2019 USSSA Women’s Major Slow Pitch World Series

2019 held at Melbourne, Florida.

Champion – Team 24/Swing Nation/Miken/Worth, Lorton, Virginia
Runner Up – SIS/Derby Girls/Easton, Kent, WA

  • MVP – Meagan Pearson, Team 24/Swing Nation/Miken/Worth
  • Defensive MVP – Stacey Moore, Team 24/Swing Nation/Miken/Worth
  • Offensive MVP – Christan Dowling, SIS/Derby Girls/Easton


Kristen Shifflett, SIS/Derby Girls/Easton
Megan Baltzell, SIS/Derby Girls/Easton
Sara Poteat, Team 24/Swing Nation/Miken/Worth
Stefanie Watt, Dirty Sports/Trojans
Shelby Engle, Lady Mojo/FAI/SNC Sports
Fiana Finau, SIS/Derby Girls/Easton
Stephanie Tofft, Team 24/Swing Nation/Miken/Worth
Patrika Barlow, Team 24/Swing Nation/Miken/Worth
Valisha Fincher, Team 24/Swing Nation/Miken/Worth
Sierra Rodriguez, Dirty Sports/Trojans
Savannah Brown, SIS/Derby Girls/Easton
Wendi Reed, Team 24/Swing Nation/Miken/Worth
Carmen Fowler, Lady Mojo/FAI/SNC Sports
Jaexenne Balilea, Team 24/Swing Nation/Miken/Worth
Jamie Novus, Lady Mojo/FAI/SNC Sports


1. Team 24/Swing Nation/Miken/Worth, Lorton, VA (6-1)
2. SIS/Derby Girls/Easton, Kent, WA (3-2)
3. Lady Mojo/FAI/SNC Sports, Louisa, VA (4-2)
4. Dirty Sports/Trojans, Shoreline, WA (2-2)
5t. Lady SNI/ATWL/Easton, Orlando, FL (3-2)
5t. Low Bobs/Shirts & Logos, Harrodsburg, KY (2-2)
7t. Smash It Sports/FAI/Miken, Harmony, FL (2-2)
7t. BE/OA/Louisville/Demarini, Bryant, AR (2-2)
9t. Made To Order/Spiderz, Chicago, IL (1-2)
9t. NTL/Worth/Top Notch Athletics, Bakersfield, CA (0-2)
9t. SFK/A&S Constructors, Pomona, CA (0-2)
9t. West Coast Lockdown, Portland, OR (0-2)
13. Band Of Sisters Softball (B.O.S.S.), Raeford, NC (0-2)


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