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1958 ASA Industrial Men’s Major Slow Pitch Nationals

1958 held at Cleveland, Ohio.

Champion – Jake Sweeney Turbine Jets, Cincinnati, Ohio
Runner Up – Cincinnati Fire Fighters, Cincinnati, Ohio

The Turbine Jets never had to play their half of the 7th inning until their fifth and final game against their hometown rivals, The Cincinnati Firefighters. Pitcher Ray Hein hurled the first victory over the Thunderbirds of Mobile, AL in a 6-4 win. Pete Kennedy’s HR was the big blow of the game. Jack Youngbluth pitched a 12-0, 5-hit shutout in their second victory over Tirabassi of Wisconsin. Kennedy hit another HR and Joe Stein also banged one out.

The next game against American Can of Milwaukee, the Jets trailed 8-5 when they exploded for seven runs to take the lead and eventually the win 12-9. Joe Stein was 4-4, including a HR and two doubles. Ray Hein and Joe Flynn also homered for the Jets.  Milt Kress of the Jets hit 2 HR and Walter Kunz hit one as they defeated Pittsburgh Jim’s in the 9-7 semi-final.

In the Firemen’s victory over American Can of Milwaukee in the loser’s bracket final, Dick Luken of the Firefighters blasted 3 straight homers to help eliminate the Milwaukee squad, 8-6. In the 12-5 final victory over city rival, Cincinnati Fire Department, Ray Hein was the winning pitcher and helped himself with a HR. Milt Kress and Bob Kuhlman also hit homers for  the Jets.

A combined Open/Industrial All American team was named, only 3 Industrial players made it – MVP Third Basemen Milt Kress and RF Walt Kunz of the Champion Turbine Jets. Catcher Dick Luken of the Cincinnati Firefighters also made the team.

  • Industrial MVP –  Milt Kress, Turbine Jets
  • Industrial Home Run Leader – Dick Luken, Cincinnati Firefighters – 6
  • Industrial Batting  Leader – Ralph Rengering, Cincinnati Firefighters (17-25) – .680
  • Open MVP – Joe Gauci, East Side Sports (Clutch hits and great defensive plays from short fielder position)
  • Open HR Leader – Ron Annotico, Sheffield Bronze – 6
  • Open Batting Leader – Ron Annotico, Sheffield Bronze (13-21) – .619


  • P – Chuck Jacobs – Sheffield Bronze (Open)
  • C – Dick Lunken – Fire Fighters (Industrial)
  • 1B – Frank Panski – East Side SportsI (Open)
  • 2B – Roy Lombardo – East Side Sports (Open)
  • 3B – Milt Kress – Turbine Jets (Industrial)
  • SS – Walt Wherry – Boone’s Bar (Open)
  • SC – Joe Gauci – East Side Sports (Open)
  • LF – Chuck Comella – Sheffield Bronze (Open)
  • CF – Ron Annotico – Sheffield Bronze (Open)
  • RF – Walter Kunz – Turbine Jets (Industrial)


1. Jake Sweeney Turbine Jets, Cincinnati, OH (5-0)
2. Cincinnati Fire Fighters, Cincinnati, OH (6-2)
3. Jim’s Sports Shop, Pittsburgh, PA (3-2)
4. American Can, Milwaukee, WI (3-2)
5t. Chewton Eagles-Medusa Cement Co., Wampum, PA (4-2)
5t. East Ohio Gas Company, Cleveland, OH (3-2)
7t. Tirabassi & Sons, Kenosha, WI (3-2)
7t. Combustion Engineers, Chattanooga, TN (2-2)
9t. Lockheed Jet Stars, Marietta, GA (2-2)
9t. General Electric Gremlins, Louisville, KY (2-2)
9t. Local #717, Warren, OH (2-2)
9t. Diamond Power, Lancaster, OH (2-2)
13t. Rogers & Sutton Tool and Die, Rochester, NY (2-2)
13t. Mayrose Meats, St. Louis, MO (1-2)
13t. Lyons Metal, York, PA (1-2)
13t. General Shoe, Frankfort, KY (0-2)
17t. Babcock Dairy, Toledo, OH (0-2)
17t. Brookley AFB Thunderbirds, Mobile, AL (0-2)
17t. Lycoming, Stratford, CT (0-2)
17t. F.O.P., South Bend, IN (0-2)
17t. Dreniks, Cleveland, OH (0-2)
*Sunbeam Bread, Springfield, OH (1-2)

* Declared ineligible and forfeited out of tournament

1958 ISC Men’s Fast Pitch World Tournament

1958 held at Long Beach, California on August 24-September 1.

