2009 USSSA Women’s Major Slow Pitch World Series

2009 held at Orlando, Florida.

Champion – Kinder Sharks, Cincinnati, Ohio
Runner Up – Karphone Express, Los Angeles, California

With three-time defending champ Enough Said not entering the World Series, Kinder Sharks proved the dominant one as they won four games in a row, including the final over Karphone Express 14-7.

  • MVP – Tamara Perez, Kinder/Sharks
  • Defensive MVP – Gina Oliver, Karphone Express
  • Offensive MVP – Tiffany Daniels, Kinder Sharks


Theresa Hunt, Kinder/Sharks
Shirley Snell, Kinder/Sharks
LeAnne Connolly, Minnesota Ice
Karen Kusmich, Kinder/Sharks
Corrie Brock, Karphone Express
Amber Hegland, Minnesota Ice
Beverly Lovett, Kinder/Sharks
Tracy Galloway, Supersonics
Ropekia Gunn, Supersonics
Neishell Wiliams, Karphone Express
Sherri France, Kinder/Sharks
Rosalyn Gallaher, Supersonics
Kristen Zabalavicius. Karphone Express
Maria Fatty, Trimm Kinder/Sharks
Crystal Savage Karphone Express


1. Kinder Sharks, Cincinnati, OH
2. Karphone Express, Los Angeles, CA


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