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1953 NSC Women’s Fast Pitch World Tournament

1953 held at Portland, Oregon.

Champion – Erv Lind Florist, Portland, Oregon
Runner Up – Utah Shamrocks, Salt Lake City, Utah

Despite the heroic effort of Shamrocks pitcher, Wilma Freston, who pitched every single inning for the Utah squad, 8 games (one win was via forfeit). She hurled all 70 innings, had 51 Strikeouts ad only gave up 6 runs.

Shortstop Bonnie Martin made some incredible stops at her shortstop position and even though she only had 7 hits, most of them accounted for a run. But, they didn’t just face any ordinary pitcher in the championship games.

Future ASA Hall of Famer Betty Evans was hurling for the Erv Lind squad. She was virtually unhittable as she led the Portland girls all the way to the best of 3 final championship series. Evans tossed a 15 inning 1-0 shutout in the first game.

Robbie Mulkey won the game with a dramatic HR to centerfield in the 15th inning. That was only the second hit Freston surrendered in the game.

Doris Barrett came into pitch the second game as Evans injured her ankle. Barrett pitched a 1-hit 2-0 shutout to win the game and the series.

The only hit the Shamrocks could muster off Barrett was from the bat of MVP Bonnie Martin.

Evans finished the tournament with a 6-1 record, including 67 strikeouts in the 57 innings she pitched. All 6 of her wins were shutouts.

By the way, the A1 Queens came into the tournament a heavy favorite as they had 96-12 record. They finished the season 99-16.

It is noted that Charlotte Armstrong pitched until May and then took off for the remainder of the season, as she went to business school in Michigan.

Nancy Vandeventer pitched for the Queens the remainder of the season in Armstrong’s absence and did a great job.

  • MVP Award – Bonnie Martin, Shamrocks (Shortstop, played great defense and was 7-28, .250 average)
  • Outstanding Pitcher – Betty Evans Grayson, Erv Lind (6-1, 57 IP, 67 Ks, 6 shutouts, including 1-0 15 inning win in first final)
  • Leading Hitter – Nancy Vandeventer, Phoenix (6-18, also 3-3 as a pitcher) – .333
  • Miss Softball Award – Dixie McCarthy, A-1 Queens (Left Fielder)


P – Wilma Freston, Utah Shamrocks (5-3)
P – Betty Evans Grayson, Erv Lind Florist (6-1)
P – Alice Jorgensen, Seattle Nash Airflytes (4-3)
C – Beverly Wadsworth, Erv Lind Florist
C – Pat Whitmore, Utah Shamrocks
1B – Shirley Topley, Crowhurst Motors
2B – Sue Sharpe, San Diego Slick Chicks
3B – Jan Newman, Phoenix A-1 Queens
SS – Bonnie Martin Heuser, Utah Shamrocks
OF – Shirley Soggie, Seattle Nash Airflytes
OF – Robbie Mulkey, Erv Lind Florist
OF – Dodie Nelson, Phoenix A-1 Queens
UTIL – Beverly Cox, Phoenix A-1 Queens
UTIL – Margaret Dobson, Erv Lind Florist


1. Erv Lind Florists, Portland, OR (7-2)
2. Shamrocks, Salt Lake City, UT (6-3) *
3. Seattle Air-Flytes, Seattle, WA (4-3)
4. A-1 Queens, Phoenix, AZ (3-4)
5t. La Mesa Slick Chicks, San Diego, CA (3-3) *
5t. Crowhurst Mutual, Vancouver, BC (2-3)
7t. Friedman Clothiers, West Allis, WI (1-2)
7t. Tulsa Merchantettes, Tulsa, OK (0-2)
9t. Cincinnati All Stars, Cincinnati, OH (0-2)
9t. Industrial Bank, Denver, CO (0-2) (forfeit)

NOTE: Semi-Finals and Finals were best of 3 series

* includes 1 forfeit win

1953 ISC Men’s Fast Pitch World Tournament

1953 held at Selma, California on August 31-September 7.