Champion – Nitehawks, Long Beach, California
Runner Up – Condors, Dinuba, California

  • Cleo Goyette Memorial MVP Award – John Ridley, Lake Furniture
  • Leroy Zimmerman Memorial Pitching Award – Jack Randall, Nitehawks
  • Leading Hitter – Dick Brubaker, Hamms Beer – .500
  • Most RBI – N/A


P – Jack Randall, Nitehawks (3-0, 21 IP, 2 H, 1 ER, 32 K, 7 BB)
P – Bryan Voigt, Condors (5-1, 34 IP, 22 H, 3 ER, 38 K, 6 BB)
P – LeRoy Zimmerman, Nitehawks (2-1, 22 1/3 IP, 7 H, 2 ER, 28 K, 1 BB)
P – John Ridley, Lake Furniture (6-2, 59 IP, 35 H, 10 ER, 66 K, 16 BB)
1B – Larry Silvas, Nitehawks .346
2B – Cleo Goyette, Nitehawks .333
SS – Swede Moore, Lake Furniture .258
3B – Ben Murray, Lake Furniture .333
IF – Clint Herron, Nitehawks .292
OF – Ricardo Mendez, Caliente Race Track .476
OF – Paul Humiston, Nitehawks .286
OF – Ricky Maris, Caliente Race Track .353
OF – Jim Aversing, Hamms Beer .307
C – Irving ‘Red’ Meairs, Nitehawks .417
C – James Kennemer, Q’s Mobil Service .385
C – Dick Helmuth, Condors .304


1. Nitehawks, Long Beach, CA
2. Condors, Dinuba, CA
3. Lake Furniture, Bremerton, WA
4. Caliente Race Track, Tijuana, MX
5t. Comets, Culver City, CA
5t. Q’s Mobil Service, Tulsa, OK
7t. Hamm’s Beer, Rock Island, IL
7t. Reyhers Milling Co, McClave, CO
9t. Elites, New Bedford, IL
9t. Crystal Dairy, Remington, IN
9t. Fred M. Nye Co., Ogden, UT
9t. Acme Fence, Ft. Worth, TX
13t. Penn T-V, Providence, RI
13t. Powers Tavern, Davenport, IA
13t. All Stars, Hutto, TX
13t. Army & Navy Stores, New Westminster, BC
17t. Union Furniture Co., El Paso, TX
17t. Miller High Life, Las Vegas, NV
17t. Vasey’s, Tucson, AZ

1958 ASA Men’s Open Slow Pitch Nationals

1958 held at Cleveland, Ohio.

Champion – East Side Sports, Detroit, Michigan
Runner Up – Sheffield Bronze, Cleveland, Ohio

In 1958 the Open and Industrial were combined into one tournament.

East Side defeated Sheffield 8-5 in the winners bracket final on the strength of Frank Panski’s 2 triples, a home run and 4 RBI. accounting for half the teams runs. East Side had just defeated Helf Builders 17-7 on the strength of home runs by Panski, Joe Gauci and George Banchui.

Sheffield advanced to the championship game by defeating Boone’s Bar of Kentucky 10-1 as Ron Annotico hit a pair of 3-Run HR for Sheffield.

In the Championship game, East Side Sporting Goods beat Sheffield 7-4. George Corona of East Side pitched the victory, hit 2 HR and added 4 RBI to lead the Detroit squad to the title George Branchui chipped in with a solo HR for good measure. Corona led the East Side bats in both homers and batting average. East Side’s Joe Gauci, who played the season with Sox’s Inn and was a pickup for East Side for the National Tournament helped the defense turn multiple double plays from his short fielder position. East Side went 6-0 in the tournament.

