, Waterloo, IA (1-1) (Iowa)
17t. Midland Steel, Cleveland, OH (1-1) (Cleveland)
17t. Kodak Park, Rochester, NY (1-1) (Rochester)
17t. Woco Pep Gasoline, Memphis, TN (1-1) (Tennessee)
17t. Denver Public Service, Denver, CO (0-1) (Denver)
17t. San Juan, Puerto Rico (0-1) (Puerto Rico)
17t. Colbert’s Beverage, St. Paul, MN (0-1) (Minnesota)
17t. Elgin A.C., Elizabeth, NJ (0-1) (New Jersey)
17t. 115 Club, Grand Forks, ND (0-1) (North Dakota)
33t. Atlanta Police, Atlanta, GA (0-1) (Georgia)
33t. Norfolk Navy Yard, Portsmouth, VA (0-1) (Virginia)
33t. York Oil Field Supply, Houston, TX (0-1) (Texas)
33t. Congress AC, Portland, ME (0-1) (Maine)
33t. Papale Construction, Pittsburgh, PA (0-1) (Pittsburgh)
33t. Montana Power & Light, Bozeman, MT (0-1) (Montana)
33t. Fones Hardware, Little Rock, AR (0-1) (Arkansas)
33t. Fairlawn Mules, Pawtucket, RI (0-1) (Rhode Island)
33t. Davis Cash Market, Burlington, VT (0-1) (Vermont)
33t. Romancos, Roanoke Rapids, NC (0-1) (North Carolina)
33t. Home Service Stores, Clarksburg, WV (0-1) (West Virginia)
33t. Phoenix Lettuce Kings, Phoenix, AZ (0-1) (Arizona)
33t. Ke-Nash-A’s Motors, Kenosha, WI (0-1) (Wisconsin)
33t. Caterpillar Tractors, Peoria, IL (0-1) (Illinois)
33t. Park Ridge Merchants, Chicago, IL (0-1) (Chicago)
33t. Luick’s Sealtest Milk, Milwaukee, WI (0-1) (Milwaukee)
33t. Wilson Packers, Kansas City, KS (0-1) (Kansas)
33t. Gas & Electric Company, Cincinnati, OH (0-1) (Cincinnati)
33t. A.G. Spaulding & Bros, Chicopee, MA (0-1) (Massachusetts)
33t. Nate and Leon’s Deli, Baltimore, MD (0-1) (Maryland)
33t. Carpenter Steel, Reading, PA (0-1) (Pennsylvania)
33t. Emeralds, New Britain, CT (0-1) (Connecticut)


Natural Laundry, Twin Falls, ID and Davis Beauty Shop, Mitchell, SD withdrew. People’s Jewelers, Toronto, Ontario went in place of Regina Merchants, Regina, Saskatchewan.

1938 ASA Men’s Major Fast Pitch Nationals

1938 held at Chicago, Illinois.

Champion – Pohlar Café, Cincinnati, Ohio
Runner Up – International Harvester, Little Rock, Arkansas

Clyde Kirkendall pitched the 2-1 victory with 7 K in Championship game – The Cincinnati pitching staff of Kirkendall and Murphy won 6 total games with 3 shutouts and allowing only 5 runs in the 6 games. The championship game was tied in 6th inning with 1 out and Pohlars at bat; Art Miller doubled. Little Rock pitcher Ed Kelly got Mel Vos to ground out for the 2nd out. Then Art McGruff laid down a bunt to Kelly, who threw low to first basemen Charlie Love, who bobbled the throw allowing Miller to dash home with the winning run. Kelly was the losing pitcher in this heartbreaker, as he gave up only 2 hits and banged out a triple as well, losing 2-1. Bill Curry accounted with the other Cincinnati run with a sac fly in 4th inning. Kirkendall defeated the St. Joe’s, MO squad 3-0 by retiring 33 batters in order.