Champion – Nitehawks, Long Beach, California
Runner Up – Merchants, Tampico, Illinois

  • Cleo Goyette Memorial MVP Award – N/A
  • Leroy Zimmerman Memorial Pitching Award – Ted Carlsgaard, Nitehawks
  • Leading Hitter – Al “Cotti” Cutruzzula, Hoak Packers – .500
  • Leading Hitter – Cleo Goyette, Nitehawks – .500
  • Leading Hitter – Bill Doten, Navy Skyraiders – .500
  • Most RBI – N/A


P – Ted Carlsgaard, Nitehawks
P – Les Haney, Nitehawks
P – Roy Zimmerman, Hoak Packers
P – Bryon Voigt, Merchants
C – Stan White, Nitehawks
C – Hal Britton, Hoak Packers
1B – Al “Cotti” Cutruzzula, Hoak Packers
2B – Cleo Goyette, Nitehawks
2B – Ed Heizenreader, Hoak Packers
3B – Bill Doten, Navy Skyraiders
SS – Nick Guarascio, Blatz
SS – Charles Blackstone, NAS Pointers
OF – Joe Kipp, Merchants
OF – Al McCoy, Lions
OF – Ray Meagher, Hoak Packers
UTIL – Lyle Underwood, Wright Cooler Kings
UTIL – Les Warden, Nitehawks


1. Nitehawks, Long Beach, CA
2. Merchants, Tampico, IL
3. Lions, Lorenzo, TX
4. Hoak Packers, Fresno, CA
5t. Berry Carter Plumbers, Tulsa, OK
5t. Navy Skyraiders, South Pacific
7t. Technicolor, Hollywood, CA
7t. Blatz, Kenosha, WI
9t. Doodlebug, Calgary, AB
9t. NAS Pointers, Barbers Point, HI
9t. Wright Cooler Kings, Phoenix, AZ
9t. Elites, New Bedford, IL
13t. Legion, Windsor, CO
13t. Army Navy Club, Massillon, OH
13t. Wyoming Angus, Johnstown, CO
13t. Snow Jewelers, Clinton, OK

1953 ASA Women’s Major Fast Pitch Nationals

1953 held at Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Champion – Betsy Ross Rockets, Fresno, California
Runner Up – Orange Lionettes, Anaheim, California

The Rocket’s Carol Nelson pitched the 2-0 championship game victory behind the hitting of Betty Schlegal who went 2-2. Kay Rich drove in the first run with a single and then Terry Urrutia’s deep fly to Center Field scored Gloria May to gave the Rockets an insurance run. Nelson gave up four hits and struck out 6. The Lionettes were gunning for their 4th straight championship which would have set a record. The Rockets had a strong pitching staff as Joan Alsup (2-1, shutout), Carol Nelson (3-0, 2 shutouts) and Vera Miller pitched very well in relief

Nonnie Hoehn, Orange Lionettes (2-0, 16 IP, 13 K)

Joy Collicut, Gartens (5-11, .455, 1 RBI)

Jeanne Contel (3 run HR)

  • MVP – Bertha Ragan-Tickey, Orange Lionettes
  • HR Leader – Bobby Jordan, Orange Lionettes (7-29, .241, RBI, 7 Runs) – 2
  • HR Leader – Bev Mulanet, Raybestos Brakettes (4-15, .267, 3 RBI, 4 Runs) – 2
  • HR Leader – Ann Edmondsen, Raybestos Brakettes (5-14, .357, 4 RBI, 3 Runs) – 2
  • Batting Leader – Mary Baker, Canadian Legion (8-16, 1 RBI, 3 Runs) – .500


P – Margie Law, Phoenix Ramblers
P – Joan Alsup, Betsy Ross Rockets
P – Bertha Ragan-Tickey, Orange Lionettes (6-2, pitched a 1-0 11 inning shutout in the first final and then lost 2-0 in the final game, she struck out 10 in that game, she had 29 K in 24 IP on final day and 91 K total in 58 innings pitched. Ragan also struck 20 batters in a 7 inning game, falling just one strikeout short of a striking out every batter.)
P – Marion Fox, Gartens Furniture, (3-1, 30 IP, 19 Ks)
C – Dot Wilkinson, Phoenix Ramblers (7-18, .389, 2 Runs)
1B – Ruth Sears, Orange Lionettes (12-35, .343, 1 RBI, 4 Runs)
2B – Mildred Dixon, Orange Lionettes
3B – Jeanne Contel, Betsy Ross Rockets
SS – Kay Rich, Betsy Ross Rockets (6-18, .333, 3 doubles, 2 triples) and
OF – Gloria Barnes, Denver King Soopers
OF – Dena Kuczo, Raybestos Brakettes
OF – Laura Malesh, Regina, Canada Legion
UTIL – Mary Archer, Kalyx Cups