The Detroit squad won their first game rather easily over Stape Darts 7-1. They then came from behind and defeated Dapper Dan’s of PA 6-5 on a walk off Home Run by pinch-hitter Carl Cantinella. The next game saw the same situation as Detroit defeated defending champ, Gatliff Auto of Kentucky.

Gatliff’s had 17 hits in the game, but only 6 runs, due to the defense of the Detroiters who turned six double plays in the game. With the game tied at six, going into the bottom of the 10th inning, two outs and third basemen Phil Gallo came to bat. He got a hold of one of Vern Robert’s pitches and when it landed on the other side of the left field fence, the East Side team had done it again.

  • MVP – Joe Gauci, East Side Sports (Clutch hits and great defensive plays from short fielder position)
  • HR Leader – Ron Annotico, Sheffield Bronze – 6
  • Batting Leader – Ron Annotico, Sheffield Bronze – .619
  • Industrial MVP –  Milt Kress, Turbine Jets
  • Industrial Home Run Leader – Dick Luken, Cincinnati Firefighters – 6
  • Industrial Batting  Leader – Ralph Rengering, Cincinnati Firefighters (17-25) – .680


P – Chuck Jacobs, Sheffield
C – Dick Luken, Cincinnati Firefighters – (Industrial Player)
1B – Frank Panski, East Side Sports
2B – Roy Lombardo, East Side Sports
3B – Milt Kress, Turbine Jets – (Industrial Player)
SS – Walt Wherry, Boone’s Bar
SF – Joe Gauci, East Side Sports
LF – Chuck Comella, Sheffield
CF – Ron Annotico, Sheffield (13-21, .619, 6 HR)
RF – Walt Kunz, Turbine Jets – (Industrial Player)


Sam Minnitti, Hamilton Tailors (6-2 Pitching)


1. East Side Sporting Goods, Detroit, MI (6-0)
2. Sheffield Bronze, Cleveland, OH (5-2)
3. Boone’s Bar, Covington, KY (5-2)
4. Hamilton Tailoring, Cincinnati, OH (6-2)
5t. Ghezi Chevrolet, Spencer, MA (4-2)
5t. Helf Builders, Cleveland, OH (3-2)
7t. Gatliff Auto Sales, Newport, KY (3-2)
7t. Mount Carmel Rec, Worcester, MA (3-2)
9t. Lambrecht’s, Milwaukee, WI (3-2)
9t. Dapper Dan’s, Vandergrift, PA (3-2)
9t. Viking Insurance Athletic Club, Wantagh, NY (3-2)
9t. McAdenville Reds, McAdenville, NC (2-2)
13t. Parker’s Market, Portsmouth, VA (2-2)
13t. Woody’s Market, Dayton, OH (2-2)
13t. Manuel & Poulos Construction, Biloxi, MS (2-2)
13t. Warren Athletic Club, Warren, OH (2-2)
17t. House of Champions, Syracuse, NY (1-2)
17t. Contract Plating, Stratford, CT (1-2)
17t. South Knoxville Merchants, Knoxville, TN (1-2)
17t. Snafu Club, Sheboygan, WI (1-2)
17t. Willie’s Tavern, Mobile, AL (1-2)
17t. Arlington Athletic Club, Pittsburgh, PA (1-2)
17t. Jordan Motors, San Antonio, TX (1-2)
17t. Scarsdale Black Sox, Scarsdale, NY (1-2)
25t. Cincy Mat Stoppers, Staten Island, NY (0-2)
25t. B&B Tavern, Grove City, OH (0-2)
25t. Northern Scrap Iron, Minneapolis, MN (0-2)
25t. Ted’s Place, Toledo, OH (0-2)
25t. South Albany, Albany, GA (0-2)
25t. Stape Darts, Staten Island, NY (0-2)
25t. Homer’s Boys, Louisville, KY (0-2)
25t. Mt. View, Fredericksburg, VA (0-2)

1958 ASA Women’s Major Fast Pitch Nationals

1958 held at Buena Park, California.

