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1998 USSSA Men’s A Slow Pitch Worlds

1998 held at Sept. 4-6 at Shawnee, Kansas.

Champion – Wessel/Hague/SoJern/Ohio Transport/TPS, Cincinnati, Ohio
Runner Up – Long Haul/Grover/Mizuno, Albertville, Minnesota

  • MVP – Jim Burbrink, Wessel/Hague/SoJern/Ohio Transport/TPS
  • Offensive MVP – Brett Helmer, Wessel/Hague/SoJern/Ohio Transport/TPS
  • Defensive MVP – Richie Aliotti, Long Haul/Grover/Mizuno
  • HR Champion – Ken Bean, Xtreme/Hinson/Worth (9)
  • HR Champion – Alex Lavorico, Hendu’s 42/TPS (8)


Andy Purcell – Sunnyvale Valve/TPS (34-43, .791, 4 HR)
Guido Bindi – Sunnyvale Valve/TPS (29-43, .674, 14 HR)
Gary Martin – Sunnyvale Valve/TPS (29-46, .630, 6 HR)
Mark Tremaine – Sunnyvale Valve/TPS (23-35, .657, 7 HR)
Rob Overholt – Sunnyvale Valve/TPS (27-43, .628, 7 HR)
Darren Wendlund – Sunnyvale Valve/TPS (25-46, .543, 12 HR)
Mark Gutierrez – Sunnyvale Valve/TPS (26-41, .634, 4 HR)
Matt Hughes – Pov’s/Line Drive/TPS (19-27. .704, 5 HR)
Steve Schultz – Pov’s/Line Drive/TPS (16-25, .640, 6 HR)
Colin Leitch – Pov’s/Line Drive/TPS (15-26, .577, 6 HR)
Todd Breyfogle – Pov’s/Line Drive/TPS (14-25, .560, 7 HR)
Doug Kett – Oakland Plumbing/Liberty Park/TPS (25-33, .686, 9 HR)
Paul McBride – Oakland Plumbing/Liberty Park/TPS (17-26, .654, 4 HR)
Pat McGann – Oakland Plumbing/Liberty Park/TPS (19-26, .731)
Mark Matchulat – Jimmie’s/Varsity/Easton (19-25, .760, 7 HR)
Johnny Simpson – Jimmie’s/Varsity/Easton (22-31, .710, 4 HR)
Manager – Jim Dorricott – Sunnyvale Valve/TPS


1. Sunnyvale Valve/TPS, Sunnyvale, CA (10-1)
2. Pov’s/Line Drive/TPS, Brooklyn Center, MN (6-2)
3. Oakland Plumbing/Liberty Park, Sterling Heights, MI (5-2)
4. Jimmies/Varsity/Ques/Easton, Westland, MI  (4-2)
5t. Calvert/Prestige, Taylor, MI (7-2)
5t. WET, Niceville, FL (4-2)
7t. Easton of Minnesota, Burnsville, MN (5-2)
7t. Hooters/TPS, Overland Park, KS (3-2)
9t. Worth/SEG, Fairfax, VA (4-2)
9t. Aftershock/Easton, Fairfield, CA (2-2)
9t. Guy’s Snacks/Easton, Leawood, KS (2-2)
9t. Creative Stucco/Roosters/Easton, Columbus, OH (2-2)
13t. Long Pest Control/Tacoma Dodge/Grover, Tacoma, WA (3-2)
13t. Louisiana Bag/DeMarini, Picayune, MS (3-2)
13t. Connecticut Sportsplex, North Branford, CT (3-2)
13t. Team Mizuno/DeMarini, Fort Pierce, FL (3-2)
17t. Suncoast/Dudley, Sarasota, FL (3-2)
17t. Supreme/Worth, St. Louis, MO (3-2)
17t. Sports Extra, Garland, TX (3-2)
17t. Hutchinson Softball/Dudley, Hutchinson, KS (3-2)
17t. Thomas Oil, Benton, AR (2-2)
17t. Pace/TPS, Rochester, NY (2-2)
17t. Gold’s Gym/Troutman, Shawnee, KS (2-2)
17t. T’s 13, Omaha, NE (2-2)
25t. Woodworkers, Alburquerque, NM (2-2)
25t. Mid-State Thunder, Kansas City, Mo (2-2)
25t. M&S Express, DeSoto, TX (2-2)
25t. WW Gay/TPS, Gainesville, FL (1-2)
25t. Karphone, Norwalk, CA (1-2)
25t. Artex Medical, Texarcana, AR (1-2)
25t. Buckeye Softball Club, Beaverdam, VA (1-2)
25t. Powerhouse/Easton, Hot Springs, AR (1-2)
33t. Herrin/TPS, Savannah, GA (1-2)
33t. Jett Door, Houston, TX (1-2)


RPM 16, Brandon’s 12
Hendu’s 31, Resmondo 18
Long Haul 9, Joe Black’s 3
Tiger 23, Gil’s 6, 5 innings
Adams 12, Xtreme 10
Wessel 29, Hendu’s 5, 5 innings
O&S 16, Adams 6
Long Haul 26, Tiger 5, 4 innings
Wessel 9, RPM 8, 8 innings
Long Haul 29, O&S 13
Wessel 16, Long Haul 10


Gil’s 15, Joe Black’s 9
Resmondo over Tiger, forfeit
Xtreme 25, JWM 23
Brandon’s 17, Adams 14
Hendu’s 14, Gil’s 12
Resmondo 43, Brandon’s 28, 6 innings
Xtreme 25, Hendu’s 11
RPM 20, Resmondo 16
Xtreme 25, O&S 16
Xtreme 28, RPM 27
Long Haul 16, Xtreme 10


Long Haul 13, Wessel 11
Wessel 10, Long Haul 4


Rich Courtney, RPM .786
Alex Lavorico, Hendu’s .750
Scott Alley, Resmondo .727
Rob Darhower, Long Haul .692
Kenny Pruitt, Xtreme .682
Chaun Demars, Long Haul/Grover/Mizuno .667
Brett Helmer, Wessel .667
Howie Krause, Wessel .667
Bill Garber, Resmondo .643
Brian Arnold, Resmondo .643
Mike Stanley, Long Haul .625


Ken Bean, Xtreme 9
Alex Lavorico, Hendu’s 8
Greg Schulte, Xtreme 7
Lamar Echols, Xtreme 5

1998 USSSA Class A championship at Shawnee, Kan.

Sunnyvale Valve/TPS of Sunnyvale, Calif., won nine consecutive games, five on Sunday and four on Monday (Sept. 7) to capture the USSSA Class A championship over a 54-team field at the Mid-America Complex in Shawnee, Kan. The Sunnyvale team lost early last year at Garland, Texas, and battled back for a third-place finish behind Resmondo/TPS of Lake Wales, Fla., and Pace/TPS of Rochester, N.Y.

This year, Resmondo tied for fifth in the Class AA division, while Pace managed only a 2-2 record in the Class A division. Meanwhile, Jeff Dorricott’s Sunnyvale squad went all the way, posting a 10-1 record. “Our defense, straight-up defense” Dorricott was quick to answer when asked the key to the awesome run. “The defensive play of our pitcher (Andy Purcell) and our middle defense (shortstop Gary Martin and second baseman Chris Lasaca). Purcell and outfielder Guido Bindi were named co-MVPs. Bindi led the tournament with 13 home runs. Teammate Darren Wendland had 12. Big, veteran Tom Langenhorst had eight, and tears in his eyes as the celebration settled down. Dorricott had ice cold water running down his face . . . after the water bucket was dumped on him.

Langenhorst had a whopping 19 last year. Mark Tremaine and Rob Overholt each added seven HRs, while Martin and Heath Lane each had six. Purcell topped the batting average totem pole with a .773 mark (34-for-44). Tremaine batted .676, Bindi .674. Reggie Stocker turned in a .783 average for W.E.T. of Niceville, Fla., while Mark Matchulat of Jimmie’s/Varsity/Que’s/Easton of Westland, Mich., batted .760 and Doug Kett, Gary Henry and Pat McCann of third-place Oakland Plumbing/Liberty Park/TPS of Sterling Heights, Mich., batted .758, .750 and .731, respectively. Johnny Simpson and Scott Hillie of Jimmie’s each batted .714. Matt Hughes of runner-up Pov’s/Line Drive/TPS of Andover, Minn., batted .704 with five HRs and was awarded the Outstanding Offensive Player trophy.

The Outstanding Defensive Player award went to Martin, the Sunnyvale shortstop who made like a vacuum cleaner. Tim Lindquist and Matt Urban of Oakland/Liberty batted .686 and .680, while Bob Stewart and Bill Barrett of Calvert/Prestige of of Taylor, Mich., batted .684 and .679. Calvert/Prestige played seven games in the 98-degree heat on Sunday, winding up in a tie for fifth place with W.E.T. after being eliminated 23-13 by Jimmie’s, which came in as the top-ranked Class A team. Sunnyvale was No. 3 in the rankings. No. 2 was Hooters/Coors Light/TPS of Overland Park, Kan.

Pov’s was ranked 17th, and had finished way down the line with a 1-2 record in the ISA Class A two weeks before. Hooters was ousted 31-27 by Calvert, and finished in a tie for seventh with Easton-Minnesota. Bob Stewart had 10 home runs (in nine games) for Calvert/Prestige. Teammates Todd Wallace, Joe Gerdes and Terry Patesel had 9, 9 and 8. Doug Kett had nine for Oakland/Liberty, while Hille had eight for Jimmie’s. Todd Breyfogle and Jeff Thompson each had seven for Pov’s. Henry and John Hall matched that number for Oakland/Liberty. Chad Roberts of W.E.T. did too. Thompson had three of his homers in the finale, an 18-16 loss to Sunnyvale. He was walked intentionally with the bases loaded in the bottom of the seventh. The next batter was called out on strikes.

Sunnyvale forced an extra game with a 25-9 win over Pov’s. It was 20-3 going into the bottom of the second. Sunnyvale earlier on the final day eliminated Jimmie’s 26-17, jumping out 12-0 in the top of the first, and Oakland/Prestige 18-11. Sunnyvale opened with a 20-4 win over a good team, Coors Light/OPT of Midland, Texas, then stumbled 23-14 at the hands of Creative Stucco/Roosters/Easton of Columbus, Ohio. Sunnyvale won over other good teams along the way — 16-15 over Long Pest Control/Tacoma Dodge/Grover of Tacoma, Wash.; 27-17 over northern California rival Aftershock, the No. 5 ranked team based out of Fairfield; 32-22 over Easton-Minnesota, which won three games in the losers bracket and five all total; and 26-11 over W.E.T., the winner of the ISA Class A and the team that knocked Calvert/Prestige into the losers bracket in the first round here (28-25 in a 10-inning tussle).