Ed ‘King Kong’ Kelly, International Harvester (4-1, 2 shutouts and 5 runs allowed)

Pohlar’s defeated Iowa Packers 4-2 in the semifinals on a Bill Curry’s 2 hits and 3 RBI. Jack Murphy hurled 6 innings and struck out 14. Diz Kirkendall came in the hurled the 7th inning striking out 2 batters to preserve the win. Al Linde, Packers hurler, was 3-0 coming into the game with 45 K and had already pitched a no-hitter and a 1-hitter, and given up only 1 run and 3 hits to that point. He surrendered 6 hits and 4 runs, although struck out 10 to finish with 55 (in 28 innings) in the tournament. International Harvester beat the Phoenix Lettuce Kings 1-0 on Bob Holcomb’s HR in the 2nd inning off Coon Rosen. Nolly Trujillo came in relief and shut the Little Rock team down the rest of the way. But the Lettuce Kings could get nothing started off of Little Rock’s Ed “King King’ Kelly, who hurled every inning for the Harvesters.

Sambo Elliott, Atlanta Police (pitched 2 no-hitters on the same day winning 5-1 and 4-1, before losing 4-0). He finished with a 2-1 record.

Norb Cyclone Warken, Nick Carr Boosters (The Cyclone twirled a no-hitter and a 1-hitter with 22 Ks on the same day, before losing 2-1). He also finished with a 2-1 record.

  • MVP – Clyde Dizzy Kirkendall (3-0; had 2 shutouts, 1 a no-hitter and a save)
  • MVP – Jack Murphy (3-0, 2 shutouts) both won 3 games for Pohlar.
  • Batting Leader – N/A
  • HR Leader – N/A


1. Pohlar’s Cafe, Cincinnati, OH (6-0) (Cincinnati)
2. International Harvester, Little Rock, AR (5-1) (Arkansas)
3t. Tolleson Lettuce Kings, Phoenix, AZ (3-1) (Arizona)
3t. Iowa Packers, Des Moines, IA (4-1) (Iowa)*
5t. Dupont AA, Buffalo, NY (3-1) (Buffalo)
5t. Ke-Nash-A’s, Kenosha, WI (2-1) (Wisconsin)
5t. United Cleaners, Toronto, ON (3-1) (Canada-Toronto)*
5t. Rieck & Fleece Stars, St. Petersburg, FL (2-1) (Florida)
9t. Nick Carr Boosters, Covington, KY (2-1) (Kentucky)
9t. Page Dairy, Toledo, OH (2-1) (Ohio)
9t. Atlanta Knowles Police, Atlanta, GA (2-1) (Georgia)
9t. Shannon Dairy, Jeffersonville, IN (2-1) (Indiana)
9t. Hollister Cowboys, Hollister, CA (1-1) (California)
9t. Coca Cola Bottlers, Abilene, TX (2-1) (Texas)
9t. Echerb Drugs, Chattanooga, TN (2-1) (Tennessee)
9t. Deep Rock Oilers, Tulsa, OK (2-1) (Oklahoma)
17t. Auto Specialists, St Joseph, MI (1-1) (Michigan)
17t. Litsinger Motors, Chicago, IL (1-1) (Chicago)
17t. City Mills, Roanoke, VA (1-1) (Virginia)
17t. Overnight Transportation, Baltimore, MD (0-1) (Maryland)
17t. Urbana Indians, Urbana, IL (0-1) (Illinois)
17t. Cudahy Packers, Kansas City, KS (1-1) (Kansas)
17t. Detroit Potato Chips, Detroit, MI (1-1) (Detroit)
17t. Falstaff Beer, Omaha, NE (1-1) (Nebraska)
17t. Golden Gate Grill, Denver, CO (1-1) (Denver)
17t. Five Points AC, Birmingham, AL (1-1) (Alabama)
17t. Eastern Mfg. Company, Brewer, ME (0-1) (Maine)
17t. The Juds, Johnstown, CO (1-1) (Colorado)
17t. Bozeman Oaks, Bozeman, MT (1-1) (Montana)
17t. Redwoods, Pittsburgh, CA (1-1) (San Francisco)
17t. Phelps Dodge, Elizabeth, NJ (1-1) (New Jersey)
17t. Baird Cleaners, Boise, ID (0-1) (Idaho)
33t. Mokin’s Produce, St Joseph, MO (0-1) (Missouri)
33t. Rock of Ages, Barre, VT (0-1) (Vermont)
33t. Nickel Plate Grill, Cleveland, OH (0-1) (Cleveland)
33t. Greenville Boys, Greenville, MS (0-1) (Mississippi)
33t. Point Tavern, Grand Forks, ND (0-1) (North Dakota)
33t. Briggs Beautyware, Detroit, MI (0-1) (Defending Champ)
33t. Harvester Works, Milwaukee, WI (0-1) (Milwaukee)
33t. American Enka, Ashville, NC (0-1) (North Carolina)
33t. McMasters Bucks, Anderson, SC (0-1) (South Carolina)
33t. Loreco Oilers, Shreveport, LA (0-1) (Louisiana)
33t. Superior Packers, St. Paul, MN (0-1) (Minnesota)
33t. Tip Top Boys, St. Louis, MO (0-1) (St. Louis)
33t. Associated Oil, Salt Lake City, UT (0-1) (Utah)
33t. Balfour Jewelry Mfg., Attleboro, MA (0-1) (Massachusetts)
33t. General Electric, Philadelphia, PA (0-1) (Philadelphia)
33t. Bausch & Lomb, Rochester, NY (0-1) (Rochester)
33t. Elk’s Club, Albuquerque, NM (0-1) (New Mexico)
33t. Electric Hose & Rubber, Wilmington, DE (0-1) (Delaware)
33t. RJ Cozza, Pittsburgh, PA (0-1) (Pittsburgh)
33t. The Newports, Pawtucket, RI (0-1) (Rhode Island)
33t. Agricultural Department, Washington, DC (0-1) (Washington DC)
33t. Emeralds, New Britain, CT (0-1) (Connecticut)