Champion – Raybestos Brakettes, Stratford, Connecticut (52-5)
Runner Up – Hacienda Rockets, Fresno, California

Bertha Ragan-Tickey started the game pitching for the Brakettes, she was injured in the third inning and 17 year old first basemen, Joan Joyce came into to pitch and finish the game and get the win. In the end, they combined to throw a no-hitter against the powerful defending champs. Mary Hartman hit a dramatic inside the park home run in 7th inning that won the championship 1-0 for Brakettes. They became the first New England team to ever win an ASA Championship.

Hartman also went 3 for 22, .136, 1 HR, 1 RBI, 1 Run.

Joan Joyce, Raybestos Brakettes (2-0 record- 2-0, 1-0, 7 inning no hitter and combined no hitter, 11.2 IP giving up 0 hits). The no-hitter Joyce hurled was in her very first ASA National Championship game appearance.

Kay Rich, Fresno Rockets (7-23, .304, 2 RBI, 2 Runs)

Robbie Mulkey, Orange Lionettes (5-21, .238, 1 RBI, 2 Runs)

Jo Day of Orange Lionettes went 7-15, 3 RBI with a .467 batting average and won the batting title.

  • MVP – Bertha Ragan-Tickey, Raybestos Brakettes
  • Batting Leader – Jo Day, Orange Lionettes – .467
  • HR Leader – Mary Hartman, Raybestos Brakettes – 1


P – Virginia “Ginny” Busick, Hacienda Rockets (5-2, 60 IP, 59 K. 0.35 ERA) – Struck out 19 batters in a 4-0 16 inning win.
P – Billie Harris, Phoenix Ramblers (5-2, 51 IP, 26 K, 1 ER)
P – Bertha Ragan Tickey, Raybestos Brakettes (4-0, 3 shutouts, 53 K, 45  IP, gave up 1 run, which was unearned)
C – Micki “Stratton” Macchietto, Raybestos Brakettes
1B – Roberta “Robbie” Mulkey, Orange Lionettes
2B – Terry Urrutia, Hacienda Rockets
3B – Jeanne Contel, Hacienda Rockets
SS – Beverly Mulonet, Raybestos Brakettes
OF – Audrey Betz, Lancaster IBEW Girls
OF – Tommie Slappey, Hacienda Rockets
OF – Thelma Carlson, Oregon Meadlowlarks
UTIL – Thelma Eisen, Orange Lionettes


P – Louise “Chris” Mazzuca, Oregon Meadlowlarks (2-2, 36 IP, 62 K, 2 shutouts) pitched the Oregon Meadowlarks to a fifth place finish. She struck out 26 batters in a losing cause (lost 4-0 in 16 innings) against the Fresno Rockets.
P – Marion Fox, Toronto Northview (2-2, 31 IP, 47 K, no-hitter)
P – Dolores Siegfried, Lancaster IBEW Girls (3-2, 47 IP, 30 K, lost first game against Brakettes, then won 3 straight)
C – Dot Wilkinson, Phoenix Ramblers
1B – Gloria May, Fresno Rockets
2B – Mildred Dixon, Phoenix Ramblers
3B – Marie Ottaviano, Raybestos Brakettes
SS – Marilyn Sypriano, Fresno Rockets
OF – Joan Kammeyer, Raybestos Brakettes
OF – Elaine Harris, Orange Lionettes
OF – Sally Carman, Phoenix Ramblers
UTIL – Joan Joyce, Raybestos Brakettes


C – Kay Rich, Fresno Rockets
C – Lu Wetzel, Oregon Meadlowlarks
1B – Audrey McComsey, Lancaster IBEW Girls
SS – Kay Rohrer, Phoenix Ramblers
OF – Annabelle Lockabay, Orange Lionettes.