1. Betsy Ross Rockets, Fresno, CA (5-1) (North Pacific Coast)
2. Orange Lionettes, Anaheim, CA (8-2) (Defending Champ)
3. King Soupers, Denver, CO (3-2) (Rocky Mountain)
4. Garten’s Furniture, Tornoto, ON (5-2) (Host)
5t. Raybestos Brackettes, Stratford, CT (2-2) (North Atlantic)
5t. PBSW Ramblers, Phoenix, AZ (2-2) (Cactus)
7t. Canadian Legion, Regina, SK (3-2) (West Canada)
7t. Dabdoub Motors, New Orleans, LA (2-2) (Southwestern
9t. Kalyx Cups, Toronto, ON (2-2) (East Canada)
9t. Arians, Linden, NJ (1-2) (Mid-Atlantic)
9t. Greenwood Electric, Des Moines, IA (1-2) (Western)
9t. G&W Construction, West Allis, WI (1-2) (West Central)
13t. Green Jackets, Bremerton, WA (1-2) (Northwestern)
13t. Construction Hornets, Fort Worth, TX (1-2) (Texas)
13t. Advance Fireplace, Detroit, MI (0-2) (East Central)
13t. Nutrilite Lynx, Buena Park, CA (0-2) (South Pacific Coast)
17t. KIHO Cubs, Sioux City, SD (0-2) (Northern)
17t. Lorelei Ladies, Atlanta, GA (0-2) (Southern)
17t. Garvin’s Grill, Washington, DC (0-2) (Central Atlantic)


Dabdoub Motors, New Orleans went in place of Southwestern Champ – Baton Rough Solitaires, who could not attend. U.S. Navy Champ – Women Marine Recruit Depot, Pearl Harbor, HI could not attend. U.S. Air Force Champ – Lackland AFB Women Auxiliary Ferrying Squadron, San Antonio, TX could not attend.

1953 ASA Men’s Major Fast Pitch Nationals

1953 held at Miami, Florida.

Champion – Briggs Beautyware, Detroit, Michigan
Runner Up – Clearwater Bombers, Clearwater, Florida

John Spring, Briggs Beautyware (5-1, 41 IP, 47 K, 3 shutouts on final day, including 1-0 losers bracket final victory over State Farm and then; 2-0 and 1-0 shutouts over Clearwater in the finals, Spring only surrendered 5 hits total in the two championship games. He pitched 5 games in 24 hours). In the final 2 games, he defeated two of the greatest pitchers in the game in John Hunter and Herb Dudley.

Paul Hoke Wilson led State Farm Insurance to a third place finish, lost a 1-0 losers bracket final to John Spring and the Briggs team.

  • MVP – John Spring, Briggs Beautyware
  • Batting Leader – Joe Morecraft, Trenton Democrats (6-16, 2 HR, 6 RBI, 4 Runs, the 6 RBIs were in one game) – .375
  • Home Run Leader – Joe Morecraft, Trenton Democrats – 2


P – John Hunter, Clearwater Bombers (3-1, 35 K, lost 1-0 one-hitter in the final for first defeat in national play after 10 straight wins)
P – John Spring, Briggs Beautyware
P – Paul Hoke Wilson, State Farm Insurance (4-0, 27 IP, 24 K) – led them to a third place finish, lost a 1-0 losers bracket final to John Spring and the Briggs team. Howie Wieland was 1-1 for State Farm with a no hitter.
C – Jack Sweeting, American Industrial Flyers
1B – George Adam, Trenton Democratic Club
2B – Joe Everett, Clearwater Bombers
3B – Knobby Rosa, American Industrial Flyers
SS – Otto Salzman, State Farm Insurance
OF – Al Linde, Dow Chemical (5-14, .357, 1 Run)
OF – Dave Sayyae, Briggs Beautyware
OF – Bobby Forbes, Clearwater Bombers
UTIL – Jerry Zarick, Briggs Beautyware


Howie Wieland, State Farm Insurance was 1-1 with a no hitter.
Arno Lamb, AIS Miami Flyers was 3-1.
Herb Dudley, Clearwater Bombers hurled a 3-0 no hitter and then lost a 2-0 game to finish 1-1.
Rocco Palmeri, Briggs Beautyware, solo HR in 4th inning of final championship was only hit off John Hunter to give Briggs a 1-0 win and the title.


