2007 ASA Men’s B Slow Pitch Nationals

2007 ASA B held at Hall of Fame Stadium in Oklahoma City, on October 3-5.

Champion – Bertie’s/B&C/Hub City Glass/Miken, Elizabethtown, Kentucky (EAST)
Runner Up – C-Town/American Funding/Red Rock/DSSBats/Easton, Boise, Idaho (WEST)

2007 ASA East held at Seminole County, Florida on August 31 – September 3.

Champion – Bertie’s/B&C/Hub City Glass/Miken, Elizabethtown, Kentucky
Runner Up – Spitz Seeds/Mizuno, Mount Washington, Kentucky


Pitcher – Elton Cafee, Bertie’s/B&C/Hub City Glass/Miken
Catcher – Micah Fiveash, Bertie’s/B&C/Hub City Glass/Miken
First Base – Steve Kingsolver, Spitz Seeds/Mizuno
Second Base – Robbie Grinestaff, Spitz Seeds/Mizuno
Third Base – Jon Robertson, Spitz Seeds/Mizuno
Shortstop – Gabe Beltran, All Army
Outfield – Andy Wilson, Spitz Seeds/Mizuno
Outfield – Chad Daniels, Bertie’s/B&C/Hub City Glass/Miken
Outfield – Dexter Avery, All Army
Outfield – Tad Stepan, Stepan Enterprises
Utility – Elmer Mason, All Army
Utility – Andre Elder, All Army
Utility – Tim Wolfe, Spitz Seeds/Mizuno
Utility – Demond Thomas, Bertie’s/B&C/Hub City Glass/Miken
Utility – Troy Autry, Bertie’s/B&C/Hub City Glass/Miken


1. Bertie’s/B&C/Hub City Glass/Miken, Elizabethtown, KY (6-1)
2. Spitz Seeds/Mizuno, Mt Washington, KY (4-2)
3. All Army, Ft. Benning, GA (4-2)
4. Stepan Enterprises, Mosinee, WI (3-2)
5t. One Source/DPSG, Mt. Sinai, NY (2-2)
5t. Plumbers & Pipe Fitters, Lansing, MI (2-2)
7t. Heritage Carpentry/Team Mattingly Source/DPSG, Norwalk, CT (2-2)
7t. Angle Inn/Easton, Glen Burnie, MD (2-2)
9t. Community Cab/Cooper Sports, North Bend, OH (1-2)
9t. Blitz/Watanabe/TTP/Wessel/A&K Tile/Easton, Lawrenceburg, IN (1-2)
9t. Checking/Worth, New Haven, CT (1-2)
9t. Carolina Freight/Mizuno, Ramseur, NC (1-2)
13t. Craig’s Bullshippers, Chambersburg, PA (0-2)
13t. A.J.S./Easton, Fort Myers, FL (0-2)
13t. Pops Squad, Delton, FL (0-2)

2007 ASA West held at Waxahachie, Texas on August 31 – September 3.

Champion – C-Town/American Funding/Red Rock/DSSBats/Easton, Boise, Idaho
Runner Up – WCS/LCV, San Diego, California

  • Batting Champion – Julio Salazar, WCS/LCV
  • HR Champion – Sam Lopez, WCS/LCV


Pitcher – Brent Newbill, C-Town/American Funding/Red Rock/DSSBats/Easton
Catcher – Hector Franco, WCS/LCV
First Base – Derek Peterson, SEBO/Selloxx/Miken
Second Base – Matt Pesso, WCS/LCV
Third Base – Mike Berkness, Tharaldson Enterprises
Shortstop – Rene Lopez, WCS/LCV
Outfield – Kelly Hoekstra, WCS/LCV
Outfield – John Oram, C-Town/American Funding/Red Rock/DSSBats/Easton
Outfield – Ryan Barabe, C-Town/American Funding/Red Rock/DSSBats/Easton
Outfield – Reggie Shulte, Tharaldson Enterprises
Utility – Jim Schlieman, Tharaldson Enterprises
Utility – Steve Woolf, SEBO/Selloxx/Miken
Utility – Mike Bowlin, C-Town/American Funding/Red Rock/DSSBats/Easton
Utility – Kerry Doan, C-Town/American Funding/Red Rock/DSSBats/Easton
Utility – Chuck Shimels, WCS/LCV


Pitcher – Brian Fong, C-Town/American Funding/Red Rock/DSSBats/Easton
Catcher – Billy Shimels, WCS/LCV
First Base – Matt Hanson, SEBO/Selloxx/Miken
Second Base – Matt Tharaldson, Tharaldson Enterprises
Third Base – Jason Madison, Tharaldson Enterprises
Shortstop – Jason Kreider, WCS/LCV
Outfield – Danny Van Daele, C-Town/American Funding/Red Rock/DSSBats/Easton
Outfield – Johnny Molina, C-Town/American Funding/Red Rock/DSSBats/Easton
Outfield – Ray Jackson, SEBO/Selloxx/Miken
Outfield – Bart Hakeman, WCS/LCV
Utility – Brent Reick, SEBO/Selloxx/Miken
Utility – Travis Irwin, SEBO/Selloxx/Miken
Utility – Kelly Wrangham, Sportsdiamond.com/J&H/Worth
Utility – Derrick Plonsky, Homes Unlimited/Titan/Miken
Utility – Jeff Werner, Homes Unlimited/Titan/Miken


1. C-Town/American Funding/Red Rock/Dssbats/Easton, Boise, ID (7-1)
2. WCS/LCV, San Diego, CA (4-2)
3. Tharaldson Enterprises, Fargo, ND (3-2)
4. Sebo/Selloxx/Miken, Apple Valley, MN (5-2)
5t. Sportsdiamond.com/J&H/Worth, Albertville, MN (2-2)
5t. Homes Unlimited/Titan/Miken, Rosemount, MN (2-2)
7t. Pizzini Rios, Corpus Christi, TX (2-2)
7t. Bully’s Sports Bar, Reno, NV (2-2)
9t. T’s 13, Omaha, NE (3-2)
9t. Exterminators, Anaheim, CA (2-2)
9t. TCP/Fieldhouse, New London, IA (1-2)
9t. RCM, Dallas, TX (1-2)
13t. All-Star Plumbing, Lawton, OK (1-2)
13t. Escobar, Dallas, TX (1-2)
13t. Legion Of Doom, Baxter, MN (1-2)
13t. Athletic Warehouse, Lewisville, TX (1-2)
17t. Viessman Trucking/R&D Auto, Fairbault, MN (0-2)
17t. Tilley’s Grill, Dallas, TX (0-2)
17t. West Oak, Weatherford, OK (0-2)
17t. CMS, Waxahachie, TX (0-2)
17t. Viessman Trucking, Boyd, MN (0-2)
17t. Budweiser, College Station, TX (0-2)


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