1. Raybestos Brakettes, Stratford, CT (6-0) (Host)
2. Hacienda Rockets, Fresno, CA (5-2) (Defending Champ)
3. Orange Lionettes, Orange, CA (4-2) (South Pacific Coast)
4. PBSW Ramblers, Phoenix, AZ (5-2) (Cactus)
5t. Meadowlarks, Forest Grove, OR (2-2) (Northwestern)
5t. IBEW Girls, Lancaster, PA (3-2) (Central Atlantic)
7t. Northview Construction, Toronto, ON (3-2) (East Canada)
7t. East Side Sporting Goods, Detroit, MI (2-2) (East Central)
9t. El-Car Fences, Denver, CO (1-2) (Rocky Mountain)
9t. Marauders, Plainfield, NJ (2-2) (Mid-Atlantic)
9t. St. Louis Blues, St. Louis, MO (1-2) (Western)
9t. Tomboys, Atlanta, GA (1-2) (South Atlantic)
13t. Quincy Raiderettes, Quincy, MA (1-2) (North Atlantic)
13t. Minneapolis Comets, Minneapolis, MN (0-2) (Northern)
13t. Al-Lettes, Pine Bluff, AR (0-2) (Southwestern)
13t. R.H. Hall Girls, St. Petersburg, FL (0-2) (Southern)
17t. Houston Blues, Houston, TX (0-2) (Texas)
17t. Sunnyland Lettes, Peoria, IL (0-2) (West Central)
17t. Napa Independants, Napa, CA (0-2) (North Pacific Coast)


Meadowlands, Forest Grove, OR went in place of – Northwestern Champ – Erv Lind Florists, Portland, OR, who could not attend. West Canada Champ – CUAC Blues, Winnipeg, Manitoba did not attend.

1958 ASA Men’s Major Fast Pitch Nationals

1958 held at Parade One in Minneapolis, Minnesota on September 16-19.

Champion – Raybestos Cardinals, Stratford, Connecticut
Runner Up – McDonald Scots, Lake Charles, Louisiana

The two tournament favorites, Clearwater Bombers and Aurora Sealmasters were both victims of huge upsets in the losers bracket. Host team Minneapolis Soo Line eliminated the Bombers and their invincible pitcher John Hunter 1-0 and then a Canadian team, Montreal Dow eliminated the Sealmasters 1-0, despite the fact that Aurora hurler Harvey Sterkal only gave up one hit. Pitcher Bobby Spell of Lake Charles lost a heartbreaker to John Spring of Raybestos 1-0 in the championship game. The Scots won 5 games to get to the final. Before that point, their only loss was a 14 inning 1-0 defeat at the hands of McDill AFB. Spell pitched the Scots to 2-0 victories over both Seattle Federal Insurance and Long Island’s DeJur Cameramen to get to the championship. In the final, Chuck Shearer doubled to lead off the inning, then was sacrifices to third by John Spring and in an ironic twist, scored on a passed ball by Catcher Max Trahan’s passed ball. Traham was voted the Tournament MVP. Bill Smith batted .346 to lead the Lake Charles bats.

The McDonald Scots made the trip to the Nationals with only 10 players so left handed first baseman Max Trahan, who had never caught a game in any big game or tournament and had not been behind the plate as a catcher at all in over five years had to catch every single inning of every game. He went 6-28, .214 with 2 RBI. He had 89 total chances, with only 2 passed balls and 1 error. he also had 9 assists.

  • MVP – Max Trahan, McDonald Sports
  • Batting Leader – Dominick Golio, DeJur Cameramen – .421
  • Home Run Leader – George Adam, Raybestos Cardinals – 1
  • Home Run Leader – Ed Tickey, Raybestos Cardinals – 1
  • Home Run Leader – Stevens, McDonald Sports (3-28, .107, 1 RBI, 3 Runs) – 1
  • Home Run Leader – Juillerat, Federal Old Line Insurance (3-14, .214, 1 RBI, 2 Runs) – 1
  • Home Run Leader – Williams, Haynes Stakes (4-13, .308, 1 RBI, 1 Run) – 1
  • Home Run Leader – Thomas, Steinbergs (2-19, .105, 1 RBI, 1 Run) – 1
  • Home Run Leader – Diote, U.S. Air Force (1-12, .083, 3 RBI, 2 Runs) – 1
  • Home Run Leader – Holly Wormsby, U.S. Air Force – 1
  • Umpire of the Tournament – Bernard Iassogna, Connecticut


