1982 ASA Women’s A Slow Pitch Nationals

1982 held at Nashville, Tennessee.

Champion: Circle K Roadrunners, Tempe, Arizona
Runner Up: Frost Cutlery, Chattanooga, Tennessee

Circle K scored 5 runs in the bottom of the 6th and then held Frost Cutlery scoreless in the top of the 7th to win a 5-4 final.

  • MVP – Jen Harp Oliver, Frost Cutlery (3 HR with multiple game winning hits)
  • Batting Leader – Judy Wrather, Stagg’s Mustangs (13-20) – .650
  • Home Run Leader – Jen Harp Oliver, Frost Cutlery – 3
  • Outstanding Pitcher Award – Ruth Patterson, Frost Cutlery (9-1 Pitching)
  • Outstanding Defensive Player – Cassandra Landers, Circle K


P – Ruth Patterson, Frost Cutlery
P – Nancy Wilke, Tri-County Cougars
C – Sharon Welch, Frost Cutlery
C – Michelle Jackson, Circle K Roadrunners
1B – Jen Harp Oliver, Frost Cutlery
2B – Jenelle Kathan, Sellbergs
3B – Carol Harris, Frost Cutlery
SS – Cassandra Lander, Circle K Roadrunners
OF – Kelly Sullivan, Houston Stars
OF – Jan Thompson, Tri-County Cougars
OF – Gwen Durham, Circle K Roadrunners
OF – Cheryl Gronan, Tri-County Cougars
UT – Kay Patterson, Circle K Roadrunners
UT – Cindy Johnson, Circle K Roadrunners


P – Mary Beer, Shear Pleasure
P – Linda Hanson, Sellbergs
C – Jane Kaugman, Tri-County Cougars
C – Julie Stromgren, Sports Image
1B – Cheryl Steele, Sports Image
2B – LaVonne Banner, Circle K Roadrunners
3B – Marsha Schiller, Houston Stars
SS – Joyce Robertson, Sellbergs
OF – Patty Flock, Circle K Roadrunners
OF – Marilyn Jones, Frost Cutlery
OF – Earlene Jackson, CP Dean
OF – Sue Mendenhall, Shear Pleasure
UTIL – Mo England, Circle K Roadrunners
UTIL – Etta Bivins, Palm Beach Magic


1. Circle K Roadrunners, Tempe, AZ 9-1
2. Frost Cutlery, Chattanooga, TN (5-2)
3. Tri-County Cougars, Warren, MI (4-2)
4. Sellbergs Tavern, Vancouver, WA (4-2)
5t. Houston Stars, Houston, TX (3-2)
5t. Shear Pleasure, Omaha, NE (4-2)
7t. Sports Image, Coon Rapids, MN (4-2)
7t. CP Dean, Richmond, VA (5-2)
9t. Palm Beach Magic, West Palm Beach, FL (2-2)
9t. Nelson’s Aqualand, Rochester, NH (3-2)
9t. Stagg’s Mustangs, Lebanon, TN (4-2)
9t. Tyler’s Country Clothes, Baltimore, MD (4-2)
13t. Legere’s, Lynn, MA (3-2)
13t. North Maplewood Lions, St. Paul, MN (2-2)
13t. Cleveland Athletic Uniform, Cleveland, OH (2-2)
13t. Twin City Sports, West Monroe, LA (3-2)
17t. Seattle “A”, Kent, WA (2-2)
17t. Simmon’s Wreckers, Dayton, TX (1-2)
17t. Mid-Michigan Spirits, Mason, MI (1-2)
17t. Jonesboro Angels, Jonesboro, AR (1-2)
17t. Elston Lumber, Waterford, OH (1-2)
17t. Union City Dollarettes, Marysville, OH (1-2)
17t. Vineland “A”, Vineland, NJ (3-2)
17t. Donnettes, Cleveland, OH (2-2)
25t. West Coast Welders Gem, Santa Rosa, CA (1-2)
25t. Armed Forces, San Antonio, TX (0-2)
25t. Village Pump, Austin, MN (0-2)
25t. Houston Chance, Houston, TX (0-2)
25t. Jim Fisher Electric, Nashville, TN (2-2)
25t. Olympic Pools, Fort Wayne, IN (1-2)
25t. Swingin Misses, Louisville, KY (0-2)
25t. Griffin Brothers, Plantation, FL (0-2)
33t. SCAA Somerset Sacramento, CA (0-2)
33t. Da Family, Honolulu, HI (0-2)
33t. Strang’s Sliding and Trim, Kenosha, WI (1-2)
33t. Viking Merchandising, Baldwin Harbor, NY (0-2)
33t. Ron’s Angels, Lexington, KY (0-2)
33t. Miller’s BBQ, Manheim, PA (0-2)
33t. Bushnell Pharmacy, St. Louis, MS (0-2)


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