W.E.T. won its first four games before being kayoed by Pov’s 23-14 when the Minnesota outfit scored 10 in the sixth and five in the top of the seventh.

Oakland/Liberty Park dropped Michigan rival Jimmie’s 31-16 in the other winners bracket semifinal. Jimmie’s just before tumbled Aftershock 21-10 after Aftershock rallied for eight runs in the bottom of the seventh to trip up Pace 28-27. Pov’s won over two tough opponents — 30-28 over Easton-Minnesota on a home run by Dan Yockum and 45-34 after an early 15-0 deficit against Hooters.

Wins by W.E.T. included 22-16 over Minnesota Jazz, 25-24 over Long Pest Control and 19-18 over Creative Stucco. W.E.T. and Calvert/Prestige wound up in a tie for fifth, while Hooters and Easton-Minnesota finished in a tie for seventh. Karphone of Norwalk, Calif., winner of the season-opening Far West Classic in Las Vegas (beating Class AA powerhouse JWM of Riverside, Calif., in the finals) managed only a 1-2 record and wound up in a tie for 25th. So did W.W. Gay of Gainesville, Fla., the ISA runner-up and two upsets over Class AA Adams/RSH/Worth of Mississippi. Herrin/TPS of Savannah, Ga., which had high hopes, lost 19-18 in the second round to Aftershock when Todd Langdon produced a 2-out, bases-loaded single in the bottom of the eighth. Herrin then lost its first game in the losers bracket — 38-37 to Powerhouse/Easton of Hot Springs, Ark. Pace was stunned in its first losers bracket game — 22-2 (in 4 innings) by Calvert/Prestige — and finished in a tie for 17th. Sixth-ranked Journeyman, a Westland, Mich., team with mostly Ohio players, suffered an 0-2 fate, losing 24-22 to Easton-Minnesota when Kurt Hornnes homered with a man on in the bottom of the seventh and 25-24 to Calvert/Prestige when Larry Stob hit a 2-runner in the bottom of the seventh. Journeyman was the winner of the prestigious Springfield NIT in Ohio, beating Wessel/Hague/SoJern/TPS, now the reigning Class AA kingpin in the finals.

Two former Hague players are now with the Journeyman club — Steve Dickinson and Kevin Birkofer. Remember Hague shocked the big-time slo-pitch world by winning the USSSA World Series in 1995. Long Pest Control is another team that played here (winding up in a tie for 13th) that pulled a big upset (over the second-ranked Major power Sierra/TPS of Reno, Nev.) in the preseason Toys for Tots tournament in Palm Springs, Calif.

Pitcher Andy Purcell and outfielder Guido Bindi were co-MVPs for Sunnyvale Valve/TPS in the USSSA A World.

1998 USSSA Major World Series Report

Mike Schenk 1998 USSSA Major World Series MVP.

