2007 Old Scout All World Team

Catcher: Jeff Wallace – Resmondo Softball
Catcher: Hank Garris – Team Combat

AH: Scott Brown – Team Combat
AH: BJ Fulk – Bell Corp
AH: Tim Cocco – Bell Corp

Infielder: Howie Krause – Resmondo
Infielder: Bryson Baker – Resmondo
Infielder: Dal Beggs – Resmondo
Infielder: Rusty Bumgardner – Resmondo
Infielder: Don Dedonatis Jr. – Resmondo
Infielder: Brian Wegman – Bell Corp
Infielder: Dennis Rulli – Bell Corp
Infielder: Wes Campbell – Laser Vision
Infielder: Denny Crine – KME

Outfielder: Jason Kendrick – Resmondo
Outfielder: Brian Rainwater – Resmondo
Outfielder: John McCraw – Team Combat
Outfielder- John Bailey – KME
Outfielder: Scott Janack – KME
Outfielder: Rick Sedlacek – Jean Shoppe
Outfielder: Ryan Roberts – Jean Shoppe

Utility: Brett Helmer – Bell Corp
Utility: Jamie Gordon – Jean Shoppe
Utility: Chris O’Hara – KME
Utility: Kevin Filby – Jean Shoppe
Utility: JD Genter – Team Combat

Pitcher: Andy Purcell – Resmondo
Pitcher: Justin Mucciaelli – Jean Shoppe

Co-Manager of the Year: Frank Webb – Resmondo & John Rector – Resmondo

Offensive Player of the Year: Jeff Wallace – Resmondo – OB% .824, The highest OB% in the history of the game in a season.

Homerun Leader: BJ Fulk – Bell Corp – 86

Defensive Player of the year: Don Dedonatis Jr. – Resmondo

PLAYER OF THE YEAR: JASON KENDRICK – RESMONDO – OB %, .796, Hr’s 52. Jason has played 18 years at the top level of Bigtime Softball. This was Jason’s best year in the 18 years he has played. Jason done it all for Resmondo; base hit it, hit for power and played great defense in left field all season long. Congratulations Jason you earned this honor.


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