1967 ASA Open Men’s Slow Pitch Nationals

1967 held at State Road Park in Parma, Ohio.

Champion – Jim’s Sport Shop, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
Runner Up – Michael’s Lounge, Detroit, Michigan

ASA started the “Regional Championships” this season. After 62 teams entered the 1966 National and with the rain and delays, the tournament was played throughout the night. It became too much, so ASA divided up the country into 30 regions and no longer were State and Metro Champs guaranteed a spot in the Nationals.

The Regionals brought together a specified number of State and Metro Champs to play in that particular Regional Championship Tournament. That winner then earned a berth to the National Championship.

The Defending Champion also had an automatic berth at each National along with the Host Team. This cut the number of teams down to a manageable number each year.

Jim’s Sports Shop started the season as Skip AC, but Jim’s Sports Shop took over the financial backing by the end of the season. Miller “Killer” Adams of Jim’s was a dominating force at bat and in the field as Jims beat the defending champs 14-8 to win the title.

Paul Tomasovich hit a home run and collected 3 RBIs in the final game. Tomasovich ended up 15-29 (.517) for the tournament. Both Ray Kruel and Andy Zilka also had 3 RBIs.

Tex Collins of Michael’s hit 4 HRs against County Sports, but it took Jack Westerlund’s walk off 3-run homer in the 7th inning to eliminate the Long Islanders 22-21. Collins’ effort offset great individual performances by County Sports Jim Galloway and Bill Brown who each hit 3 homers apiece in the loss. Michael’s then went to the finals where they defeated Jim’s 9-5 in the first final. Collins hit 13 HRs to set a record, 6 straight at one point.

  • MVP – Miller “Killer” Adams, Jim’s Sports Shop (16-24, .667, 7 HRs, 13 RBIs)
  • HR Leader – Carl Tex Collins, Michael’s Lounge (17-27, .630, 27 RBIs) – 13 – set New National Tournament HR Record – broke old HR record of 11
  • Batting Leader – Ray Corky Kruel, Jim’s Sport Shop (19-23) – .840


  • P – Bill Brown, County Sports
  • C – Carl Tex Collins, Michael’s (17-27, .630, 13 HRs, 27 RBIs)
  • 1B – John Stone, Copper Hearth
  • 2B – Ray Corky Kruel, Jim’s (19-23, .840)
  • 3B – Jim Galloway, County Sports
  • SS – John Lorenzo, Twin Cities Construction
  • OF – Miller Killer Adams, Jim’s (16-24, .667, 7 HRs, 13 RBIs)
  • OF – Mike Gouin, Michael’s
  • OF – Bob Malicki, Michael’s
  • OF – Steve Shurina, County Sports


  • Paul Tomasovich, Jim’s Sport Shop (15-29, .517, 7 HRs, 12 RBIs)


1. Jim’s Sports Shop (Skip AC), Pittsburgh, PA 6-1
2. Michael’s Lounge, Detroit, MI 6-2
3. County Sports, Levittown, NY 4-2
4. Twin City Construction, Southington, CT 5-2
5t. Huffman Oil, Burlington, NC 3-2
5t. Copper Hearth, Milwaukee, MI 4-2
7t. Erie Sheet Metal, Cleveland, OH 2-2
7t. Snyder Masonry, Detroit, MI 3-2
9t. Hudepohl Beer, Springfield, OH 2-2
9t. Jiffy Club, Louisville, KY 3-2
9t. LaGrange Screw, LaGrange, OH 3-2
9t. Kwik Car Wash, Parma, OH 2-2
13t. Heidleberg, Tacoma, WA 2-2
13t. Abrams Texaco, Cincinnati, MO 2-2
13t. Breton Motors, Rochester, NY 2-2
13t. Kobax Corporation, Chattanooga, TN 2-2
17t. AD McCombs, San Antonio, TX 1-2
17t. Country Side Realty, Hopkins, MN 0-2
17t. Dominiques Motors, Beau Bridge, LA 1-2
17t. Jimmy’s Colonial Inn, Richmond, VA 0-2
17t. Marks Brothers, Miami, FL 1-2
17t. Tom’s #2, Columbus, GA 1-2
17t. Bayer-Mingola, Millbury, MA 1-2
17t. Fred’s Colonial Inn, Washington DC 1-2
25t. Jo’s Pizza House, Milton, FL 0-2
25t. Martin Hay Specialties, Phoenix, AZ 0-2
25t. Kutis Funeral Home, St. Louis, MO 0-2
25t. Non-Ferrous Metal Fabrics, Cleveland, OH 0-2
25t. E.C. Womack AC, Virginia Beach, VA 0-2


  • Defending Champ – Michaers Lounge, Detroit, MI
  • Host – Kwik Car Wash, Parma, OH (Parma, OH)
  • ASA Region-1 – Marks Brothers, Miami, FL
  • ASA Region-2 – Jo’s Pizza, Milton, FL
  • ASA Region-3 – Tom’s #2, Columbus, GA
  • ASA Region-4 – Huffman Oil, Burlington, NC
  • ASA Region-5 -EC. Womack A.C, Vuginia Beach, VA
  • ASA Region-6 – Jimmy’s Colonial Inn, Richmond, VA
  • ASA Region-7 – Fred’s Colonial Inn, Rockville, MD
  • ASA Region-8 – Breton Motors, Rochester, NY
  • ASA Region-9 – Twin Cities Cons…on, Southington, CT
  • ASA Region-10 – County Sports, Levittown, NY
  • ASA Region-11 – Bayer-Mingolla Industries, Milbury, MA
  • ASA Region-12 – Jim’s Sports Shop, Pittsburgh, PA – defeated Vigilante AA, York, PA
  • ASA Region-13 – Hudepohl Beer, Springfield, OH
  • ASA Region-14 – LaGrange Screw Products, LaGrange, OH
  • ASA Region-15 – Snyder’s Masonry, Detroit, MI
  • ASA Region-16 – Non-Ferrrous Metal Fab, Cleveland, OH
  • ASA Region-17 – Erie Sheet Metal, Cleveland, OH
  • ASA Region-18 – Abrams Texaco, Cincinnati, OH
  • ASA Region-19 – Jiffy Club, Louisville, KY
  • ASA Region-20 – Kobax Corp, Chattanooga, TN
  • ASA Region-21 – Countryside Realty, Hopkins, MN
  • ASA Region-22 – Copper Hearth, Milwaukee, WI
  • ASA Region-23 – Kutis Funeral Home, St. Louis, MO
  • ASA Region-24 – Dominiques Motors, Breau Bridge, LA
  • ASA Region-25 – AD McCombs, San Antonio, TX
  • ASA Region-26 – Heidleberg, Tacoma, WA
  • ASA Region-27 – N/A – (only 1 team came from Region 26/27 area)
  • ASA Region-28 – Loray, El Cerrito, CA – (Could not attend National)
  • ASA Region-29 – Martin Hay Specialists, Phoenix, AZ
  • ASA Region-30 – N/A

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