Team TPS won the USSSA World Series the hard way, winning five consecutive games on Sunday (Sept. 20) at Daytona Beach, Fla., including overcoming a 20-5 deficit in the finals for a 22-21 win over Sunbelt/Dan Smith. The last team to come out of the losers bracket and win the USSSA World Series was Bell Corp./Easton in 1993, and that team won five games on the final day. Sunbelt finished runner-up in a third straight Grand Slam event, while Team TPS closed out the season with two titles in a row, including the NSA World Series the weekend before in Burlington, N.C. Team TPS was the preseason No. 1 after the merger of the Ritch’s-Superior/Tri-Gems/Beloli and Shen Valley/Taylor teams from last season. Team TPS won six tournaments during the first half of the season, but a tailspin started in losses to Sunbelt and Sierra/TPS in the Minnesota Classic and the Smoky Mountain Classic the late June and early July. Team TPS suffered an 0-2 fate in the ISA, then placed third in the ASA. Sunbelt drew three blanks in a row, then managed only one run in the top of the seventh. Team TPS trailed by 21-19 going into the bottom of the seventh. John Mello got on via an error and Brad Stiles turned a single into a double. After a sac fly by Todd Martin, Jeff Wallace was intentionally walked. Rusty Bumgardner came through with an RBI single before an intentional walk to Doug Kissane. With the bases loaded, the winning run came on a walk to Doug Roberson. Bumgardner’s grand slam home run started the Team TPS comeback in the fifth inning and Dewayne Nevitt had a solo in the sixth. Nevitt had an earlier home run and MVP Mike Shenk had two HRs. Team TPS forced an extra game with a 29-19 win, jumping out to a 23-5 bulge with a 10-run top of the third. Bumgardner and Kissane had homers in the inning. Wallace had two homers and pitcher Phil Jobe one. Wallace had four hits, Martin, Bumgardner, Nevitt, Shenk, Jobe, Randell Boone and shortstop John Mello three each. Shenk at third and Kissane in left were impressive on defense throughout the tournament, while Martin from his middle infielder position and Stiles from his center field spot turned in spectacular plays in a 23-22 win over Sierra in the losers bracket finals. Bumgardner’s 375-foot-plus solo ho me run gave Team TPS a one-run lead in the top of the seventh and Sierra did not score in the bottom half of the inning. Veteran Rick Weiterman came in to pitch that inning. Then he came in to put out an 8-run fire by Sunbelt in the sixth inning of the first game of the finals. He stayed in to pitch a scoreless seventh. And guess who was pitching in the finale when Sunbelt went 0-0-0-1 over the last four innings? You guessed it, Weiterman. Wallace had three home runs and six RBI, while Shenk had two homers for five RBI in the win over Sierra. Team TPS and Sierra each finished the season with 70-17 records. Sunbelt was 59-23, Lighthouse 56-20. With a 7-0 record vs. Sunbelt, Sierra, Lighthouse and Steele’s in the final two outings, Team TPS finished 16-12 in “Big Five” competition, compared to 21-13 for Sierra, 16-18 for Sunbelt, 12-14 for Lighthouse and 11-17 for Steele’s. Team TPS was 7-5 vs. Sunbelt, 4-3 vs. Sierra, 1-2 vs. Lighthouse and 4-2 vs. Steele’s. Sierra was 4-6 vs. Sunbelt, 7-2 vs. Lighthouse and 5-1 vs. Steele’s. Lighthouse was 3-2 vs. Sunbelt and 5-4 vs. Steele’s. Steele’s was 4-3 vs. Sunbelt. Wallace managed only 2-for-11 in the first two games after coming in leading the on-base percentage at .805. He led the tournament in home runs with 10 (in nine games) and but finished with a .77601 mark, slightly behind the .77624 of Wendell Rickard of Lighthouse, who sat out this final tournament with an elbow injury. Hank Garris of Sierra won the home run trophy with 196, 10 ahead of teammate Larry Fredieu. Lighthouse’s Carl Rose, who had nine home runs in five games, topped the home run frequency chart at 2.122. Teammate Rickard, the pace-setter the last two years, was second at 2.192. Robin Higginbotham of Lighthouse was the Offensive MVP with 22-for-26 for an .846 batting average. The Defensive MVP award went to Todd Martin, who played infield and outfield for Team TPS. Lighthouse, winner of the first two legs of the Grand Slam and the winner of the 1997 USSSA World Series, suffered a stunning 30-25 upset at the hands of Brandon’s in the first round, then won three games before losing to Brandon’s again — 23-22. Lighthouse scored 11 runs in the last inning to make it close. The surprising Brandon’s team wound up fourth in the 16-team tournament. Rain played havoc. The teams had to play through the night on Friday (and Saturday). The first loss for Team TPS was inflicted by Wessel/Hague/SoJern/TPS (23-18). One of the Team TPS victims in the losers bracket was Wessel (26-20). One of the wins for Team TPS was 16-15 over Long Haul/Grover/Mizuno when Dewayne Nevitt hit a solo home run against the wind over the 375 mark. The other Team TPS wins in the losers bracket came over Brandon’s 24-17. Team TPS had to go an extra inning to turn back Reece/SportsWorld/Chip’s/TPS 29-24 in the opening round. Sunbelt had dropped Brandon’s into the losers bracket (28-7), while Wessel was knocked into the losers bracket by Sierra 30-14. Sunbelt then outlasted Sierra 35-33 in the finals of the winners bracket. Herb’s nipped Reece 10-9 in an extra inning, then was bumped by Long Haul 11-7. Steele’s managed only a 1-2 record, losing to JWM 27-19, beating Gil’s and losing to O&S 35-24. Lighthouse wins in the losers bracket came over RPM 30-12, JWM 35-26 and O&S 37-14. Brent Rodes, one of the Team TPS coaches, said, “The team showed a lot of character. Our players responded well. Our defense was outstanding. I couldn’t believe some of the plays, especially with our players being so tired.” Rodes added: “We salvaged the season. It was a great season, although not spectacular. If we had won Minnesota and Maryville and at least one of the first two Grand Slam events, it would have been a spectacular season.” Rodes pointed out that pitcher Phil Jobe and shortstop John Mello were overlooked by the all-tournament voters in the last two tournaments — the NSA and the USSSA. “They are out there doing the job for us, but they never get recognized,” he said. Wallace had two low on-base tournaments — .412 at Kettering, Md., back in May and the .522 at the USSSA World Series. His other tournaments read: .952, .960, .720, .742, .857, .793, .816, .903, .816, .762, .853, .714, .765 and .818. The home runs for Garris added up like this: 9, 21, 14, 9, 2, 13, 15, 18, 11, 13, 26, 13, 12, 8, 6, 6. The 26 came in nine games in the Smoky Mountain Classic. Garris saw his three-year-in-a-row home run derby domination come to an end as he lost an overtime tussle with Scott Elliott in the semifinal round. Last year, Garris beat Elliott in a marathon OT round. This year, Doug Kissane was the winner, outlasting Larry Carter in the semifinal round and Elliott in the final round. Wallace and Tom White, teammates along with Brett Helmer with SoJern last year, tied for the best “true” batting average — .753. Rickard was at .749, Garris .744, Jason Kendrick .736, Shenk .729, Helmer .728, J.C. Phelps .726, Rusty Bumgardner .725 and Jason Fleming .722, Rose .717, Dewayne Frizzell .713, Doug Roberson .711, Jeff Hall .710, Todd Martin and Jimmy Powers .708, Phil Jobe .703 and Chris Lashley .702, Kerry Everett and Robbie Ergle .699, Tot Powers .698, Albert Davis .695 and Dennis Mendoza .696. A 380-foot-plus home run by Larry Fredieu with the bases loaded capped a 9-run third in Sierra’s opening 25-16 win over Adams/RSH/Worth. Sierra hit four consecutive HRs in the third inning and Fredieu added a 375-foot-plus 2-runner in the next inning. Mike Rodriquez had homers in the fourth and fifth. Garris had a 3-runner in the second inning. Pitcher Paul Drilling had three homers while going 4-for-4. The Reno-based club had 11 homers. The Mississippi team cut into the final deficit with six runs in the top of the seventh. Lamar Echols, an added player from Xtreme/Hinson/Worth, had a double, triple and 3-run HR for Adams, while Chris Gambrill had a single, double and homer. Sunbelt had 10 homers in a 30-24 win over Gil’s Arizona Heat, which saved face with eight runs in the top of the seventh. Big Curt Gleaton, a recruit from Georgia, had two homers for Gil’s, while Raith Adair had a 5-for-5 game. It was 8-0 after one. Jimmy Powers had Sunbelt’s only HR in the first inning. Jeff Hall wound up 3-for-3, plus a walk. He had two homers and a triple totaling six RBI. Britt Hightower had two homers, including the first . . . and only one of the tournament . . . over the 24-foot green screen at the 400-foot mark in dead center field. The other two-thirds of Sunbelt’s Texas connection — Shane Dubose and Bobby Gilbert — combined for nine hits. Long Haul dropped Backstop/Easton 13-8, moving out to an 8-0 lead in the first three innings. Backstop scored 2 in the fourth and 6 in the fifth for a shortlived 8-0 tie, but did not score in the last two innings. A double off the 30-foot screen in left field by Tim Magner and a double off the top of the screen by pinch-hitter Jason Fleming, an added player from Chase (he played for Long Haul in 1997), plus triples by Chaun Demars and Tom Maslowski, in the Minnesota team’s last two at-bats produced five runs and the win. That big screen, which stretched over 60 feet, saved many, many home runs. Demars had two home runs, including an inside-the-parker. Rob Darhower had an IP and two other hits. Jeff Franks led off a 4-run first with a triple and little shortstop Richie Aliotti had two hits that led to runs. Melvin Mallernee connected for Backstop’s only home run. He had three hits along with David Crawley. Wessel, the USSSA Class AA champion, bombed Herb’s/KCS/TPS, the NSA AA champ, by a 29-9 score. Tom White went 5-for-5, with two home runs. Wessel had nine homers, with Howie Krause hitting two too. Tim Linson had a triple, homer and single. Pitcher Jim Burbrink had three hits, shortstop Randy Vollmer a triple and single for three RBI. Dale Sensenig, Chris Lashley and Mike Much homered in succession. Jon Meyers, Ed Starcher and Danny Zenovka had homers for Herb’s. JWM’s upset of Steele’s saw a 9-run top of the third open up a 16-9 lead. Andy Alvis had a 3-runner, Larry Carter a 2-runner. Carter finished with three homers, Alvis and Brian Greer two each. Carter and Tim Jones each had five hits, Ed Martin, shortstop Brian King and pitcher Bill Messina four each for the California team. Steele’s, which did not score in the last two innings, had Rod Hughes go 4-for-4 with three homers. Big Randy Kortokrax had four hits, including a homer, while Jim Devine had a double, triple and homer. Minnesota’s O&S/TPS trailed California’s RPM/TPS most of the game before scoring six in the sixth on homers by Doug Berfeldt and Derrick Williams. Then when RPM did not score in the top of the seventh when Chad Prybil made a nice catch against the wall, O&S won it 14-13 on a 375-foot homer by Scott Logan, who started the season with Herb’s. Berfeldt had another homer. R.J. Olson and John Whaley also homered. Veteran pitcher Gary Yost had three singles. RPM did not have a home run. Team TPS scored 10 runs (on only one home run) in the top of the first, but Reece had an 8-run second on homers by Steve Dickey and Keith Brady. Big Ron Wilson had a 3-runner in the first. Team TPS had a 1-1-2 stretch and Derek Oliver had a 3-runner and a 2-runner, and it was 24-24 when Brady homered again in the seventh. Team TPS had a 1-2-3 top half of the inning, but big Rusty Bumgardner capped a 5-run top of the eighth with a home run to win it 29-24. Team TPS managed only four homers, including two by Todd Martin, who was 5-for-6. Brad Stiles had two triples, a double and two singles. Mike Shenk had four hits, including a 2-run triple in a 6-run sixth. Pitcher Phil Jobe had three hits, plus 2 walks. Veteran shortstop Larry Sauceman had four hits, plus a walk, for Reece. Brady and Kinny Hooper each had four hits. One of Hooper’s was a homer. Oliver added a double off the top of the screen to his two homers for a total of seven RBI. Brady had six RBI. Brandon’s stunned Lighthouse with a 12-run second and when Lighthouse did not answer the scoreboard read: 16-2. Seven of the 12 runs came after two outs, and all but three were unearned. Chris Graves had a 3-runner and Eddie Foust a 2-runner. And Jerold Smith was robbed of a homer by Robin Higginbotham. Jerold’s twin brother, Jeff, played for Herb’s; one bats righthanded and throws lefthanded, the other bats lefty and throws righty. Smith made a nice play at first to help curtail a 13-run Lighthouse uprising in the fifth inning. That pulled Lighthouse within 29-22, but the No. 1 team coming into the final event of the season drew a blank in the seventh and ended up on the short end of a 30-25 score. Little Chris Beck had a 5-for-5 game for Brandon’s, which was ranked 22nd before jumping to 15th with a tie for fifth in the NSA. Chris Absher also went 5-for-5, including three triples and an inside-the-park homer. Foust had four hits, including another homer that capped a seven-run top of the fifth for a mind-boggling (Lighthouse’s) 27-9 command. Brandon’s totaled a whopping eight triples. Beck, Slim Bryant, pitcher Andy Cook, Keith Roberts and Smith each added one to Absher’s three. Lighthouse hit 10 homers, including three by Carl Rose and two each by Dewayne Frizzell and Higginbotham. New grandfather Ricky Huggins had five hits. Frizzell also had five hits, two of them triples. The second round saw JWM succumb to Sunbelt 21-12, Long Haul roll over for Sierra 17-3, Wessel surprise Team TPS and Brandon’s keep on charging . . . past O&S 33-12. Sunbelt hit for 11 runs in the top of the first as Jimmy Powers had two homers for five RBI and owned a 17-1 margin after three and a half innings. Pitcher Greg Harding had a 6-for-6 game, including a home run. Bobby Gilbert had four hits, giving him eight in two games. JWM did not have a homer. It was 5-2 after four innings before Sierra scored fifth in the fifth and seven in the seventh. Mike Rodriguez had the only HR of the game. Hank Garris had a 1-for-5 game. Ron Parnell, who went on to top the 100 mark in World Series hits, had