ASA Men’s A Fast Pitch Nationals

Year  Champ Runner-up MVP MV Pitcher (if listed)
1975 Neal’s Truck Parts, Grand Rapids, MI Green Terrace, Winona, WI N/A not awarded
1976 Apple Auto, Millersville, PA Neal’s Truck Parts, Grand Rapids, MI N/A Jerry Grontz, Apple Auto
1977 Miami Sawaia’s, Miami, FL North Bay Merchants, Petaluma, CA Adolpho Mercado, Miami Sawaia’s
1978 S&K Rigging, Arcola, IL Granada Realty, Fremont, CA Chuck Caldera, Granada Realty
1979 Joaquin Construction, Modesto, CA Montgomery Steelers, Montgomery, AL Jim Bryan, Joaquin Construction Hal Skinner, Joaquin Construction
1980 S.H. Good, New Holland, PA Blitz-Weinhard, Medford, OR Jimmy Moore, Blitz
1981 S.H. Good, New Holland, PA Savala Painters, Long Beach, CA Rex Giberson, S.H. Good
1982 The Tee House, Modesto, CA Albuquerque A’s, Albuquerque, NM N/A
1983 Holiday Markets, Chico, CA Mitchell Corporation, Corunna, MI John Hohse, Holiday Markets
1984 Hudson Supply, Bakersfield, CA Lowder Electric, Bakersfield, CA Keith West, Landmark Chevrolet
1985 ETV Trucking, Grand Rapids, MI Stewart-Taylor-Printing, Duluth, MN Dave Ganton, ETV Trucking
1986 Tubbs & Son Electric, Manteca, CA Raymax, Burbank, CA Pete Duenas, Tubbs & Sons Electric
1987 Jolly Molly Softball, Lebanon, PA Magna Plating, Burbank, CA Roy Himmelberger, Jolly Molly Softball
1988 Stewart Taylor, Duluth, MN Columbus Metros, Columbus, OH Brian Langeland, Stewart Taylor
1989 Texas Flyers, Webster, TX DC Tire, Philadelphia, PA Troy Brooks, Texas Flyers
1990 Marshall Jazz, Marshall, MO Louisville Lasers, Louisville, KY Terry Luster, Marshall Jazz
1991 Springers, Boulder, CO Vista Bombers, Rossmoor, CA Randy Devenport, Springers
1992 DC Tire, Reading, PA Buchmiller Plastering, Lodi, CA Mike Smith, DC Tire
1993 Broken Bow Travelers, Broken Bow, NE Classic Pool & Spa, Omaha, NE Darren Dubsky, Classic Pool & Spa
1994 DC Tire, Reading, PA TSB Merchants, Oakdale, CA Rod Jarvis, DC Tire
1995 Happy Chef, Mankato, MN Kokomo Pride, Kokomo, IN Matt Haefner, Happy Chef
1996 Hy-Line Enterprises, Elkhart, IN Wilson Trophy, Stockton, CA Darrell Bender, Hy-Line Enterprises
1997 DC Tire Roadrunners, Reading, PA VCJ Athletics, Duluth, MN Mike Ohl, DC Tire
1998 DMS Knights, Fargo, ND Hobnobber Tavern, Seattle, WA Scott Deutsch, DMS Knights
1999 Texas Flyers, Houston, TX The Freight, Vandalia, IL Bryan Neal, Texas Flyers Stoney Burke, Texas Flyers
2000 All Season Patriots, Allentown, PA Capital City Chaos, Dawson, IL David Stokes, All Season Patriots
2001 Cancelled due to rain
2002 Lyons, Fresno, CA Maverick Electric, Stockton, CA Shawn Mandolesi, Lyons Tony Peoples, Lyons
2003 Barley Pop A’s, Minot, ND Image Solution Knights, Fargo, ND Rick Lang, Barley Pop A’s
2004 McKie Sports, Oswego, NY Keating Fitness, Wilkes-Barre, PA Charlie Walsman, KcKie Sports David Stokes, Keating Fitness
2005 CR DeMarini Portland, OR Kreider & Flick, Lancaster, PA Brian Kaneshige, CR Demarini Mark Bennett, CR Demarini
2006 New Image, Mt. Horeb, WI Rudd’s Team & Trophy, Peoria, IL
2007 The Freight, Vandalia, IL New Image, Mt. Horeb, WI
2008 Italian Athletic Club, Stockton, CA New Image Fastpitch, Montfort, WI Tony Peoples, Italian Athletic Club
2009 Lightning, Marshall, MI New Image Fastpitch, Montfort, WI Sean Kelly, Lightning
2010 Italian Athletic Club, Stockton, CA Silverhawks, Bakersfield, CA Tyson Barkman, Italian Athletic Club
2011 Columbia River A1 Rockies, Portland, OR Italian AC, Stockton, CA Juan Petoluccio, Columbia River A1 Rockies
2012 New Image, Mt. Horeb, WI Sioux Falls Sox, Dell Rapids, IA
2013, Grass Valley, CA Columbia River Brewers, Van., WA Shawn Mendullsi, Columbia River A1 Rockies
2014 Sioux Falls Sox, Sioux Falls, SD Crow Bar, Sioux Falls, SD

In 2015 the Men’s A Fastpitch National tournament was discontinued. Starting in 2016, Class A, Class B, and Class C were combined into East and West Open tournaments and also gold and silver flights.

Year Class Champion Runner-Up
2016 East Gold Blues FP, Hastings, MI Marshall Lightning, Marshall, MI
2016 West Gold CR Bartels Farms, Vancouver, WA Roseville Eagles, Lincoln, CA
2016 East Silver Tiffany’s Fastpitch. Saginaw, MI Diamond Dogs, Wabash, IN
2016 West Silver Oregon Cascades, Wilsonville, OR Interbay Door, Seattle, WA
2017 East Gold Twin City Gray Sox, St. Joseph, MI McDaniel Concrete, Bunceton, MO
2017 West Gold Cancelled
2017 East Silver Central Illinois Knights, Camargo, IL DC Outlaws, Elkhart, IN
2017 West Silver Cancelled
2018 East Gold Michigan Snappers, Dimondale, MI Twin City Gray Sox, Sawyer, MI
2018 West Gold Cancelled
2018 East Silver DC Outlaws, Elkhart, IN Teutopolis Merchants, Teutopolis, IL
2018 West Silver Cancelled
2019 East Gold Snappers, Kingsley, MI Marshall Lightning, Marshall, MI
2019 West Gold Cancelled
2019 East Silver Tiffany’s, Frankenmuth, MI Twin City Gray Sox, St. Joseph, MI
2019 West Silver Cancelled
2020 East Gold Snappers, Kingsley, MI Tiffany’s, Frankenmuth, MI
2020 West Gold Cancelled
2020 East Silver Cancelled
2020 West Silver Cancelled
2021 East Gold Rebels Softball Club, Clyde, MI Tiffany’s, Frankenmuth, MI
2021 West Gold Cancelled
2021 East Silver McBain/Michigan Events, Pinckney, MI AJ Masonry Sting, Wabash, IN
2021 West Silver Cancelled

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