1. Briggs Beautyware, Detroit, MI (6-1) (Defending Champs)
2. Clearwater Bombers, Clearwater, FL (4-2) (Southern)
3. State Farm Insurance, Bloomington, IL (5-2) (West Central)
4. American Industrial Sales (AIS), Miami, FL (4-2) (Host)
5t. Dow Chemical AC, Midland, MI (2-2) (East Central)
5t. Jersey Ice Cream, Minneapolis, MN (2-2) (Northern)
7t. Elmendorf AFB Rockets, Anchorage, AK (2-2) (US Air Force)
7t. Trenton Democrats, Baltimore, MD (2-2) (Central Atlantic)
9t. Kenny Poe Plumbers, Boise, ID (1-2) (Northwestern)
9t. Gators, Lake Jackson, TX (1-2) (Texas)
9t. Phillips 66 Oilers, Okmulgee, OK (1-2) (Southwestern)
9t. Kroszer’s Restaurant, Bridgeport, CT (1-2) (North Atlantic)
13t. Chapel-of-the-Oaks, Oakland, CA (0-2) (North Pacific Coast)
13t. Rochester Radio, Rochester, NY (0-2) (Mid-Atlantic)
13t. Heart-of-America Tobacco, Kansas City, MO (0-2) (Western)
13t. Naval Air Station, Denver, CO (0-2) (Rocky Mountain)


Kenny Poe Plumbers, Boise, ID went in place of Northwestern Champ Tacoma, WA, who could not attend. Cactus Champ – Peterson Brothers, Mesa, AZ who could not attend. South Pacific Coast Champ, Palemar Foods, San Diego, CA did not attend. US Army Champ, Green Hornets, Fort Lee, VA could not attend. US Navy Champ – US Navy Patrol Squadron 42, Kodiak, AK could not attend. East Canada Champ – Northern Electric, Verdun, Quebec could not attend. West Canada Champ – Giorday Fruits, Vancouver, British Columbia could not attend. Casino Espanol, Havana, Cuba did not attend.

1953 ASA Men’s Open Slow Pitch Nationals

1953 held at Deer Creek Common in Cincinnati, Ohio and Newport Recreation Field in Newport, Kentucky on September 3-5.

Champion – Shield’s Contractors, Newport, Kentucky (45-3)
Runner Up – Pittsburgh Fruit Merchants, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Shield’s Contractors beat Pittsburgh Fruit Merchants 13-12 in winners bracket finals, Myron Reinhardt was 4-5, HR, double, and 4 RBI. Also leading Shield’s attack were Ted Stegeman (3-5, 3 doubles), John Henry (3-5), Al Rinehard (3-5, HR, 2B, and 4 RBI) and Don Heilman (double, triple, 3 RBI). The Merchants came back and beat Wolf’s Cafe of Cincinnati 6-1 in the loser’s bracket final to get another crack at the Kentucky squad.

Shield’s then beat Pittsburgh 13-1 in the championship game. Myron Reinhardt’s HR and 4 RBI led the way for Shield’s to capture the very first ASA Slow Pitch National Championship. Shield’s pitcher Roland Vorhees gave up only 5 hits and one run. Al Rinehard  (2 Doubles) and Bo Stuntebeck each had three hits in the title clincher.

Most of the teams entered were from the Ohio River Valley and Northern Kentucky. For the Merchants, Mike Sabbio was 4-8 with a HR and 3 RBI in the final two games Pittsburgh played, both losses to Shields.

The MVP was not awarded by many say Myron Reinhardt would have won easy, leading the tournament in average, home runs, and leading Shield’s to the title by going 11 for 16, .688 with 4 home runs.

  • MVP – N/A
  • HR Leader – Myron Reinhardt, Shield’s Contractors – 4
  • Batting Leader – Myron Reinhardt, Shield’s Contractors – .688




1. Shield’s Contractors, Newport, KY (4-0)
2. Pittsburgh Fruit Merchants, Pittsburgh, PA (3-2)
3. Wolf’s Café, Cincinnati, OH (4-2)
4. D&G Café, Newport, KY (3-2)
5t. Baldwin Piano, Cincinnati, OH (2-2)
5t. Club 42, Louisville, KY (2-2)
7t. Soddy Daisy Merchants, Chattanooga, TN (1-2)
7t. Prestonia Athletic Club, Louisville, KY (1-2)
9t. Homestead Café, Hamilton, OH (0-2)
9t. Schwedes Furniture/Charley Geigers, Lakewood, OH (0-2)