1999 NSA C Men’s Slow Pitch Super Worlds

1999 held at Kissimmee, Florida

Champion – T.J. Lite, Glen Burnie, Maryland
Runner Up – Nutter Mortgage, Kansas City, Missouri

T.J. Lite of Dunkirk, Md., chalked up a 6-0 record to win the rain-marred 32-team NSA Super C Nationals at the Osceola County Softball Complex in Kissimmee, Fla. Nutter Mortgage of Kansas City was runner-up, losing 11-10 in the championship game when Earl Harris hit a leadoff home run in the bottom of the eighth inning. Harris wound up getting the MVP award He went 12-for-21 with 2 HRs. Brad Kolczyk went 17-for-22 with 2 HRs and Dave White 16-24. Nutter had lost to the Maryland club 26-22 in the finals of the winners bracket earlier Sunday. Nutter grabbed an 8-7 lead in the top of the sixth when Rodell Ridenhaur hit an inside-the-park home run with one on. T.J. Lite right fielder John Boice ran into the fence on the play, and had to be taken to the hospital via an ambulance. Nutter notched two more runs in the inning for a 10-7 lead. Bob Van Schoelandt, Buddy Johnson and Jon Rutledge had hits, the last one with 2 outs. Darin Clauder made a catch in right center to hold Lite off in the bottom of the seventh. Mike Ellis, Butch Reed and Scott McInergey had hits for one run. After a sac and an RBI hit by Kevin Keeter tied the game, Dave White was walked intentionally and Greg Rush hit one hard and long to right. Clauder fought it, but caught it while falling down. Hurricane spurred rain fell most of Saturday. The sun broke through for a rain-free Sunday. T.J. Lite was a 26-22 winner over Nutter in the finals of the winners bracket. It was 6-2 after one and 10-7 after two. Nutter drew a blank in the top of the third, but so did Lite. Then Lite outscored Nutter 9-2 in the fourth. Scott McInerey, Toby Durnbaugh and Earl Harris tripled and Shane Kolczy homered.Harris later homered and he also had two triples. Larry Adams added a home run. Leadoff man Butch Reed had two triples, a single and a walk. Durnbaugh and Greg Rush each had 4 hits, while Kolczyk had two hits and two walks. Jeff Smith, Darrin Clauder (twice), Jon Rutledge and Brett O’Donnell homered for Nutter. Rutledge had 4 hits. Nutter had 5-5-3 over the last 3 innings, but Lite held onto the lead with 4 in the bottom of the fifth and 3 in the bottom of the sixth. T.J. Lite’s semifinal winners bracket win of 24-14 over M&M; of Miami, with veteran J.C. Batista in the infield, was a key one. Lite jumped ahead 10-4, then after M&M; tied it, Lite went zip, then hit for 14 big runs in the top of the fifth to win by the run rule. John Boice Jr., Brad Kolczyk, Mike Ellis, Larry Adams and Butch Reed each had 2 hits in the big inning. Ellis and Greg Rush had homers. Dave White had 2 hits and 2 walks for the winners. Batista had a double and walk in 4 at-bats while hitting in the leadoff spot for M&M.; Shane Bowell and Alex Ravelo homered. Another key win for the Maryland club was 17-15 over another Florida team, Orange Lake/Mizuno of Orlando. The local team led 6-1 after one inning. The Maryland team battled back and led 17-12 after 7 runs in the bottom of the sixth. Greg Rush capped the big inning with a home run. Kevin Keeler had a triple. Mike Ellis had a homer in the second inning. David Marlette and Charlie Miller homered in the first for Orange Lake. Dave White and John Boice Jr. eadh had 3 hits for Lite. Alan Tanner had a 3-runner to lift M&M; ahead of Gianni’s/Worth of Maryland 13-12 in the sixth. Jerry Duran added another 3-runner later in the inning. Batista made two plays in the bottom of the seventh, including starting a game-ending double play (with shortstop Ricky Macias). Final score: 17-12. Orange Lake had to squeeze past American Sports Wear of Minnesota 23-17. Orange Lake scored 6 runs in the top of the seventh after American left the bases loaded in the bottom of the sixth. American would have won as the time limit had expired. A home run by Mike Hilgar capped the top of the seventh for Orange Lake. M&M; outlasted Orange Lake 17-15 in a duel of Florida powers. Home runs by Shane Bowell and Ricky Macias accounted for 6 runs for M&M; in the bottom of the fifth after Orange Lake owned a 10-9 lead. Orange Lake pushed across 5 runs in the top of the seventh as David Marlette hit a long home run, but a nifty play by second baseman J.C Batista got the last out with 2 men on. Alex Jimenez and Chris Wilson also homered for M&M.; Batista and Jerry Duran each had 3 hits. Charlie Miller had 4 hits and Richie Cobb and Larry Hingle 3 each for Orange Lake. Orange Lake won the ISA, with Southern third, while Southern won the ASA, with Orange Lake second. Southern, which won a couple of Class A crowns two years ago, dropped out of this tournament when the hurricane went through Fort Lauderdale on Friday night. Nutter broke loose for 14 runs in the top of the seventh to oust M&M; 36-18. It was 22-15 going into the inning. Mike Matter had 2 hits in the inning, including a home run. He was 0-for-3 before getting a hit when Nutter scored 6 in the sixth. Nutter led 16-12 at that point. Tony Kolarik had five hits, including 3 HRs, for Nutter. Ron Lipps and Jeff Smith each had 4 hits. That’s 14 hits between the first three batters in the Nutter lineup. And the fourth batter, Darrin Clauder, went 6-for-6, including a home run. Named to the all-tournament team were Charlie Miller of Orange Lake, Shane Bowell and Lino Alvarez of M&M;, Jon Rutledge, Tony Kolarik and Jason Smith from Nutter, Brad Kolczyk, Earl Harris, Butch Reed and Dave White from T.J. Lite. Rutledge of Nutter was the offensive MVP. He went 18-for-21. Kolczyk was the defensive MVP. Going into the final game, T.J. Lite had Brad Kolczyk 16-for-19 and Dave White 15-20. Butch Reed was 14-22 and Greg Rush 13-19. Troy Durnbaugh was 12-20, Earl Harris 10-19 and Butch Reed 12-21. Rush and Mike Ellis each had 2 homers, Earl Harris, Larry Adams and Kolczyk 1 each. Gianni’s/Worth dealt both losses to the Baytown Aces of Texas — 15-3 and 12-2.