P – John Spring, Raybestos Cardinals (5-0, 29 IP, 50 K, 5 shutouts, including 1-0 perfect game in final, 12 K, 67 total pitches, he gave up only 1 unearned run and 6 hits in the entire tournament)
P – Bobby Spell, McDonald Sports (5-2, 2 ER, 56 IP, 2 Shutouts, lost 1-0 final on a passed ball) Won 5 straight in the losers bracket with a 10 man roster. When he allowed his first earned run of the tournament, it broke a string of 12 consecutive national tournament games without allowing an earned run.
P – Roy Stephenson, DeJur Cameramen (3-2, 33 IP, 44 K)
C – Rejean Denoncourt, Dow Brewery
1B – George Adam, Raybestos Cardinals (6-18, .333. 4 RBI, 5 Runs)
2B – Frank Williams, Raybestos Cardinals
3B – Andy Fontenot, McDonald Sports
SS – Bubba Ward, Haynes Stakes
OF – Dominick Golio, DeJur Cameramen (8-19, 2 RBI, 2 Runs)
OF – Bill Smith, McDonald Sports
OF – Med Walsh, Sealmasters
UTIL – Bill Massey, U.S. Air Force


P – Bob Fesler, Federal Old Line Insurrance
C – Ed Tickey, Raybestos Cardinals (3-16, .188, 5 RBI, 3 Runs)
1B – Dan Kelly, DeJur Cameramen
SS – Gene Roberti, DeJur Cameramen
SS – Nolan Whitlock, Clearwater Bombers
OF – Fred Irthum, Soo Line
OF – Bill Baroff, Raybestos Cardinals
OF – Holly Wormsby, U.S. Air Force (1-15, .067, 1 RBI, 1 Run)
OF – Al McCoy, Dow Brewery
C – Max Trainham, McDonald Sports


Herb Dudley, Clearwater Bombers (1-0, 10 IP, 11 K)
Eddie King, Clearwater Bombers (0-1, 7 IP, 10 K)
John Hunter, Clearwater Bombers (0-1, 3 IP, 3 K)
Harvey Sterkal, Aurora Sealmasters (1-2, 26 IP, 33 K)


1. Raybestos Cardinals, Stratford, CT (5-0) (North Atlantic)
2. McDonald Sports, Lake Charles, LA (7-2) (Southwestern)
3. Federal Old Line Insurance, Seattle, WA (3-2) (Northwestern)
4. DeJur Cameramen, Long Island City, NY (5-2) (Mid-Atlantic)
5t. Haynes Stakes, Houston, TX (2-2) (Texas)
5t. U.S. Air Force (2-2) (US-Air Force)
7t. Dow Brewery, Montreal, QB (3-2) (East Canada)
7t. Carling Pilseners, Vancouver, BC (2-2) (West Canada)
9t. Burgermeister Burgies, Sacramento, CA (2-2) (North Pacific Coast)
9t. Northwest Paper, Cloquet, MN (1-2) (Northern)
9t. Soo Line, Minneapolis, MN (2-2) (Host)
9t. Aurora Sealmasters, Aurora, IL (1-2) (West Central)
13t. Clearwater Bombers, Clearwater, FL (1-2) (Defending Champ)
13t. Steve Flowers, Casper, WY (1-2) (Rocky Mountain)
13t. Myron Conwell, Washington, D.C. (1-2) (Central Atlantic)
13t. Ansberg-West Morticians, Toledo, OH (1-2) (East Central)
17t. Cairo All-Stars, Cairo, GA (1-2) (South Atlantic)
17t. Gregorian Enterprises, San Gabriel, CA (0-2) (South Pacific Coast)
17t. Thurmer’s Bar, St. Louis, MO (0-2) (Western)
17t. Harry Rich, Miami, FL (0-2) (Southern)
17t. San Juan Builders, Farmington, NM (0-2) (Cactus)


Steve Flowers, Casper, WY went in place of Rocky Mountain Champ – Bongo Lounge, Salt Lake City, UT, who could not attend.