* -won a game by forfeit

NOTES: Wiley Clothiers, Charleston, WV (West Virginia) and Thompson’s Terriers, Cheyenne, WY (Wyoming), did not show. Armour Athletic Club, Huron, SD (South Dakota) withdrew.

1937 ASA Men’s Major Fast Pitch Nationals

1937 held at Chicago, Illinois.

Champion – Briggs Beautyware, Detroit, Michigan (107-12)
Runner Up – B&B Clothiers, Sapulpa, Oklahoma

Eddie Figelski, Briggs Beautyware (Pitched a 1-0, 3-hit shutout in championship with 5 K) – Tony Pieper hit a double and then on a close play at first base by the next batter, he rounded third and kept going while the stunned first basemen held onto the ball in the 4th inning provided all the runs Figelski would need. Frank Tuppin and Carl Hart both pitched for the Clothiers and gave up 6 hits total. The B&B staff had 2 shutouts and gave up 3 runs total. Briggs pitching staff had 5 shutouts and only gave up 1 run in their 6 games (42 total innings). They outscored their opponents 22-1. Chet Tarnicki and Ed Figelski were both 3-0 in the tournament.

Briggs Beautyware beat the Miami, FL Coca-Colas 3-0 in the semi finals behind the 2 hit pitching of Jack Brown. Allen Wallace and Tom Berryhill had 2 hits each, with Berryhill hitting both a triple and a HR to lead the Briggs Beautyware offense. Briggs Beautyware had an easier time in their semi final, beating Bendix Brakes 9-0. They jumped all over Bendix pitchers, Kay Strominski and Harry Kraft as Frank Kolke (2-3) and Mike Smith (2-3) both smashing homers. Chet Tarnecki hurled a 3-hit shutout for Briggs Beautyware as Charlie Tanneggia and Danny Lipinski had 2 hits apiece.

Norb Cyclone Warken, Curlee Clothiers (3-1, pitched a perfect game, a no-hitter and a one-hitter, before finally losing 1-0 on a HR in the 11th inning to Miami. He finished with 66 Ks in the 32 Innings he pitched and gave up only 1 run). His record of 2 consecutive no-hitters on the same day would last a long time.

