1978 ASA Women’s Major Fast Pitch Nationals

1978 held at Allentown, Pennsylvania.

Champion – Raybestos Brakettes, Stratford, Connecticut (78-8)
Runner Up – Law Equipment, Greeley, Colorado

The Brakettes won their 8th Straight ASA National Championship, a record that will never be broken. Kathy Arendsen was 3-0 and had 40 K in just 21 innings pitched. She hurled a no hitter and only gave up 5 hits in the 3 games. Barbara Reinalda was also 3-0 for the Brakettes. Reinalda is now 16-2 in the last three nationals.

  • MVP – Diane Schumacher, Raybestos Brakettes (8-20, .400)
  • Bertha Tickey Award (Pitching MVP) – Kathy Arendsen, Raybestos Brakettes (3-0, 0 ERs, 5 hits, 40 K, 21 IP and no hitter. 4-0 final game 2-hitter, 11 K)
  • Erv Lind Award (Defensive MVP) – Mary Faure, Greeley Lawn Equipment
  • Batting Leader – Reatha Stucky, Wichita Arrows (8-15) – .533
  • Batting Leader – Pam Rendell-Reinoehl, Santa Clara Golden Bobcats (8-15) – .533
  • HR Leaders – 8 tied with – 1 HR – Dot Richarson (Rebels), Linda Spagnolo (Bauer Brick), Susue Gaw (Saints), Venus Jennings (Law Equipment), Jill Wiedman (Bankettes), Gwen Berner (Shamrocks), Deanne Clark (Saints), and Chris Mueller (Dave Lee Sports)


P – Lou Piel, Greeley Lawn Equipment (5-2, 2 Shutouts)
P – Barbara Reinalda, Raybestos Brakettes (3-0)
P – Kathy Arendsen, Raybestos Brakettes
C – Marilyn Rau, Sun City Saints
C – Lana Svec, Ashland Don Coburn Inc.
1B – Diane Schumacher, Raybestos Brakettes
2B – Ellen Tomasiewicz, Raybestos Brakettes
3B – Joan Van Ness, Raybestos Brakettes
SS – Marlys Taber, West Allis Bankettes
OF – Venus Jennings, Greeley Lawn Equipment
OF – Sue Enquist, Raybestos Brakettes
OF – Leslie Bade, West Allis Bankettes
OF – Jeri Findlay, West Allis Bankettes
UTIL – Suzie Gaw, Sun City Saints


P – Carol Townsend, West Allis Bankettes
P – Pam Tarrh, Ashland Don Coburn Inc.
P – Paula Noel, Sun City Saints (3-2, 3 Shutouts)
C – Reatha Stucky, Wichita Kansas Arrows
C – Debbie Kaminske, West Allis Bankettes
1B – Linda Spagnolo, Bauer Buick Windmills
2B – Maria Miklos, Bauer Buick Windmills
3B – Cindy Renda, Tonawanda Shamrocks
SS – Gwen Berner, Tonawanda Shamrocks
OF – Jackie Tekotte, Frost’s Sporting Goods
OF – Maureen Ahern, Tonawanda Shamrocks
OF – Beth Quesnel, Raybestos Brakettes
OF – Chris Abrahamson, Orlando Rebels
UTIL – Lisa Wall, Greeley Lawn Equipment


1. Raybestos Brakettes, Stratford, CT (5-0) (Defending Champ)
2. Law Equipment, Greeley, CO (5-2) (Rocky Mountain Alpine)
3. Orlando Rebels, Orlando, FL (4-2) (Southern At-Large)
4. Don Coburn Inc., Ashland, OH (4-2) (East Central)
5t. Bankettes, West Allis, WI (3-2) (Great Lakes)
5t. Sun City Saints, Sun City, AZ (3-2) (Rocky Mountain Cactus)
7t. Shamrocks, North Tonawanda, NY (3-2) (Mid-Atlantic)
7t. Arrows, Wichita, KS (3-2) (Northern At-Large)
9t. Shamrocks, Omaha, NE (1-2) (Mid-America At-Large)
9t. Frost Sporting Goods, Springfield, MO (2-2) (Mid-America)
9t. Bauer Buick Windmills, Harvey, IL (2-2) (Midwest)
9t. Golden Bobcats, Santa Clara, CA (1-2) (Pacific Coast)
13t. Orlando Suns, Orlando, FL (1-2) (Southern)
13t. Port City Comets, Port City, TX (0-2) (Texas)
13t. Dave Lee Sports, Portland OR (0-2) (Northwestern)
13t. Precision Plating, St. Paul, MN (1-2) (Northern)
17t. Ed Meier Ford, Memphis, TN (0-2) (Southwestern)
17t. Softball Association, Worcester, MA (0-2) (New England)
17t. Patriettes, Allentown, PA (0-2) (Host)
17t. VIP’s, Topton, PA (0-2) (Central Atlantic)
17t. East Lansing Laurels, Lansing, MI (0-2) (Great Lakes At-Large)

NOTES: South Atlantic Champ – Lorelei Ladies, Atlanta, GA did not attend.


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