ISA Men’s 55 and Over

Year	Class	Champions
1996	East	Classic 50's, PA
	West	W.E. Ruth Realty, Seattle, WA
1997	Major	Thomas Engineering/Dudley, Manassas, VA
1998	Major	Pompano Beach Bums, Pompano Beach, FL
1999	Major	Florida Crush, Melbourne, FL
2000	Major	Thomas Engineering, Manassas, VA
	AAA	Pittsburgh Gold 55's, Pittsburgh, PA
	AA	Akron Silversmiths, Akron, OH
2001	Major	Thomas Engineering, Manassas, VA
	AAA	Penn Hills 55's, Pittsburgh, PA
2002	Super	Old A's, Walnut Creek, CA
	AAA	Ted's Montgomery, Brookeville, MD
	AA	Heat Wave, Naples, FL
2003	Major	Gulf Shore Insurance, Naples, FL
	AAA 	Office Products Warehouse, St. Petersburg, FL
2004	Upper	Bell Corp./Dan's Sports/Miken, Naples, FL
	Lower	Florida Storm, Florida
2005	Gold 	Bob's Transmission, FL
	Silver 	Sun Coast Sun Rays, FL
2006	Major +	All State/Miken, FL
	Maj/AAA	WE Ruth Realty, Renton, WA 
2007	Major +	N/A
	Maj/AAA	Williams Food Service, Louisville, KY 
	AA	Zeppelin, Louisville, KY
2008	Major +	N/A
	Maj/AAA	Rhinos, IL
	AA	Zeppelin, Louisville, KY
2009	Major+	Kittrell Acoustics, AL 
	Major	N/A 
	AAA 	Birmingham 55's, AL 
	AA 	Dayton Legends 55's, OH 
2010	Major+	Hendricks Sports Texas 
	Major 	Kinnco Services, IN 
	AAA 	Pat's Sports, FL 
	AA 	Zeppelin, Louisville, KY
2011	Major 	N/A 
	AAA 	Pat's Sports/Levin Financial, FL
2012	Major 	Windy City, IL 
	AAA 	Smith Laminating, KY 
2013	Major 	Kinnco Services, IN 
	AAA 	Central Illinois Chiefs, IL 
2014	Major 	? 
	AAA 	?
2015	Major+ 	Doc’s, Pickerington, OH
	Major 	The Softball Club, Munster, IN
	AAA 	Milwaukee Merchants, Greenfield, WI
2016	Major 	Doug & Don's Auto Care, MI
	50/55 	Antique Roadshow, IN
2017	Major 	? 
	AAA 	?

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