Bendix Brakes of South Bend, IN Pitching staff of Ron Kronewitter (2-0), Kay Strominski (1-0) and Harry Kraft (1-1); shutout 4 straight opponents on their way to the semi-finals. , Ronnie Kronewitter (won 1-0 and 3-0), Kay Strominski (won 6-0), And Harry Kraft eliminated defending champ Kodak Park and Shifty Gears (3-0) in the quarter-finals. Kraft started the game against Briggs and was knocked out in the first inning, giving up 5 runs. Kay Strominski came in to relieve him, but the damage was already done, Briggs winning 9-0.

Ed Tyranski Tyson, Briggs (11-23) – .478

B&B Pitchers: Jack Brown (2-0), Frank Tuppin (1-1) and Carl Hart (1-0)

  • MVP – N/A
  • Batting Leader – Tony Pieper, Briggs Mfg. (12-21) – .571 – also scored winning run in championship game to give Briggs 1-0 win.
  • HR Leader – N/A


1. Briggs Beautyware, Detroit, MI (6-0) (Detroit)
2. B&B Clothiers, Sapulpa, OK (5-1) (Oklahoma)*
3t. Bendix Brakes, South Bend, IN (4-1) (Indiana)
3t. Coca-Cola, Miami, FL (4-1) (Florida)
5t. Curlee Clothiers, Mayfield, KY (3-1) (Kentucky
5t. Phoenix Jewelry/Tom’s Tavern, Phoenix, AZ (3-1) (Arizona)
5t. Proctor & Gamble, Hamilton, ON (3-1) (Canada-Ontario)
5t. Weaver Walls, Cleveland, OH (3-1) (Cleveland)
9t. Coca-Colas, Grand Forks, ND (2-1) (North Dakota)*
9t. Knoxville All Stars, Knoxville, TN (2-1) (Tennessee)
9t. Texas Oil Products Oilers, Gladewater, TX (2-1) (Texas)*
9t. Mitch Green Helm Chevy, Modesto, CA (2-1) (California)
9t. Auto Specialists, St Joseph, MI (2-1) (Michigan)
9t. Greenbaum Tannery, Milwaukee, WI (2-1) (Milwaukee)
9t. Boone NiteHawks, Boone, IA (2-1) (Iowa)
9t. Kodak Park, Rochester, NY (2-1) (Defending Champ)
17t. Felton’s Cafe, Little Rock, AR (1-1) (Arkansas)
17t. Montgomery Ward, Baton Rouge, LA (1-1) (Louisiana)*
17t. Winnies Boots, San Francisco, CA (1-1) (San Francisco)
17t. Kelvinators, Asheville, NC (0-1) (North Carolina)
17t. Elrich Poultry, Washington DC (1-1) (Washington DC)
17t. Utah-Idaho Sugar Co., Spanish Forks, UT (1-1) (Utah)
17t. US Gypsum, Greenville, MS (1-1) (Mississippi)*
17t. Forest Rangers, Missoula, MT (0-1) (Montana)
17t. Phelps Dodge, Elizabeth, NJ (1-1) (New Jersey)*
17t. Armstrong Cork, Lancaster, PA (0-1) (Pennsylvania)
17t. Burnham-Morrill, Portland, ME (1-1) (Maine)
17t. Ke-Nash-A Club, Kenosha, WI (0-1) (Wisconsin)
17t. Columbia System, Cincinnati, OH (1-1) (Cincinnati)
17t. Onized Club, Columbus, OH (1-1) (Ohio)
17t. Caterpillar Diesel, Peoria, IL (1-1) (Illinois)
17t. DuPont AA, Buffalo, NY (1-1) (Buffalo)
33t. Brooks-Slattery, Atlanta, GA (0-1) (Georgia)
33t. Cook-Alpert, Denver, CO (0-1) (Denver)
33t. Allied Printers, Topeka, KS (0-1) (Kansas)
33t. Laabs Motor Cubs, Belen, NM (0-1) (New Mexico)
33t. Trinidad Electrics, Trinidad, CO (0-1) (Colorado)
33t. Lee Brothers Foundry, Anniston, AL (0-1) (Alabama)
33t. Cinder Blocks, Roanoke, VA (0-1) (Virginia)
33t. Mokins, St. Joseph, MO (0-1) (Missouri)
33t. Lincoln Falstaffs, Lincoln, NE (0-1) (Nebraska)
33t. Sewickley American Legion, Pittsburgh, PA (0-1) (Pittsburgh)
33t. Balfour Jewelry Mfg., Attleboro, MA (0-1) (Massachusetts)
33t. Rutland Wildcats, New York City, NY (0-1) (New York)
33t. Nelson Florals, Philadelphia, PA (0-1) (Philadelphia)
33t. Gutta-Percha Tires, Toronto, ON (0-1) (Canada-Ontario)
33t. Jersey Ice Cream, Minneapolis, MN (0-1) (Minnesota)
33t. Trenton Democrat Club, Baltimore, MD (0-1) (Maryland)
33t. Emeralds, New Britain, CT (0-1) (Connecticut)
33t. Daws Drugs, Rochester, NY (0-1) (Rochester)
33t. Hitching Post, Pawtucket, RI (0-1) (Rhode Island)
33t. Liberty Drug, Charleston, WV (0-1) (West Virginia)
33t. Champagne Velvets, Chicago, IL (0-1) (Chicago)
33t. Hamilton Browns, St. Louis, MO (0-1) (F) (St. Louis)
33t. Columbia Mills, Columbia, SC (0-1) (F) (South Carolina)
33t. Rock of Ages, Graniteville, VT (0-1) (F) (Vermont)
33t. Thrifty Drug, Los Angeles, CA (0-1) (F) (Los Angeles)
33t. Parco Oilers, Parco, WY (0-1) (F) (Wyoming)
33t. Sorgatz Hardware, Pocatello, ID (0-1) (F) (Idaho)