three hits along with Jason Kendrick and pitcher Paul Drilling. Long Haul had nine hits, with Jeff Franks accounting for three of them. Wessel’s upset of Team TPS saw the Ohio outfit explode for nine runs in the top of the third for a 13-0 lead. It was 16-5, 21-7. Team TPS scored five runs in the bottom of the seventh to get within 23-18. Tim Linson went 5-for-5, including a 2-run HR in the top of the seventh for a 23-13 margin. Dale Sensenig had two doubles, a triple and two walks. Mike Much had two homers, Tom White and Chris Lashley one each. Lashley’s was a 3-run in the 9-run third. Brett Helmer had four hits, including three doubles. Pitcher Jim Burbrink made a dandy play in the seventh. So did Joe Foley, who made a grab after a long run. Veteran Doug Roberson’s had two of the four TPS HRs. Brandon’s broke loose for eight runs after an O&S zip in the top of the first. The North Carolina club did not have a home run, but there were three triples — by Eddie Foust, Chris Calcutt and Slim Bryant. In fact, Brandon’s only home run was a 375-foot-plus 3-runner by Foust in the bottom of the sixth. Chris Calcutt had five hits and his brother, Randy, had two hits and two walks. Chris Graves had four hits. So did Tracy Logan, Bryant and pitcher Andy Cook. However, Brandon’s came back to earth against Sunbelt in one of the winners bracket semifinals. Sunbelt led 6-0 after one, 14-2 after four and 17-3 after five en route to a 28-7 rout. Brandon’s bright spot was a diving grab by left fielder Keith Roberts when Sunbelt failed to score in the third. Sunbelt had eight homers (Jimmy Powers, Greg Harding, Britt Hightower, Hightower again, JP again, Johnny McCraw and Jeff Hall) and two triples (Hall, Harding). Bobby Gilbert had four hits, giving up 13 in three games. Harding had two more hits, plus a walk. Brandon’s had three triples (by Chris Calcutt, Chris Graves and Tracy Logan) in one inning — a 4-run sixth. The other semifinal saw a runaway too — Sierra 30-14 over Wessel. A 12-run bottom of the sixth made it 30-11. Sierra had five homers (Mark Creson, Kerry Everett, Hank Garris, Greg Cannedy and Creson again . . . a slammer in the big sixth) and four triples (Garris, Everett and two by Dale Walters). Creson, Jason Kendrick and Everett each had four hits. Howie Krause homered three times for Wessel. Brett Helmer had four hits, including a homer. Sierra scored 10 runs in the first, 5 in the second and 11 in the third, but mustered only 8 runs in the last four innings. Sunbelt turned a 30-18 deficit into a 35-33 win. Sunbelt scored 10 runs in the fifth and seven in the bottom of the sixth for a 35-32 lead. Sunbelt sizzled with 12 homers, including two IPs, and six triples. Tot Powers socked four homers, Greg Harding three and Shane Dubose two. Harding, Jimmy Powers and Johnny McCraw each had five hits, Jeff Hall and Dubose four each. JP had two triples, Hall, McCraw, Bobby Gilbert and Curtis Williams one each. Britt Hightower and Todd Volkers had the inside HRs. For Sierra, Larry Fredieu was 6-for-6 with a double, triple and two homers. Jason Kendrick had five hits, including a double, triple, IP homer and 3-run homer. Hank Garris had four hits, including 2 HRs, and Mark Creson had four hits, including a long homer. The slender, swift Creson, who catches everything in the middle of a 3-man outfield, had a string of eight consecutive extra base hits, including three homers. Backstop opened losers bracket play with a 28-8 drubbing of Adams. It was 15-7 until Backstop broke loose for 13 runs in the top of the seventh. Judson Jackson had the only home run for Backstop. Kenny Pruitt, an added player from Xtreme, had an inside-the-parker. Jackson had four hits, Pruitt three. Chris Gambrill homered twice for Adams. Lighthouse had an easy time with RPM . . . after it was 12-12 after three. The final score: 30-12. Higginbotham, moved to the leadoff spot, went 6-for-6, including two doubles, two triples and a homer. Carl Rose and Scott Elliott each had two homers. Dennis Mendoza had five hits, Scott Striebel four. Rose and Dewayne Frizzell also had four hits. Playing manager Tim Millette had four hits for RPM. Bob Newman had two homers for five RBI. Herb’s 10-9 win over Reece came on Jeff Smith’s 2-run double in the bottom of the eighth. Jon Meyers had led off with a two-bagger. A leadoff home run by Ron Wilson gave Reece a shortlived lead in the top of the eighth. The teams combined for two runs in the fifth, sixth and seventh innings. Smith had two homers for Herb’s, Steve Ellis two for Reece. Steele’s sent Gil’s home in a 23-20 game that was decided by shortstop Dal Beggs’ bases-loaded home run with one out in the bottom of the seventh. Jim Devine, Rod Hughes, Jason McRae, Randy Kortokrax and Dennis Pierce homered earlier, while McRae homered again in the bottom of the seventh. David Hood had four hits. Steele’s had to play without center fielder Rob Schleede, who went out with a bad back. Big Curt Gleaton had four homers and nine RBI for Gil’s. He had six homers in his team’s two games. Ruben Gonzales, an added player from Hendu’s, had four hits. Herb’s meager scoring continued vs. Long Haul. Herb’s went scoreless over the first four innings, giving the California club three runs over an 8-inning stretch. Long Haul won 11-7 as Doug Johnson and Chaun Demars homered and Butch Smith had an IP. Jeff Franks again had three hits. George Sampson’s 375-foot-plus HR was Herb’s only thing to cheer about. Lighthouse piled up a 15-3 lead lead in the first four innings, then had to keep scoring as JWM came alive with 23 runs in the last three innings. The final score was 35-26 as Lighthouse scored 11 runs in the bottom of the sixth only to see JWM score 10 in the top of the seventh. Higginbotham, Rose, Striebel, Albert Davis and Robbie Ergle each had four hits for the LH crew. Rose failed to homer. Higginbotham had a double, triple and homer. Frizzell, Ergle, Huggins, Steve Craven and Kirk Stafford homered. Stafford’s was a grand slam in the sixth. Carter and Ed Martin homered for JWM. Little Dennis Rulli had five hits. So did big Andy Alvis. Shortstop Brian King had four. This game ended at 7:35 a.m. The regularly scheduled program was to start at 8. O&S pulled the other surprise on Steele’s, scoring nine runs in the top of the fourth for a 27-6 bulge. R.J. Olson’s 3-runner was the big blow. In fact, it was his second 3-runner of the game. Scott Brown and Lance Peterson earlier homered, and Tdd Lindgren had an IP. Final: 35-24. Peterson had another homer, Brown another also (this one inside the park). Lindgren had four hits, plus two walks; Peterson, Scott Logan and Derrick Williams four hits each, plus a walk. Rod Hughes doubled, tripled and homered for Steele’s. Jim Devine had four hits, including a triple. Jason McRae had three hits, including a long drive to right center that the speedy former linebacker turned into an easy inside-the-parker. Billy Byrd, who sat out most of the season with a knee injury, had a triple and a long homer. Pierce, Hood and Jeff Ott also homered. Team TPS jumped out 8-0, but slowed down and had to have another 8-run inning for a 20-6 lead after four and a half innings vs. Backstop. A 9-run top of the seventh led to the final of 35-12. Todd Martin, Rusty Bumgardner, Doug Kissane, Dewayne Nevitt and Mike Shenk each had four hits, with Martin getting an IP, Bumgardner a homer and two triples, one off the 375 mark in center, Kissane a homer and Shenk two. Jeff Wallace also had two homers. Judson Jackson and David Burch, the two former W.W. Gay players from Florida, each had two homers for the Indiana-based team. Lighthouse hit O&S for 15 runs in the first inning on four home runs, including a pair of 2-runners by Dewayne Frizzell. Higginbotham had a double and 3-run HR in the inning, Rose two doubles, Scott Elliott two hits, Albert Davis a triple and walk and Dennis Mendoza a single and walk. Huggins had a homer and Kirk Stafford a triple. Higginbotham went 5-for-5, plus a walk; Rose 6-for-6, including a slammer in the sixth. Frizzell added three hits to his two HRs. Lance Peterson had all three of the O&S homers. Long Haul was down 7-0 after one vs. Team TPS, but Team TPS went 0-3-0 and Long Haul edged back 4-1-5-4 for a 14-13 lead in the top of the sixth. Jason Fleming had two homers and a single and John Keigley and Jeff Franks had inside-the-park homers. Franks added two more hits and Chaun Demars had a homer and double. Rob Darhower had three hits, including a triple. Long Haul gained a 15-15 tie on pinch-hit double by Mike Brodzinski and an opposite field triple by Butch Smith in the top of the seventh . . . but Team TPS won it on Nevitt’s awesome homer. The inning before Wallace and Bumgardner had back-to-back homers. Randell Boone had two HRs, plus a single. Nevitt had two other hits, plus a walk. Chris Graves had a single, triple and homer, Jerold Smith a double and homer and Eddie Foust a single, double and triple in Brandon’s 23-22 elimination of Lighthouse. Andy Cook added a triple, while Chris Calcutt, Tracy Logan and Keith Roberts three hits each as 10-5 after two, 18-10 after five and 23-11 going into the top of the seventh. Rose had four hits, including three homers, and Frizzell had three homers for Lighthouse. Higginbotham continued his hot tournament with 3-for-4, including a homer. Wessel had an 8-0 lead after one and half innings vs. Team TPS as Brett Helmer homered twice and Howie Krause and Tim Linson once each. Linson wound up with four hits. But Team TPS exploded for 12 runs on four homers in the bottom of the second. Doug Roberson had a solo and 3-runner. Doug Kissane and Dewayne Nevitt each had two hits, including a homer, in the inning. Roberson had four hits, including another homer, and Nevitt had four hits, including two doubles and a triple. Mike Shenk had a double, triple and homer and John Mello a single, triple and homer. Kissane added another homer, single and walk. A 2-runner by Todd Martin gave Team TPS a 26-20 lead in the bottom of the sixth, and it stayed that way when Wessel drew a blank in the top of the seventh. Team TPS built up an 18-9 lead in the first five innings vs. Brandon’s, then made it 22-12 in the sixth. Team TPS had eight homers. Wallace had two, including a grand slam, plus a triple, while Kissane had two homers and a double and Shenk two homers and two singles. Nevitt was 4-for-4, including a triple and homer. Jobe had a triple and two doubles and Roberson a homer and double. Andy Cook homered for Brandon’s, while Chris Calcutt and Chris Graves had back-to-back IPs. Calcutt, Keith Roberts, Chris Absher and Gene Lewis each had three hits as Brandon’s cut the final deficit to 24-17. The 23-22 Team TPS elimination of Sierra, producing a 4-3 season edge, saw three homers by Wallace, two by Shenk and one each by Martin, Boone and Jobe before Bumgardner’s long tie-breaker leading off the top of the seventh. Sierra had a 6-3 lead after one. Dale Walters, Mike Rodriguez and Mark Creson homered in the first, Hank Garris in the second, Darrell Beeler in the fourth and Jason Kendrick (IP) and Garris in the sixth. But Sierra drew a blank in the bottom of the seventh . . . after a leadoff walk. Creson was robbed of a hit with two on in the fourth and Parnell was robbed of an extra base hit with the bases loaded in the fifth. The catches were made by middle infielder Todd Martin and center fielder Brad Stiles. The 29-19 Team TPS win over Sunbelt in the first game of the finals saw Team TPS jump out 11-1 in the first inning and a half and led 23-5 after 12 runs in the top of the third. Wallace, Bumgardner and Kissane had the only homers. Wallace and Bumgardner each had two other hits, while Roberson, Nevitt, Shenk, Mello, Stiles, Boone, Jobe and Martin each had two hits. Jobe and Martin had triples. Wallace added another homer. Jobe also homered. Sunbelt had an 8-run sixth to get back within 27-19, but went scoreless in the seventh. Each team drew a blank midway in the game. Hall and McCraw each had two homers for Sunbelt, while McCraw had two other hits. But Sunbelt managed only one more homer (by Harding). Team TPS had seven homers in the finale, including two long ones by Nevitt over the left center field wall. “One of them must have gone 475 feet,” pointed out Rodes. Shenk had two, one over the 375 mark and another inside the park. Martin, Bumgardner (a long slammer) and Kissane (another over the 375 mark) had the other homers. Martin added a triple with two on and Wallace, who was walked twice, had a 3-run double up on the screen. He finished one behind Rose in the RBI department (28-27). Sunbelt had only three homers, and one of them was an IP by Curtis Williams. Still, Sunbelt was enjoying a stunning 20-5 lead going into the bottom of the third. That’s went Sunbelt drew three successive blanks, with the lead melting to 20-11, 20-14, 20-18. Shenk’s diving grab of a hot line drive off the bat of Harding was the big play. Hightower singled and scored all the way from first in the top of the seventh for a 21-19 lead. He earlier made a diving grab after a long run to the left field corner against the left-handed hitting Weiterman. Sunbelt built its big lead on the strength of two hits each by Hall, JP, Harding (one a triple), TP (one a 3-run HR) and Dubose. Gilbert had a homer and walk. Steve Toth had a triple. The 43-year-old Williams had two singles before his IP. He batted .560 after batting well over .600 when Sunbelt was runner-up to Team TPS in the NSA. Team TPS had 59 homers in nine games. Following Wallace’s 10 was Shenk with nine, Kissane with eight, Martin with seven and Roberson and Bumgardner with six each. While Shenk was the team’s leading hitter for average at .684, Nevitt was at .649 and Bumgardner at .600. Stiles had 11 doubles, Nevitt 10. Stiles was fourth on the batting list at .581, followed by Martin at .579, Jobe at .552 and Roberson and Kissane each at .550. Sunbelt had 42 homers in six games. Lighthouse had the best batting average (.640) and 37 homers in five games. Sierra had 32 homers in five games. Lighthouse had 49 doubles, 14 triples (including 4 by Higginbotham; he also had 6 homers). The surprising Brandon’s team had 35 doubles, 19 triples. Team TPS had 75 doubles, 20 triples.