1. T.J. Lite, MD (6-0)
2. Nutter Mortgage, MO (6-2)
3. M&M, FL (5-2)
4. Orange Lake/Mizuno, FL (5-2)
5t. American Sportswear, North St. Paul, MN (3-2)
5t. Gianni’s/Worth, MD (5-2)
7t. Baytown Aces, Baytown, TX (3-2)
7t. Extreme, NC,  (3-2)
9t. Southside, KY (2-2)
9t. Auto Design, IN (3-2)
9t. Madmen, MD (3-2)
9t. Airport Tanning, Providence, RI (3-2)
13t. Taylor, Elkton, MD (2-2)
13t. Kuykendall’s, CA (2-2)
13t. Love Construction, WA (2-2)
13t. Warm Trucking, Waterloo, IA (2-2)
17t. Team Worth, CA (1-2)
17t. Hackers, KY (1-2)
17t. Larsen, NV (1-2)
17t. Trump Yankees, MD (1-2)
17t. 12 Gauge, CA (1-2)
17t. Marc Anthony, FL (1-2)
17t. Perkins, MI (1-2)
17t. Team Rawlings, CA (1-2)
25t. Liners, AZ (0-2)
25t. Peterson, WA (0-2)
25t. Calvert, TX (0-2)
25t. Seadogs, FL (0-2)
25t. The Valley, WA (0-2)

No shows

Thermco/Sports Center (RI)
Southern (FL)
AA&W; (FL)


American Sportswear (Minn.) 18, 12 Gauge (Calif.) 5
Gianni’s/Worth (Md.) 10, Seadogs (Fla.) 5
Baytown Aces (Texas) 20, Marc Anthony (Fla.) 18
Taylor (Md.) 29, The Valley (Wash.) 14
Orange Lake/Mizuno (Fla.) forfeit over Thermco/Sports Center (R.I.)
Southside (Ky.) forfeit over Southern (Fla.)
Nutter (Mo.) forfeit over AA&W; (Fla.)
Madmen (Md.) 13, Team Worth (Calif.) 3
Kuydendall (Calif.) 18, Warm Trucking (Iowa) 8
Larsen (Nev.) 10, Airport Tanning (R.I.) 7
Extreme (N.C.) 29, Calvert (Texas) 18
Perkins (Mich.) 28, Peterson (Wash.) 14
M&M; (Fla.) 20, Auto Design (Ind.) 16
T.J. Lite (Md.) 7, Liners (Ariz.) 4
Love (Wash.) 14, Hacker’s (Ky.) 12
American Sportswear 15, Gianni’s/Worth 3
Baytown Aces 27, Taylor 25
Southside 20, Larsen 19
Nutter def. Kuykendall’s
Orange Lake 22, Madmen 19
T.J. Lite 10, Love 3
M&M; 23, Perkins 18
Extreme 23, Team Rawlings 10
M&M; 15, Extreme 13
T.J. Lite 17, Orange Lake 15
Nutter 11, Southside 2
American Sportswear 23, Baytown Aces 6
Nutter 15, American Sportswear 5
T.J. Lite 24, M&M; 14
T.J. Lite 26, Nutter 22


12 Gauge 24, Seadogs 13
Airport Tanning forfeit over Southern
Warm Trucking forfeit over AA&W;
Team Worth forfeit over Thermco
Hackers 12, Liners 9
Auto Design 14, Peterson 4
Auto Design 20, Larsen 10
Trump Yankees 13, Calvert 9
Madmen 23, 12 Gauge 22, 8 innings
Marc Anthony 29, The Valley 18
Airport Tanning 8, Perkins 7
Warm Trucking 24, Team Rawlings 14
Gianni’s 17, Team Worth 16
Gianni’s/Worth 19, Southside 18
Baytown Aces 16, Auto Design 15
Extreme 15, Love 13
Orange Lake/Mizuno 23, Airport Tanning 13
Airport Tanning 17, Warm Trucking 7
Love 19, Madmen 2
Gianni’s/Worth 12, Baytown Aces 2
Orange Lake/Mizuno 3, Extreme 1
M&M; 17, Gianni’s/Worth 12
M&M; 17, Orange Lake 15
Nutter 36, M&M; 18


T.J. Lite 11, Nutter 10, 8 innings


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