1958 ASA Women’s Major Slow Pitch Nationals

1958 held at Richmond, Virginia.

Champion: Pearl Laundry Pollyannas, Richmond, Virginia
Runner Up: Garvin’s Grill, Washington, D.C.

Pitcher Polly Russell of Pearl Laundry won all four games to lead the home town team to the National Championship. She shutout the first 3 opponents and then won final game 4-3. Pearl Laundry outscored their opponents 28-4 in the tournament. The outscored their opponents 24-0 in their first 3 games. Pearl Laundry also played Fast-Pitch and lost out in the ASA Regional Tournament to go to the Women’s Fast Pitch National. Regular Pitcher, Maxine Palmer was injured, so Polly Russell filled in and shut their opponents down. Garvin’s Player-Manager Edith Baum was selected as the Most Valuable Player.

  • N.F. Jacobs and Son MVP Award – Edith Carter Baum, Garvin’s Grill (SS)
  • Hillerich & Bradsby Outstanding Hitter Award – Mary Rogers, Pearl Laundry (C)
  • Outstanding Pitcher Award – Polly Russell, Pearl Laundry (4-0, including 3 shutouts)
  • Rockingham Manager Award – Arthur Mutt Pemberton, Pearl Laundry


1. Pearl Laundry Pollyannas, Richmond, VA (4-0)
2. Garvin’s Grill, Washington, DC (3-1)
3t. Lakeside Pharmacy Blue Jays, Richmond, VA (2-1)
3t. Dana Gardens, Cincinnati, OH (1-1)
5t. Hebert Candies AA, Natick, MA (1-1)
5t. Adam’s Restaurant, Baltimore, MD (1-1)
5t. Martel’s Furniture, Hampton, VA (1-1)
5t. Virginia Dairy, Richmond, VA (0-1)
9t. Rocknoll Nursery, Cincinnati, OH (0-1)
9t. Virginia Metal Products, Orange, VA (0-1)
9t. Academy Park Rec Center, Portsmouth, VA (0-1)
9t. Mathews Girls, Mathews, VA (0-1)
9t. Legget’s, Fredricksburg, VA (0-1)
9t. Bethlehem Baptist, Richmond, VA (0-1)

NOTE: The format of the tournament was single elimination.


Single Elimination
First Round

Pearl Laundry Pollyannas, Richmond, VA 11 Mathews Girls, Mathews, VA 0
Adam’s Restaurant, Baltimore, MD 7 Legget’s, Fredricksburg, VA 5
Martel’s Furniture, Hampton, VA 15 Bethlehem Baptist, Richmond, VA 5
BYE- Dana Gardens, Cincinnati, OH
BYE- Virginia Dairy, Richmond, VA
Lakeside Pharmacy Blue Jays, Richmond, VA 5 Rocknoll Nursery, Cincinnati, OH 1
Hebert Candies AA, Natick, MA 10 Academy Park Rec Center, Portsmouth, VA 0
Garvin’s Grill, Washington, DC 6 Virginia Metal Products, Orange, VA 1

Pearl Laundry Pollyannas, Richmond, VA 7 Adam’s Restaurant, Baltimore, MD 0
Dana Gardens, Cincinnati, OH 4 Martel’s Furniture, Hampton, VA 0
Lakeside Pharmacy Blue Jays, Richmond, VA W- Virginia Dairy, Richmond, VA L
Garvin’s Grill, Washington, DC W Hebert Candies AA, Natick, MA L

Pearl Laundry Pollyannas, Richmond, VA 6 Dana Gardens, Cincinnati, OH 0
Garvin’s Grill, Washington, DC 2 Lakeside Pharmacy Blue Jays, Richmond, VA 0

Pearl Laundry Pollyannas, Richmond, VA 4 Garvin’s Grill, Washington, DC 3