1998 USSSA Men’s AA Slow Pitch Worlds

1998 held at Shawnee, Kansas on September 4-6.

Champion – Wessel/Hague/SoJern, Cincinnati, Ohio
Runner Up – Long Haul/Grover/Mizuno, Albertville, Minnesota

  • MVP – Jim Burbrink, Wessel (14-22, .636)
  • HR Leader – Ken Bean, Extreme (15-25, .600) – 9
  • Batting Leader – Rich Courtney, RPM (11-14) – .786
  • Defensive MVP – Richie Aliotti, Long Haul
  • Offensive MVP – Brett Helmer, Wessel/Hague (14-21, .667, 4 HR)


Jim Burbrink – Wessel/Hague/SoJern/Ohio Transport/TPS
Brett Helmer – Wessel/Hague/SoJern/Ohio Transport/TPS
Howie Krause – Wessel/Hague/SoJern/Ohio Transport/TPS
Tim Cocco – Wessel/Hague/SoJern/Ohio Transport/TPS
Joe Foley – Wessel/Hague/SoJern/Ohio Transport/TPS
Mike Much – Wessel/Hague/SoJern/Ohio Transport/TPS
Dale Sensenig – Wessel/Hague/SoJern/Ohio Transport/TPS
Rob Darhower – Long Haul/Grover/Mizuno
John Keigley – Long Haul/Grover/Mizuno
Chaun Demars – Long Haul/Grover/Mizuno
Mike Stanley – Long Haul/Grover/Mizuno
Dan Bean – Xtreme/Hinson/Worth
James Beane – Xtreme/Hinson/Worth
Lamar Echols – Xtreme/Hinson/Worth
Chris Alvarado – RPM/TPS
Rich Courtney – RPM/TPS
Alex Lavorico – Hendu’s 42/TPS


Scott Alley, Resmondo (.727)
Kenny Pruitt, Xtreme (.682)
Chaun Demars, Long Haul (.667)
Bill Garber, Resmondo (.643)
Brian Arnold, Resmondo (.643)
Greg Schulte, Xtreme (7 HRs)
Tom White, Wessel/Hague (3 HR)


1. Wessel/Hague/SoJern/Ohio Transport/TPS, Cincinnati, OH (4-1)
2. Long Haul/Grover/Mizuno, Albertville, MN (5-2)
3. Xtreme/Hinson/Worth, Little Rock, AR (4-2)
4. RPM/TPS, Concord, CA (3-2)
5t. Resmondo/TPS, Lake Wales, FL (2-2)
5t. O&S/TPS, South St. Paul, MN (1-2)
7t. Hendu’s 42/TPS, Seattle, WA (2-2)
7t. Brandon’s, Wilmington, NC (1-2)
9t. Gil’s Arizona Heat/Easton, Phoenix, AZ (2-2)
9t. Adams/RSH/Worth, Ridgeland, MS (1-2)
9t. Tiger/ChecKing/AirTransat/TPS, Somers, CT (1-2)
9t. JWM/Easton, Riverside, CA (0-2)
13. Joe Black’s/TPS, Chicago, IL (0-2)
AJA/TPS, Houston, TX (no show)

1998 USSSA Women’s Major Slow Pitch World Series

1998 held at Cocoa, Florida.

Champion – UPI/Kinder, Baxter, Tennessee
Runner Up – Diamond Queens, Nashville, Tennessee

UPI picked up some of the Cannan’s Illusions player at the start of the season. The team looked like a powerhouse on paper, but in realty, it was an explosive year as the teams long rivalry never really meshed into one team. But, the talent was just to hard to over come. The Diamond Queens high spirited squad went through the tournament without a loss and stood waiting for an opponent in the championship game. UPI eliminated the Santa Monica Yankees and then in the first final defeated the Diamond Queens 17-3 to force the “if” game. With Mary Hoff on the mound, the UPI squad clinched the title with a 6-3 win over the Queens.

  • MVP – Allison Cole, UPI (17-26, .654, 10 RBI)
  • Batting Leader – Sherri Lynn France, UPI/Kinder (12-15, 3 HR, 15 RBI) -.800
  • HR Leader – Sherri Lynn France, UPI/Kinder (12-15, 15 RBI) -.800  – 3
  • HR Leader – Faye Cobb Bailey, Taylor’s (8-14, .571, 6 RBI) – 3
  • Defensive MVP – Patrice Detlie, Diamond Queens
  • Offensive MVP – Marie Pesch, UPI/Kinder (17-26, .654, 2 HR, 18 RBI)


Connie Tutaj, Santa Monica Yankees (17-25, .680)
Shirley Moir, Santa Monica Yankees (19-27, .704)
Michelle Jackson, Santa Monica Yankees (16-23, .696, 16 RBI)
Kathy Warren, Shooters (11-17, .647)
Jackie Watkins, Diamond Queens (8-18, .444, 1 HR)
Kathie Mahoney, Diamond Queens (10-19, .526)
Patrice Detlie, Diamond Queens (10-17, .588)
Barbara Foxx, S&S/La Blue (11-16, .688)
Paula Vitulli, Fair Warning (9-14, .643)
Sherri Lynn France, UPI/Kinder (12-15, .800, 3 HR)
Allison Cole, UPI/Kinder (17-26, .654)
Kathy Riley, UPI/Kinder (15-25, .600)
Bev Lovett, UPI/Kinder (13-22, .591)
Marie Pesch, UPI/Kinder (17-26, .654, 2 HR)
Mary Hoff, UPI/Kinder (6-14, .429)
Manager – Don Kinder, UPI/Kinder
Manager – Ronnie Bennet, UPI/Kinder

FINAL STANDINGS (Incomplete – 16 teams)

1. UPI/Kinder, Baxter, TN (6-1)
2. Diamond Queens, Nashville, TN (4-2)
3. Santa Monica Yankees, Poway, CA (5-2)
4. Shooters, Orlando, FL (4-2)

1998 USSSA Men’s Major Slow Pitch Worlds

1998 held at Daytona Beach, Florida.

Champion – Team TPS, Louisville, Kentucky
Runner Up – Sunbelt/Dan Smith/Easton, Centerville, Georgia

Pre-Tournament favorite Team TPS lost early in the tournament to Wessell/Hague/SoJern and worked their way through the losers bracket even though the tournament was plagued by numerous rain delays. They reached the loser’s bracket final game. They dug down deep and eliminated Sierra/TPS 23-22 in a great game. Sunbelt/Dan Smith/Easton had been sitting around for a while to see who they would play in the championship. The first final was a blowout at first as Team TPS jumped out to a 23-5 lead, only to see Sunbelt come back and make it close, but the clutch hitting of Mike Shenk carried them to a 30-20 victory. The skies were threatening again and many wondered whether they would get the final Championship game in. Sunbelt woke up and took a 20-5 lead early on. Pitcher Rick Weiterman made an emotional speech to his team and whatever he said worked. Slowly, Team TPS battled back and Weiterman baffled Sunbelt with his array of pitches. Home Runs by Doug Kissane, Mike Shenk, Rusty Bumgardner’s grand slam and then Dewaynw Nevitt’s homer made it 20-19. In the top of the 7th, Britt Hightower singled and then some daring base running after a Shane Dubose base hit, Hightower came home on a head first slide to make it 21-19 in favor of Sunbelt. Sunbelt had scored just one run and just 3 hits in its last four at bats against Weiterman. In the bottom of the 7th, TPS scored two runs to tie the score. With one out and two runners on base, Sunbelt elected to intentionally walk Doug Kissane and take their chances with Doug Roberson. Sunbelt pitcher Jimmy Powers pitching carefully to Roberson, ended up walking him and that what is, the winning run came trotting home with the 22-21 championship.

  • MVP – Mike Shenk, Team TPS (29-35, .829, 9 HR, 27 RBI, 21 Runs)
  • HR Leader – Jeff Wallace, Team TPS (20-41, .488, 27 RBI, 20 Runs) – 10
  • Batting Leader – Robin Higinbotham, Lighthouse – .846
  • Defensive MVP – Todd Martin, Team TPS
  • Offensive MVP – Robin Higinbotham, Lighthouse/Worth (22-26, .846, 6 HR, 22 RBI, 20 Runs)


  • P – Greg Harding – Sunbelt/Dan Smith/Easton (20-27, .741, 7 HR, 16 RBI, 20 Runs)
  • 1B – Jimmy Powers – Sunbelt/Dan Smith/Easton (18-27, .667, 6 HR, 16 RBI, 19 Runs)
  • 1B – Jeff Wallace – Team TPS (23-46, .500, 10 HR, 27 RBI, 20 Runs)
  • 2B – Bobby Gilbert – Sunbelt/Dan Smith/Easton (17-26, .654, 1 HR, 13 RBI, 13 Runs)
  • 2B – Carl Rose – Lighthouse/Worth (21-29, .724, 9 HR, 28 RBI, 19 Runs)
  • 2B – Jeff Hall – Sunbelt/Dan Smith/Easton (17-29, .586, 6 HR, 19 RBI, 17 Runs)
  • 2B – Rusty Bumgardner – Team TPS (24-41, .585, 6 HR, 21 RBI, 22 Runs)
  • 3B – Howie Krause – Wessel/Hague/So-Jern/TPS (11-17, .647, 5 HR, 14 RBI, 10 Runs)
  • 3B – Mike Shenk – Team TPS (26-38, .684, 9 HR, 27 RBI, 21 Runs)
  • SS – Ron Pamell – Sierra/TPS (13-20, .650, 9 RBI, 13 Runs)
  • OF – Robin Higginbotham – Lighthouse/Worth (22-26, .846, 6 HRS, 22 RBI, 20 Runs)
  • OF – Jason Kendrick – Sierra/TPS (15-20, .750, 4 HR, 14 RBI, 14 Runs)
  • OF – Doug Kissane – Team TPS (22-40, .550, 8 HR, 21 RBI, 19 Runs)
  • OF – Shane Dubose – Sunbelt/Dan Smith/Easton (15-26, .577, 3 HR, 9 RBI, 17 Runs)
  • OF – Hank Garris – Sierra/TPS 13-21, .619, 6 HR, 15 RBI, 14 Runs)
  • OF – Dewayne Nevitt – Team TPS (24-36, .667, 5 HR, 13 RBI, 21 Runs)
  • UTIL – Paul Drilling – Sierra/TPS (14-20, .700, 3 HR, 13 RBI, 10 Runs)
  • UTIL – Slim Brant – Brandon’s Trucking (13-17, .765, 13 RBI, 11 Runs)
  • UTIL – Todd Martin – Team TPS (21-37, .568, 7 HR, 25 RBI, 22 Runs)
  • UTIL – Chris Absner – Brandon’s Trucking (14-20, .700, 1 HR, 11 RBI, 10 Runs)
  • MGR – Mike Glasscock – Team TPS