* won game by forfeit

NOTES: Empress Bar, Sioux Falls, SD did not show.

1936 ASA Men’s Major Fast Pitch Nationals

1936 held at Chicago, Illinois.

Champion – Kodak Park, Rochester, New York
Runner Up – Weaver Wall Roofers, Cleveland, Ohio

Kodak Park got their 2 runs on a Harold Lindhorst double to center in the 2nd inning and scored on George Kremble’s single. Then in the 6th inning, Jasper Schied’s single scored Joe Farrell. Kremble also made an incredible game saving play at second base to stop a base hit and preserve the win. George Sutphen was 1-0 for Kodak, hurling a 3-hit shutout in his only outing. Gears was also 4-12 in the tournament (.333 average). In a game versus Vicksburg, MS, Gears struck out 15 batters and then was relieved by Joe Weightman, who then struck out the next 5 batters to give Kodak a perfect game of 21 strikeouts of 21 batters.

Frank Brauer (3-0) pitched Weaver Walls to the finals, defeating Bendix Brakes and St. Joes. Then playing Magic Chef of Chicago in the semi final, trailing 8-1, they came back and won the game 9-8 in the 14th inning. Kodak defeated British Consols of Toronto in the other semi final as Shifty Gears outdueled the great Canadian pitcher Cam Eccleston to win 5-2. Eccleston ended up the tournament with a 3-1 record, including 2 successive no hitters. he struck 36 batters in a 22 inning game.

Harold Lindhorst , Kodak Park (7-17, .412, 2 HR, 6 RBIs, 8 Runs scored, 2 doubles)

Tom Castle, Kodak Park (6-16, .375, HR, 4 RBI, 8 Runs scored, 2 doubles)

Chicago’s Magic Chef eliminated defending champ Crimson Coaches 2-0 in the second round. The game went 12 innings as Harry Coon Rosen (19 K) outdueled Socks Wainwright (10 K). Rosen won the next 2 games for the Chicago squad before falling to Champion Weaver Walls 1-0. Rosen was 3-1.

Sambo Elliott, hurling for Warren Company of Atlanta won 3 straight and then lost a heartbreaking 1-0 game. He had a shutout and only gave up 3 hits.

Ray Kaczmarek, Gifford Traders of Milwaukee was 3-1 and pitched a perfect game with 15 strikeouts.

