1957 ASA Women’s Major Slow Pitch Nationals

1957 held at Richmond, Virginia

Champion – Dana Gardens, Cincinnati, Ohio
Runner Up – Garvin’s Grill, Washington, D.C.

Dana Garden’s won the first women’s Slow Pitch event defeating Garvin’s Grill 4-1 in the final behind Nancy Conner’s pitching, Alberta Kohls Hitting and the outstanding play of Betty Hamlin. Nancy Conner pitched all 4 games for Dana Gardens and only gave up 8 runs in the 4 games, also hurling a shutout. She held the Washington DC Garvins Grill squad, who had scored 18 runs in their 3 games to just one run in the 4-1 Championship Game. Third Basemen Betty Hamlin was a force on Offense and Defense. Alberta Kohls was awarded the outstanding hitter award as she had a great tournament at the plate.

  • N.F. Jacobs and Son MVP Award – Nancy Conner, Dana Gardens (P), (4-0 pitching, with a shutout, gave up only 8 runs in 4 games)
  • Hillerich & Bradsby Outstanding Hitter Award – Alberta Kohls, Dana Gardens (OF)
  • Outstanding Player Award – Betty Hamlin, Dana Gardens (3B)
  • Rockingham Manager Award– Commie Currens, Dana Gardens


1. Dana Gardens, Cincinnati, OH (4-0)
2. Garvin’s Grill, Washington, DC (3-1)
3t. Dairy Maids, Richmond, VA (2-2)
3t. Legget’s, Fredricksburg, VA (2-2)
5t. Mathews Girls, Mathews, VA (1-1)
5t. Lakeside Pharmacy, Richmond, VA (1-1)
5t. Pollyannas, Richmond, VA (1-1)
5t. Adam’s Restaurant, Baltimore, MD (1-1)
9t. Martel’s Furniture, Hampton, VA (0-1)
9t. Bethel Methodist, Richmond, VA (0-1)
9t. Brown-Foreman, Louisville, KY (0-1)
9t. Southside, Richmond, VA (0-1)
9t. Arrow Blue Jays, Richmond, VA (0-1)
9t. Belnap Belles, Louisville, KY (0-1)
9t. Virginia Metal Products, Orange, VA (0-1)
9t. Herbert Candy Debs, Natick, MA (0-1)

NOTE: The format of the tournament was single elimation.


Single Elimination
First Round
Garvin’s Grill, Washington, DC 2 Martel’s Furniture, Hampton, VA 0
Pollyannas, Richmond, VA 3  Herbert Candy Debs, Natick, MA 2
Legget’s, Fredricksburg, VA 13 Bethel Methodist, Richmond, VA 1
Lakeside Pharmacy, Richmond, VA 10 Belnap Belles, Louisville, KY 5
Dairy Maids, Richmond, VA 19 Brown-Foreman, Louisville, KY 1
Mathews Girls, Mathews, VA 29 Southside, Richmond, VA 10
Dana Gardens, Cincinnati, OH 10 Arrow Blue Jays, Richmond, VA 0
Adam’s Restaurant, Baltimore, MD 4 Virginia Metal Products, Orange, VA 0


Garvin’s Grill, Washington, DC 8 Pollyannas, Richmond, VA 5
Legget’s, Fredricksburg, VA 8 Lakeside Pharmacy, Richmond, VA 1
Dairy Maids, Richmond, VA 8 Mathews Girls, Mathews, VA 1
Dana Gardens, Cincinnati, OH 2 Adam’s Restaurant, Baltimore, MD 1

Semi Finals

Garvin’s Grill, Washington, DC 8 Legget’s, Fredricksburg, VA 0
Dana Gardens, Cincinnati, OH 7 Dairy Maids, Richmond, VA 6 (8 innings)


Dana Gardens, Cincinnati, OH 4 Garvin’s Grill, Washington, DC 1


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