  • Dennis Mendoza, Lighthouse (16-21, .762, 10 RBI, 14 Runs)
  • Dewayne Frizzel, Lighthouse (20-28, .714, 9 HR, 17 RBI, 17 Runs)
  • Jimmy Devine, Steele’s/R&D (10-14, .714, 2 HR, 12 RBI, 9 Runs)
  • Larry Carter, JWM (10-14, .714, 4 HR, 10 RBI, 9 Runs)
  • Billy Messina, JWM (10-14, .714, 5 RBI, 8 Runs)
  • Bryan King, JWM (10-14, .714, 8 RBI, 6 Runs)
  • Jeff Franks, Long Haul (10-14, .714, 1 HR, 2 RBI, 8 Runs)
  • Kurt Gleeton, Gil’s Arizona Heat (7-10, .700, 6 HR, 14 RBI, 7 Runs)
  • David Hood, Steele’s/R&D (9-13, .692, 1 HR, 6 RBI, 5 Runs)
  • Brett Helmer, Wessell/Hague (11-16, .688, 3 HR, 6 RBI, 10 Runs)
  • Lance Peterson, O&S Cattle, (11-16, .688, 5 HR, 11 RBI, 5 Runs)
  • Kerry Everett, Sierra/TPS (11-16, .688, 2 HR, 6 RBI, 8 Runs)
  • Rod Hughes, Steele’s/R&D (8-12, .667, 5 HR, 13 RBI, 8 Runs)
  • Derek Oliver, Reece/Sports World (6-9, .667, 2 HR, 7 RBI, 4 Runs)
  • Scott Striebel, Lighthouse (15-23, .652, 1 HR, 6 RBI, 14 Runs)
  • Keith Roberts, Brandons (13-20, .650, 5 RBI, 10 Runs)
  • Randy Kortokrax, Steele’s/R&D (9-14, .643, 2 HR, 5 RBI, 11 Runs)
  • Albert Davis, Lighthouse (14-22, .636, 2 HR, 11 RBI, 14 Runs)
  • Mark Creson, Sierra/TPS (13-21, .619, 5 HR, 14 RBI, 14 Runs_
  • Tim Linson, Wessell/Hague (11-18, .611, 3 HRS, 13 RBI, 9 Runs)
  • John Mello, Team TPS (21-35, .600, 2 HR, 17 RBI, 15 Runs)
  • Ricky Huggins, Lighthouse (15-25, .600, 3 HR, 9 RBI, 10 Runs)
  • Curtis Williams, Sunbelt/Dan Smith (15-25, .600, 1 HR, 10 RBI, 16 Runs)
  • Greg Cannedy, Sierra/TPS (12-20, .600, 1 HR, 8 RBI, 11 Runs)
  • Dennis Rulli, JWM (9-15, .600, 9 RBI, 5 Runs)
  • Brad Stiles, Team TPS (18-30, .600, 12 RBI, 19 Runs)
  • Steve Craven, Lighthouse (13-23, .565, 2 HR, 11 RBI, 13 Runs)
  • Phil Jobe, Team TPS (16-29, .552, 2 HR, 14 RBI, 20 Runs)
  • Doug Roberson, Team TPS (22-40, .550, 6 HR, 19 RBI, 19 Runs)
  • John McCraw, Sunbelt/Dan Smith (16-30, .533, 3 HR, 9 RBI, 12 Runs)
  • Scott Brown, O&S Cattle (8-15, .533, 2 HR, 7 RBI, 7 Runs)
  • Doug Berfeldt, O&S Cattle (8-15, .533, 2 HR, 11 RBI, 10 Runs)
  • Randall Boone, Team TPS (15-30, .500, 3 HR, 16 RBI, 16 Runs)
  • Tim Cocco, Wessell/Hague (9-18, .500, 2 RBI, 9 Runs)
  • Chaun Demars, Long Haul (6-12, .500, 4 HR, 9 RBI, 6 Runs)
  • Tot Powers, Sunbelt/Dan Smith (14-28, .500, 6 HR, 19 RBI, 14 Runs)
  • Britt Hightower, Sunbelt/Dan Smith (13-27, .481, 5 HR, 13 RBI, 11 Runs)
  • Darrell Beeler, Sierra/TPS (10-21, .476, 1 HR, 6 RBI, 10 Runs)
  • Larry Fredieu, Sierra/TPS (10-21, .476, 4 HR, 15 RBI, 10 Runs)
  • Dal Beggs, Steele’s/R&D (5-14, .357, 2 HR, 5 RBI, 4 Runs)
  • Rick Weiterman, Team TPS (3-12, .250, 3 RBI, 3 Runs)


1. Team TPS, Louisville, KY (8-1)
2. Sunbelt/Dan Smith/Easton, Centerville, GA (4-2)
3. Sierra/TPS, Reno, NV (3-2)
4. Brandon’s, Wilmington, NC (3-2)
5t. Lighthouse/Worth, Stone Mountain, GA (3-2)
5t. Wessel/Hague/SoJern/TPS, Cincinnati, OH (2-2)
7t. Long Haul/Grover/Mizuno, Albertville, MN (2-2)
7t. O&S/TPS, South St. Paul, MN (2-2)
9t. Backstop/Easton, Aurora, IN (1-2)
9t. Herb’s/KCS/TPS, San Diego, CA (1-2)
9t. Steele’s/R&D/Reda, Brook Park, OH (1-2)
9t. JWM/Easton, Riverside, CA (1-2)
13t. RPM/TPS, Concord, CA (0-2)
13t. Gil’s Arizona Heat/Easton, Phoenix, AZ (0-2)
13t. Reece/SportsWorld/Chip’s/TPS, Lebanon, TN (0-2)
13t. Adams/RSH/Worth, Ridgeland, MS (0-2)

1998 USSSA Men’s AA Slow Pitch Worlds

1998 tournament site unknown.

Champion – Wessel/Hague/SoJern, Cincinnati, Ohio
Runner Up – Long Haul/Grover/Mizuno, Albertville, Minnesota

  • MVP – Jim Burbrink, Wessel (14-22, .636)
  • HR Leader – Ken Bean, Extreme (15-25, .600) – 9
  • Batting Leader – Rich Courtney, RPM (11-14) – .786
  • Defensive MVP – Richie Aliotti, Long Haul
  • Offensive MVP – Brett Helmer, Wessel/Hague (14-21, .667, 4 HRs)


  • Jim Burbrink, Wessel/Hague (14-22, .636)
  • Brett Helmer, Wessel/Hague (14-21, .667, 4 HRs)
  • Howie Krause, Wessel/Hague (.667, 2 HRs)
  • Tim Cocco, Wessel/Hague
  • Joe Foley, Wessel/Hague (3 HRs)
  • Mike Much, Wessel/Hague
  • Dale Sensenig, Wessel/Hague
  • Rob Darhower, Long Haul (18-26, .692)
  • John Keigley, Long Haul
  • Chaun Demars, Long Haul
  • Mike Stanley, Long Haul (.625)
  • Ken Beane, Xtreme (15-25, .600, 9 HRs)
  • Lamar Echols, Xtreme (5 HRs)
  • Chris Alvarado RPM
  • Rich Courtney, RPM (11-14, .786)
  • Alex Lavorico, Hendu’s (.750, 8 HRs)


  • Scott Alley, Resmondo (.727)
  • Kenny Pruitt, Xtreme (.682)
  • Chaun Demars, Long Haul (.667)
  • Bill Garber, Resmondo (.643)
  • Brian Arnold, Resmondo (.643)
  • Greg Schulte, Xtreme (7 HRs)
  • Tom White, Wessel/Hague (3 HRs)


1. Wessel/Hague/SoJern/Ohio Transport/TPS, Cincinnati, OH (4-1)
2. Long Haul/Grover/Mizuno, Albertville, MN (5-2)
3. Xtreme/Hinson/Worth, Little Rock, AR (4-2)
4. RPM/TPS, Concord, CA (3-2)
5t. Resmondo/TPS, Lake Wales, FL (2-2)
5t. O&S/TPS, South St. Paul, MN (1-2)
7t. Hendu’s 42/TPS, Seattle, WA (2-2)
7t. Brandon’s, Wilmington, NC (1-2)
9t. Gil’s Arizona Heat/Easton, Phoenix, AZ (2-2)
9t. Adams/RSH/Worth, Ridgeland, MS (1-2)
9t. Tiger/ChecKing/AirTransat/TPS, Somers, CT (1-2)
9t. JWM/Easton, Riverside, CA (0-2)
13. Joe Black’s/TPS, Chicago, IL (0-2)

