USSSA Men’s Major 16 Inch Slow Pitch

Year Champion Runner-up MVP
1969 Marston’s Sporting Goods, Phoenix, AZ Tappa Keggas, Torrance, CA Jerry Stiteler, Marston’s Sporting Goods
1970 Wild Mustangs, Torrance, CA Los Angeles Old-Timers, Los Angeles, CA Bob Williams, Wild Mustangs
1971 Redondo Beach AC, Redondo Beach, CA Tissaw’s, Flagstaff, AZ Harry Jenkins, Redondo Beach AC
1972 Redondo Beach AC, Redondo Beach, CA Long Beach Seahawks, Long Beach, CA N/A
1973 Dependable Trophies, Torrance, CA Tappa Keggas, Torrance, CA N/A
1974 Tully Tappa Keggas, Torrance, CA Torrance AC, Torrance, CA Torrance AC, Torrance, CA
1975 Tappa Keggas, Torrance, CA Hawthorne Old-Timers, Los Angeles, CA N/A
1976 The Beacon, Racine, WI Saxon Lodge, Hidden Lake, IN Dick Laba, The Beacon
1976 Western Salty Dogs, Mosher Beach, CA Dependable Trophies, Torrance, CA Ross Pittman, Salty Dogs
1977 K-Club, Phoenix, AZ Moe Allen Body Shop, Phoenix, AZ Kurt Nielson, K-CLUB
1978 not held
1979 not held
1980 Hiller & Hamm, McHenry, IL Nancy’s Tavern/Hiller Construction, McHenry, IL Gary Ryndak, Chicagoans
1981 C&K Old Style Bobcats, Chicago, IL Waukegan, IL Jerry Kelleher, C&K Old Style Bobcats
1982 Budweiser Whips, Harvey, IL C&K Old Style Bobcats, Chicago, IL Mike Tallo, Budweiser Whips
1983 Budweiser Whips, Harvey, IL Rat Pack Runts-Rollers, Chicago, IL John Kelleher, Budweiser Whips
1984 Budweiser Whips, Harvey, IL Stompers, Chicago, IL Jack Kelly, Budweiser Whips
1985 Stompers, Chicago, IL Budweiser Whips, Harvey, IL N/A
1986 J-Birds, Mt. Prospect, IL Stompers, Chicago, IL N/A
1987 Apple Chevrolet Whips, Harvey, IL Sports Station, Blue Island, IL N/A
1988 Apple Chevrolet Whips, Harvey, IL Meadows, Rolling Meadows, IL Dave Brishoff, Apple Chevrolet Whips, Jerry Keller, Apple Chevrolet Defensive MVP
1989 Bud Light Blues, Mt. Prospect, IL Pete’s Hideway Whips, Chicago, IL Gary Mariano, Blues
1990 Miller Taggers, Mt. Prospect, IL Aces, Chicago, IL Ken Butzen, Miller Taggers
1991 Miller Taggers, Mt. Prospect, IL March Manufacturing, Glenview, IL Mike Stout, Miller Taggers
1992 Old Style Rabbits, Chicago, IL Stickmen, Chicago, IL Rich Ladewig, Old Style Rabbits
1993 Ice Softball, Cicero, IL L.A. Peacemakers, Chicago, IL Mike Stout, Ice Softball
1994 Lettuce, Chicago, IL Ice, Mt. Prospect, IL Don Mustari, Lettuce
1995 Thrashers, Mt. Prospect, IL Ice House, Chicago, IL N/A

Tournament discontinued in 1996.


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