  • MVP – Harold Shifty Gears, Kodak Park (5-0, 4 shutouts, 39 IP, 61 K, won final game 2-0, only giving up 4 hits in the process)
  • Batting Leader – N/A
  • HR Leader – N/A


1. Kodak Park, Rochester, NY (6-0) (Rochester)
2. Weaver Walls, Cleveland, OH (5-1) (Cleveland)
3t. Greenbaum Tannery, Milwaukee, WI (4-1) (Milwaukee)
3t. British Consols, Toronto, ON (3-1) (Canada-Ontario)
5t. Funk Jewelers-Travis Cafe, Phoenix, AZ (2-1) (Arizona)
5t. Imperial Valley Merchants, El Centro, CA (2-1) (California)
5t. Warren Company Atlanta, GA (3-1) (Georgia)
5t. Magic Chefs, Harvey, IL (3-1) (Chicago)
9t. Coca Colas, Memphis, TN (2-1) (Tennessee)
9t. Hamilton Watch, Lancaster, PA (2-1) (Pennsylvania)
9t. Westport All Stars, Westport, CT (1-1) (Connecticut)
9t. Pure Oils, Seminole, OK (2-1) (Oklahoma)
9t. Schukei Chevrolet, Waterloo, IA (1-1) (Iowa)
9t. Schweins, St. Joseph, MO (2-1) (Missouri)
9t. Auto Specialists, St. Joseph, MI (1-1) (Michigan)
9t. Paige Dairy, Toledo, OH (1-1) (Ohio)
17t. Knight Brothers, Salt Lake City, UT (1-1) (Utah)
17t. Greentree Stables, Lexington, KY (1-1) (Kentucky)
17t. Trenton Democrats, Baltimore, MD (1-1) (Maryland)
17t. Doc Aiello’s, Pittsburgh, PA (1-1) (Pittsburgh)
17t. Brighton Beach AC, NYC, NY (1-1) (New York)
17t. Cudahy Puritans, Omaha, NE (1-1) (Nebraska)
17t. RB Clothiers, Cincinnati, OH (1-1) (Cincinnati)
17t. Crimson Coach Tobacco, Toledo, OH (1-1) (Defending Champ)
17t. Point Tavern, Grand Forks, ND (0-1) (North Dakota)
17t. Colorado Fuel, Pueblo, CO (0-1) (Colorado)
17t. Havre All Stars, Havre, MT (0-1) (Montana)
17t. Carolina Transfer, Charlotte, NC (0-1) (North Carolina)
17t. Madsen Chevrolet, Minneapolis, MN (0-1) (Minnesota)
17t. Ehrlich AC, Washington DC (0-1) (Washington DC)
17t. Bendix Brakes, South Bend, IN (0-1) (Indiana)
17t. Caterpillar Diesels, Peoria, IL (0-1) (Illinois)
33t. Hitching Post, Pawtucket, RI (0-1) (Rhode Island)
33t. Electric Hose & Rubber Co. Wilmington, DE (0-1) (Delaware)
33t. Cannon Tires, Birmingham, AL (0-1) (Alabama)
33t. Phillips Grocers, Tyler, TX (0-1) (Texas)
33t. Southern National Ins., Little Rock, AR (0-1) (Arkansas)
33t. Wreckers, Vicksburg, MS (0-1) (Mississippi)
33t. Roanoke Spinners, Roanoke, VA (0-1) (Virginia)
33t. Cudahy Puritans, Kansas City, KS (0-1) (Kansas)
33t. AG Spaulding, Springfield, MA (0-1) (Massachusetts)
33t. Balletine Packers, Greenville, SC (0-1) (South Carolina)
33t. Briggs Beautyware, Detroit, MI (0-1) (Detroit)
33t. Liberty Trucking Co. Beloit, WI (0-1) (Wisconsin)
33t. Jean’s Berghoffs, Huntington, WV (0-1) (West Virginia)
33t. Ernst All Stars, New Orleans, LA (0-1) (Louisiana)
33t. Waldron’s Anatoles, Newark, NJ (0-1) (New Jersey)
33t. Laclade Insurance, St. Louis, MO (0-1) (St. Louis)


Showalter’s Chevrolet, Nampa, ID did not show.