Wessel/Hague/SoJern/Ohio Transport/TPS of Cincinnati won two of three meetings with Long Haul/Grover/Mizuno of Albertville, Minn., to win the USSSA Class AA championship Sunday (Sept. 6) at the Mid-America Complex in Shawnee, Kan. Wessel won 16-10 in the finals of the winners bracket, but Long Haul forced an extra game with a 13-11 win. Wessel built up an 8-0 lead in the first three innings and went on to win 10-4 in the deciding game. Two of Long Haul’s runs came in the bottom of the seventh. Wessel pitcher Jim Burbrink was an overwhelming choice for the MVP award. The tournament was played on two baseball fields. The dimensions on the main field were 325-400-325. The second field was the same except for a 310 left field that had a 24-foot screen. Ken Bean of third-place Xtreme/Hinson/Worth of Little Rock, Ark., won the home run trophy with nine. Alex Lavorico of Hendu’s 42/TPS of Seattle had eight. Greg Schulte of Xtreme had seven. Wessel’s big Brett Helmer was the Offensive MVP. He batted .667 with four home runs. Other Wessel pace-setters were Howie Krause at .667 with two homers, Joe Foley and Tom White each with three HRs. Burbrink helped his own cause with a .636 mark. Long Haul shortstop Richie Aliotti was the Defensive MVP. Long Haul had the tournament’s leading hitter (based on 20 at-bats). Rob Darhower went 18-for-26 for a .692 average. RPM/TPS of Concord, Calif., was fourth. O&S/TPS of South St. Paul, Minn., and Resmondo/TPS of Lake Wales, Fla., tied for fifth, while Hendu’s/TPS of Seattle and Brandon’s of Wilmington, N.C., tied for seventh. Lavorico had five of his homers in the first game. It was on the short left field fence, but all over his homers cleared it with plenty to spare. Plus, he had a double that hit high off the screen in left center. Lavorico homered 7 times in his first 9 swings, and 8 in his first 13 (out of 18). Lamar Echols was another Xtreme HR producer with 5. The Xtreme squad by far hit the most home runs — 35 in six games. In addition to Krause, who batted .667 with 2 homers, left fielder Dale Sensenig stood out on defense for Wessel. Long Haul’s Doug Johnson and Chaun Demars each had 4 homers. RPM opened with a 16-12 win over Brandon’s. RPM took an 11-5 lead in the first two innings as Ken Dain and Scott Purcell each had a homer and another hit and Bob Newman had a homer. Larry Grant had two hits in the first two innings and wound up 4-for-4 with a home run. Newman added another home run. Brandon’s managed only one run over four innings, then put on a 6-run rally in the top of the seventh as Eddie Foust homered and Keith Roberts and Chris Graves tripled. Jerold Smith had a 3-run HR in the first inning. Graves and Chris Calcutt each had three hits in a losing effort. Hendu’s dropped Resmondo into the losers bracket (31-18). Lavorico smacked home runs in his first three trips to the plate, totaling seven RBI, as Hendu’s moved into a 14-9 lead. He finished with a 6-for-6 game, with 5 HRs and 11 RBI. His only non-HR at-bat was a double off the screen in left center. Kent Johnson chipped in with five hits and Ken Briggs and Billy Wallace four each. Hendu’s totaled 11 HRs, with Joe Sposi hitting two. Jeff Vargo, Marty Dailey, Scott Alley and Ron Howard homered for Resmondo, which led 16-14 and was within 19-17 after five innings. Long Haul was a 9-3 winner over Joe Black’s of Chicago. Leading 4-1 after three and 7-1 going into the bottom of the fifth, it was an easy game for veteran pitcher Ted Larson (47). Long Haul did not have a home run. Jeff Franks, Rob Darhower and John Keigley had triples. Darhower had three hits for four RBI. Mike Stanley had two walks and a hit. Jeff Ross was 3-for-3 for Joe Black’s, which did not have a home run either. Adams/Worth of Mississippi knocked Xtreme into the losers bracket (12-10). Xtreme had a 6-2 lead after two innings on the strength of a homer and triple by Lamar Echols, but did not score again until the top of the seventh. Adams won it with a 9-run bottom of the fourth. Richie McAlister singled, Jody Hurst doubled, Scott Holman singled, Clay Hudson singled and Bobby Fowler doubled before the first out. Cleveland Dortch then singled, Craig Upton doubled and Richard White tripled. Fowler added a solo homer in the bottom of the sixth before Xtreme scored four runs, then left the bases loaded. Tiger was a 23-6 winner over Gil’s Arizona Heat/Easton. Ten runs in the third and 10 more in the bottom of the fourth made it a run-rule game. Rich Lonquil homered in each inning, while Chris Santucci had three hits in the two innings. Mark Gabourel and Dave Koser also homered. It was Koser’s second of the game. Gabourel had two other hits, Koser another. Lonquil walked twice for a perfect game at the plate. Randy Noe drew three walks. Tiger had to play without three of its Canadian players, including Jacques Millier. Santucci was 4-for-4. Manager Alan Walker had to play, and produced a 3-for-3 game. Glenn Flood homered and doubled in a losing cause. RPM beat California rival JWM/Easton for the second weekend in a row. The score was 9-6. RPM built up a 9-4 lead with three runs in the top of the sixth. Chris Alvarado and Bob Newman had hits, along with two errors and two sacs. Alvardo had three hits. Tim Jones and Dennis Rulli each had three hits for JWM. Wessel/Hague opened with a 29-5 hammering of Hendu’s. Wessel pushed across 11 runs in the top of the fifth for the run rule win. Howie Krause had a 3-runner, Joe Foley a 2-runner and Tom White a grand slam. It was the second HR of the game for Krause. He was 4-for-4, plus a walk. Foley and Tim Cocco each had 4 hits. So did Chris Lashley, one of them an inside-the-park job with the bases loaded. Pitcher Jim Burbrink had 3 hits. Lavorico, Ruben Gonzalez and Rob Crane homered for Hendu’s. O&S/TPS of Minnesota turned back Adams 16-6. O&S owned an early 8-4 lead, then exploded for six runs in the top of the seventh. R.J. Olson had a pinch hit double, Scott Brown and Doug Berfeldt singles, Lance Peterson a 2-run double, Mark Crandall and Tedd Lindgren singles and Scott Logan an inside-the-park homer with two on. Derrick Williams had a 2-run HR in the first and Peterson a 3-runner in a 6-run third. Brown had three hits. Long Haul rolled over Tiger 26-5 in 4 innings. Tiger was missing French Canadian slugger Jacques Millier, and a couple other Canadians. Doug Johnson had 2-run homers in the first two at-bats. Butch Smith and Shawn Demars also homered in the second inning. In fact, it was three in a row. Long Haul led 16-0 after two, then hit for 10 in the top of the fourth. Jeff Franks had a 5-for-5 game, Richie Aliotti 4-for-4. Rob Darhower had three hits, plus a walk. Demars added a double and triple. Pitcher Ted Larson had three hits. Mark Gabourel and Randy Noe homered for Tiger. Gil’s eliminated Joe Black’s 15-9. Gil’s pushed across six runs in the top of the seventh, then Joe Black’s drew a blank. Gil’s big seventh saw hits by Tim Kellner, Dan Semiento, Mike Aquila, Chuck Henniger, Raith Adair and Kelly Radcliff. Adair had three hits and Curt Gleaton had a first-inning homer. Mike Bombardier, Bob Woldyk and Burgess Watts homered for Joe Black’s. Xtreme sent JWM packing 25-23. James Beane’s 3-run home run with two outs in the bottom of the seventh sent JWM reeling with an 0-2 record after a third-place finish last year. Xtreme plated 10 runs in the second inning as Chris Butler and Ken Bean hit 2-run homers. Beane had two hits in the inning. Bean homered in the first and he homered again in the fifth as he had a 4-for-5 game. Beane had another homer in the fifth as he went 4-for-5 too. Rick Goyette had an inside-the-park homer and Lamar Echols homered in the 6-run fifth. Another HR was hit by Greg Schulte. For JWM, Andy Alvis and Ed Martin each had two homers and Mike Moore, Larry Carter and Bryan King each had one. JWM scored seven runs in the top of the seventh for a short-lived 23-21 lead. Tim Jones had four hits. Alvis added tow hits to his two HRs. Wessel sneaked past RPM 9-8 in an extra inning. Wessel did not score in the fifth, sixth or seventh, and had to win it with two runs in the bottom of the first extra inning. After one out, Howie Krause tripled to deep right center and Tim Linson’s hit went for a triple when the right fielder misplayed the ball. The next two batters (Tim Cocco and Joe Foley) were given free passes and Dale Sensenig produced a short sac fly to left. Tom White homered in the first for Wessel and Cocco homered in the fourth. RPM tied the score with two in the top of the seventh as Larry Grant singled and, after two outs, Rich Courtney tripled and Chris Alvardo doubled. Courtney had four hits, Alvarado three. RPM got a run in the top of the eighth on a singles by Bob Newman, Ken Ritter and Grant. The latter two came after two outs. Long dropped Minnesota rival O&S into the losers bracket (29-13 in 5 innings). Scoring 10 in the second, seven in the third and eight in the fourth, Long Haul won easily. Nine of the O&S runs came in the third inning. Chaun Demars had three of Long Haul’s nine HRs. Tim Magner had two, Mike Stanley, Rob Darhower, Doug Johnson and Butch Smith one each. Jeff Franks had an inside-the-park homer, two triples, a double and a walk, Smith a single, double and a walk in addition to his homer and Johnson two singles and a walk in addition to his homer. Lance Peterson had a homer, triple and walk for O&S. John Whaley, Scott Bailey and Derrick Williams homered. Brandon’s ousted Adams 17-14. Brandon’s pushed across three runs in the top of the seventh, and Adams did not answer. Hits by Chris Beck, Randy Calcutt, Chris Absher and Gene Lewis led to the winning runs. Calcutt and Lewis each went 4-for-4. Eddie Foust was 4-for-5 and Jerold Smith homered. Chris Gambrill had a homer and two singles and Jody Hurst a homer and single for Adams. They combined for 11 RBI. Tiger had to forfeit to Resmondo when Mike McColman left to catch a plane, leaving his teammates miffed. Resmondo was a 43-28 winner over Brandon’s. Resmondo went into the bottom of the third on the short end of a 14-2 count, then went crazy with 12, 17 and 11 runs over the next four inings. Gar King had three home runs, a single and two walks. Scott Alley and Brian Arnold each had two homers and seven RBI. Arnold added a triple and single, Alley two singles and a walk. Resmondo had four triples (Marty Dailey had two and Ron Howard one). Resmondo was helped by eight free passes and three Brandon’s errors. Dailey, Jeff Vargo and Charlie Brown also homered. Jeff Haag was 6-for-6. Garber, Marty Lanoux, Dailey and Howard each had four hits. Gene Lewis had four hits for Brandon’s, while Eddie Foust, Chris Calcutt, Chris Graves, Chris Roberts and Chris Absher homered. Three were 3-runners, the other two 2-runners. Hendu’s eliminated Gil’s 14-12. Lavorico had a single, double and homer and Ruben Gonzalez a double and two homers for Hendu’s, which built up a lead with five in the third and four in the fourth. Gil’s accounted for seven of its runs in the fourth. Joe Sposi and Briscoe Baker also homered for Hendu’s. Chad Sylte had a inside-the-parker and Tommy Shinn a double and triple. Kenny Briggs had two triples. Glenn Flood had two homers and Tom Kellner one for Gil’s. Randy Medina had three hits. Hendu’s then was kayoed by Xtreme (25-11). Greg Schulte had three homers for six RBI to set the pace for the Xtreme team. Chris Butler had two HRs.

1997 USSSA Men’s AA Slow Pitch Worlds

1997 held at Garland, Texas.

Champion – Sierra/TPS, Reno, Nevada
Runner Up – Loville/Easton, Monroe, Ohio

  • MVP – Carl Dickinson, Sierra (13-17, .765, 2 HR)
  • HR Leader – Lance Peterson, Spectrum – 14
  • Batting Leader – Lance Peterson, Spectrum (21-24) – .875
  • Defensive MVP – Jeff Ramey, Lovill/Easton
  • Offensive MVP – David Burke, Sierra/TPS (17-21, .810, 7 HR)


Mike Rodriguez – Sierra/TPS
Dale Walters – Sierra/TPS
Mark Creson – Sierra/TPS
Paul Drilling – Sierra/TPS
David Burke – Sierra/TPS
Carl Dickinson – Sierra/TPS
Randy Kortokrax – Lovill/Easton
Butch McKinney – Lovill/Easton
Jeff Ramey – Lovill/Easton
Tim Keothic – Lovill/Easton
Don Grubb – Lovill/Easton
Tim Jones – D’s Alliance/JWM/Easton
Larry Carter – D’s Alliance/JWM/Easton
Brian Greer – D’s Alliance/JWM/Easton
Lance Peterson – Spectrum/Pov’s/Easton
Scott “Rookie” Holt – Spectrum/Pov’s/Easton


