1990 ASA Major Women’s Slow Pitch Nationals

1990 held at Dred Scott Playfield in Bloomington, Minnesota on September 1-3.

Champion: Spooks, Anoka, Minnesota (63-6)
Runner Up: UPI/Fraley’s, Cookeville, Tennessee

The Spooks completed their 6-0 run through the tournament by winning the final game in 10 innings over UPI 1-0. Theresa Held’s base loaded single was the game winner in the 10th inning. MVP Linda Garbett earned her 6th ASA All American selection as she led the Spooks with a 12-20, .600 performance. Held was 10-19 (.526), but was somehow overlooked in the All-America selections. This was her 13th year with the Spooks. Spooks shortstop Terry Schweikert was 13-20 (.650) and played lights out defense. Pitcher Nancy Garbett, sister of MVP Linda Garbett was named for the 5th time in her career.

  • MVP – Linda Garbett, Anoka Spooks (12-20, .600)
  • Batting Leader – Terry Schweikert, Spooks (13-20) – .650
  • Home Run Leader – Pam Schwartz, Fuddruckers – 2


P – Pam Slaughter, Wilson Softball
C – Pam Reineke, Bally Health & Racquet
1B – Sue Howlett, York Imaging Pacers
2B – Gina Green, UPI/Fraley’s
3B – Nancy Anderson, Spooks
SS – Jeanne Hart, Lakerettes
OF – Mary Crummery, UPI/Fraley’s
OF – Barbara Angy, Bally Health & Racquet
OF – Sherri France, Bally Health & Racquet
OF – Linda Garbett, Spooks
UT – Jody Trimmer, York Imaging Pacers
UT – Myra Williams, UPI/Fraley’s
UT – Terry Schweikert, Spooks
UT – Pam Olmstead, Wilson Softball
EP – Bonnie Cox, Wilson Softball


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Pam Latterrell, Ultimate Sports Bar

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1. Spooks, Anoka, MN (6-0)
2. UPI/Fraley’s, Cookeville, TN
3. Health and Raquel Club, Orlando, FL
4. York Imaging Pacers, PA
5t. Wilson Softball, Wichita, KS
5t. Lakerettes, Conneaut, PA
7t. Rings, Dubuque, IA
7t. Raiders, Farmington Hills, MI
9t. Ultimate Sports Bar, Waite Park, MN
9t. Tuffies, Bloomington, MN
9t. W.W. Gay Rebels, Jackson FL
9t. Americs, Bloomington, MN

30 teams total entered.


First Round

Ultimate Sports (St. Cloud) 7 McLaughlin Oil (Columbus, Ohio) 4

Second round

Ultimate Sports (St. Cloud) 13, Rebels (Jacksonville, Fla.) 8
Tuffy’s (Bloomington) 5, Cleve (Bloomington) 4
Rex (Tulsa, Okla.) 0, D & (Springfield, Mo.) 8
Hooligan’s (Des Moines, Iowa) 0, Valley Health (Orlando, Fla.) 5
Raiders (Farming Hie, Mich.) 4, Rings (Dubuque, lowa) 0
York lmaging (York. Pa.), 10, Rex (Bloomington) 7

Third round

Super Painters, (Bloomington) 0, Wilson Softball (Wichita, Kan.) 17
Budweiser (Bloomington) 3, Papa John’s (Louisville, Ky.) 4
Ruth & Co. (Lexington, Ky 15, Resin Exchange (Cape Girardeau, Mo.) 2
Kinder Insurance (Springfield, Mo.) 2. Spooks (Anoka) 3.

Third Round Losers’ bracket

Tuffy’s (Bloomington) 8, Ruth Company (Lexington, Ken.) 3
Rings (Dubuque, Iowa) 5, Kinder Insurance (Springfield, Missouri) 2
W.W. Gay Rebels (Jackson, Fla.) 5, Hooligans (Des Moines, lowa) 1
Americs (Bloomington) 5, Fuddruckers (Bloomington) 3

Quarterfinals Winners’ bracket

U.P.I Fraley’s (Cookeville, Tenn) 3 Wilson Softball (Wichita, Kan.)2
Bally Health and Raquet Club (Orlando, Fla.) 12, Ultimate Sparts Bar (Waite Park) 0
York Imaging Pacers (York, Penn.) 8, Raiders (Farmington Hills, Mich ) 3
Spooks (Anoka) 8, Lakerettes (Conneaut Lake, Penn.) 3.

Fourth round Losers’ bracket

Wilson Softball (Wichita, Kan.) 7 Tuffies (Bloomington) 1
Rings (Dubuque, Iowa) 5, Ultimate Sports Bar Waite Park) 2
Raiders (Farmington Hills, Mich.)5, W.W. Gay Rebels (Jackson, Fla.) 2
Lakerettes (Conneaut Lake, Penn.) 13, Americs (Bloomington) 1

Fifth round Losers bracket

Wilson Softball (Wichita, Kansas) 3, Rings (Dubuque, Iowa) 2
Lakerettes (Conneaut, Penn) 2. , Raiders (Farmington Hills, Michigan) 0

Semifinals’ Winners’ bracket

Spooks (Anoka) 6, York Imaging Pacers (York, Penn.) 1
Bally Health and Raquet Club (Orlando, Fla.) 8, U.P.I Fraley’s (Cookeville, Tenn.) 4

Final Winners’ bracket

Spooks (Anoka) 5 Bally Health and Racquet Club (Orlando, Fla.) 1

Final Losers’ bracket

U.P.I. Fraley’s (Cookeville, TN) 8 Health and Racquet Club (Orlando, Fla) 3


Spooks (Anoka) defeated U.P.I Fraley’s (Cookeville, TN)


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