1. Sierra/TPS, Reno, NV (5-0)
2. Loville/Easton, Monroe, OH (4-2)
3. D’s Alliance/JWM/Easton, Valley Center, CA (4-2)
4. Spectrum/POV’s/Easton, Golden Valley, MN (3-2)
5t. AJ’s/Worth, Richmond, VA (3-2)
5t. O&S/Worth, South St. Paul, MN (3-2)
7t. ChecKing/Brien/Midas/TPS, Somers, CT (2-2)
7t. Hague/Ohio Transport/Wessel, Columbus, OH (2-2)
9t. Hendu’s 42/TPS, Seattle, WA (1-2)
9t. Adams/Worth Ridgeland, MS (1-2)
9t. Gil’s Arizona Heat/Easton, Phoenix, AZ (1-2)
9t. Brandon/Dudley, Wilmington, NC (1-2)
13t. Texas Bandits, Houston, TX (1-2)
13t. Joplin Floor Design, Joplin, MO (1-2)
13t. Joe Black’s/Lattof/TPS, Chicago, IL (0-2)
13t. R&D/Grover, Lima, OH (0-2)
17. Knoxville Billiard Club, Knoxville, TN (0-2)

1997 USSSA Men’s A Slow Pitch Worlds

1997 held at Garland, Texas

Champion – Resmondo/TPS, Lake Wales, Florida
Runner Up – Pace/TPS, Sodus, New York

  • MVP – Danny Rogers, Resmondo (24-28, .857, 8 HR)
  • HR Leader – Tom Langerhurst, Sunnyvale – 19
  • Batting Leader – Danny Rogers, Resmondo – .857
  • Defensive MVP – Tony Martinez, Resmondo/TPS
  • Offensive MVP – John Anderson, Pace/TPS (.743, 13 HR)


Jay Beck – Line Drive/Easton
Danny Rogers – Resmondo/TPS
Tony Martinez – Resmondo/TPS
Mike Mincy – Resmondo/TPS
Scott Alley – Resmondo/TPS
Billy Garber – Resmondo/TPS
John Anderson – Pace/TPS
Butch Crozier – Pace/TPS
Earl Blackmon – Pace/TPS
Lawrence Reedus – Pace/TPS
Tom Langerhorst – Sunnyvale Valve
Tommy Todd – Sunnyvale Valve
Andy Purcell – Sunnyvale Valve
Mark Gutierrez – Sunnyvale Valve
James Dovzak – AJA/TPS
Steve Hall – AJA/TPS
Bob Stewart – Ice O Matic


1. Resmondo/TPS, Lake Wales, FL (7-0)
2. Pace/TPS, Sodus, NY (6-2)
3. Sunnyvale Valve & Fitting, Sunnyvale, CA (5-2)
4. AJA/TPS, Houston, TX (7-2)
5t. Line Drive/Easton, Brooklyn Center, MN (5-2)
5t. Ice-O-Matic, MI (4-2)
7t. Challenge Printing/Quality Waste, Burnsville, MN (4-2)
7t. Jimmies/Easton, MI (5-2)
9t. Harry’s Auto/Easton, Elk River, MN (3-2)
9t. ??/Easton, MI (3-2)
9t. Prestige Construction, MI (3-2)
9t. Guy’s Snacks/Easton, MD (3-2)
13t. Team Rhino, CA (3-2)
13t. Scoreboard Pub,  WA (4-2)
13t. Lafayette Fire & Safety, LA (3-2)
13t. Precision Planning, GA (3-2)
17t. Long’s Pest/Grover, WA (1-2)
17t. Hooters/Coors/TPS, KS (1-2)
17t. Hutchinson/Dudley, KS (2-2)
17t. Coors Light, TX (2-2)
17t. G&S Express, TX (2-2)
17t. Fun Bunch/DeMarini, KS (2-2)
17t. Fast Eddy’s, MO (2-2)
17t. Texarkana/Easton, AR (2-2)

24 of 52 teams.

1997 USSSA Women’s Major Slow Pitch World Series

1997 held at Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Champion – Taylor’s, Glendale, Maryland
Runner Up – UPI/Kinder/TPS, Baxter, Tennessee

Taylor’s of Maryland came through the losers bracket and did what was though to be impossible, beat UPI/Kinder/TPS two times in a row to claim the title. UPI had beat Taylors 13-6 in the Winner’s Bracket final. Taylor’s then eliminated Carolina Rockets to gain the title berth. Taylor’s had an inning for the ages in the first final as they scored 17 runs on 14 hits and 3 walks to take a commanding lead. UPI came back as close to 22-18, but Taylors responded with 4 more runs to take the first final 26-18. The Final game was much of the same. Taylors jumped out to an 18-7 lead, then UPI chipped away until it was 18-15. Taylor’s held on with some great defense to defeat UPI 20-17 and claim the Women’s World Series title.

  • MVP – Robin Baxter, Taylor’s (12-17, .706)
  • Batting Leader – Heather McAdam, Uniform Pro Mice (12-15, 1 HR) – .800
  • Batting Leader – Cheryl Wojcik, Carolina Rockets (12-15) – .800
  • HR Leader – Bev Lovett, Cannan’s Illusions (11-20, .550) – 2
  • HR Leader – Lynnie France, UPI/Kinder/TPS (14-19, .737) – 2
  • HR Leader – Tracy Keefer, Carolina Rockets (21-27, .778) – 2
  • HR Leader – Karen Cella, Uniform Pro Mice (9-17, .529) – 2
  • HR Leader – Chris Hixon, Lady Zapp (11-18, .611) – 2
  • Defensive MVP – Paige Nichols, Taylor’s
  • Offensive MVP – Michelle Thompson, UPI/Kinder/TPS (13-18 .722)


P – Lois Buckmaster, Taylor’s (10-20, .500)
C – Cheryl Wojcik, Carolina Rockets (12-15, .800)
C – Sharon Dudley, Taylor’s (12-20, .600)
1B – Carolyn Fierro, UPI/Kinder/TPS (12-17, .706)
2B – Theresa Ruby, UPI/Kinder/TPS (8-16, .500)
3B – Robin Baxter, Taylor’s (12-17, .706)
3B – Tracy Kee, Carolina Rockets (17-22, .773)
SS – Tracy Keefer, Carolina Rockets (21-27, .778, 2 HR)
OF – Nancy Archer, Taylor’s (15-23, .652)
OF – Kathy Riley, Cannan’s Illusions (15-19, .789)
OF – Kayla Miller, Cannan’s Illusions (11-16, .688)
OF – Heather McAdam, Uniform Pro Mice (12-15, .800, 1 HR)
OF – Lynnie France, UPI/Kinder/TPS (14-19, .737, 2 HR)
OF – Michelle Thompson, UPI/Kinder/TPS (13-18, .722)
OF – Paige Nichols, Taylor’s (12-21, .571)
OF – Allison Cole, UPI/Kinder/TPS (12-18, .667)
Manager – Annette Summers, Taylor’s

Pam Nelson, McLaughlin’s Oil (11-13) – .846
Lori Erpenbeck, Cannan’s Illusions (13-19, .684)
Marie Pesch, Cannan’s Illusions (11-19, .579, 1 HR)
Bev Lovett, Cannan’s Illusions (11-20, .550, 2 HR)
Sandy MaderCannan’s Illusions (11-20, .550)
Leslie Kantor, Carolina Rockets (13-25, .520, 1 HR)

FINAL STANDINGS (Incomplete – 16 teams)

1. Taylor’s, Glendale, MD (6-1)
2. UPI/Kinder/TPS, Baxter, TN (4-2)
3. Carolina Rockets, Archdale, NC (4-2)
4. Cannan’s Illusions/TPS, San Antonio, TX (3-2)
5t. Uniform Pro Mice, East Northport, NY (3-2)

1997 USSSA Men’s Major Slow Pitch World Series

1997 held at Daytona Beach, Florida.

Champion – Lighthouse/Worth, Stone Mountain, Georgia
Runner Up – Ritch’s-Superior/Tri-Gems/Beloli/TPS, Windsor Locks, Connecticut

  • MVP – Carl Rose, Lighthouse (22-28, .786, 10 HRs, 26 RBIs)
  • Home Run Leader – Hank Garris, Ritch’s (18-27, .667, 24 RBIs) – 14
  • Batting Leader – Jeff Hall, Sunbelt (20-24, 3 HRs, 13 RBIs) – .833
  • Defensive MVP – Larry Sauceman, Lighthouse/Worth


  • Pitcher – Robbie Ergle – LighthouselWorth
  • Pitcher – Greg Cannedy – Ritch’s Superior/TPS
  • Catcher – Scott Elliott – Sunbelt/Dan Smith/Easton
  • Catcher – Steve Craven – Lighthouse/Worth
  • Extra Hitter – Randy Kortokrax – R&D Grover
  • Extra Hitter – J.C. Phelps – Shen Valley/TPS
  • Extra Hitter – Wendell Rickard – Lighthouse/Worth
  • First Base – Dirk Androff – Ritch’s Superior/TPS
  • Second Base – Carl Rose – Lighthouse/Worth
  • Second Base – Bob Gilbert – Sunbelt/Dan Smith/Easton
  • Short Stop – Larry Sauceman – Lighthouse/Worth
  • Short Stop – Todd Joerling – Sunbeltl/Dan Smith/Easton
  • Short Stop – Ron Pamell – Ritch’s Superior/TPS
  • Third Base – Dennis Mendoza – Lighthouse/Worth
  • Outfield – Hank Garris – Ritch’s Superior/TPS
  • Outfield – Jeff Hall – Sunbelt/Dan Smith/Easton
  • Outfield – Todd Martin – Shen Valley/TPS
  • Outfield – Britt Hightower – Ritch’s Superior/TPS
  • Outfield – Randall Boone – Shen Valley/TPS
  • Outfield – Dewayne Frizzell – Shen Valley/TPS
  • Manager – Cecil Alford – Lighthouse/Worth


1. Lighthouse/Worth, Stone Mountain, GA (5-0)
2. Ritch’s Superior/Tri-Gems/Beloli/TPS, Windsor Locks, CT (4-2)
3. Shen Valley/TPS, Bridgewater, VA (4-2)
4. Sunbelt/Dan Smith/Easton, Centerville, GA (3-2)
5t. Sierra/TPS, Reno, NV (3-2)
5t. R&D Grover, Lima, OH (3-2)
7t. Spectrum/Pov’s/Easton, Plymouth, MN (2-2)
7t. Long Haul/TPS, Albertville, MN (2-2)
9t. So Jern/Specialty Tank/TPS, Levittown, PA (1-2)
9t. Hague/Ohio Transport/Wessel/Belcher, Columbus, OH (1-2)
9t. Steele’s, Grafton, OH (1-2)
9t. Gil’s Arizona Heat/Easton, Phoenix, AZ (1-2)
13t. D’s Alliance, Valley Center, CA (0-2)
13t. Adams/Worth, Jackson, MS (0-2)
13t. O&S Cattle/Worth, Crystal, MN (0-2)
13t. Joe Black’s/Land of Chevrolet/TPS, Elgin, IL (0-2)