1965 ISC Men’s Fast Pitch World Tournament

1965 held at Rock Island, Illinois on August 28-September 6.

Champion – Citrus Motor Bombers, Pomona, California
Runner Up – Impalas, Downey, California

  • Cleo Goyette Memorial MVP Award – Jerry Wells, Hays Roofers
  • Cleo Goyette Memorial MVP Award – Don Sarno, Nitehawks
  • Leroy Zimmerman Memorial Pitching Award – Richie Stephens, Citrus Motor Bombers
  • Leading Hitter – Frank Trejo, Citrus Motor Bombers – .556
  • Most RBI – Bob Bennett, Citrus Motor Bombers – 5


P – Richie Stephens, Citrus Motor Bombers (3-0, 0.30 ERA, 33 K, 3 BB)
P – Dwayne Kampius, Citrus Motor Bombers (2-0, 0.00 ERA, 30 K, 5 BB)
P – Jerry Wells, Hays Roofers (3-2, 0.58 ERA, 34 K, 7 BB)
C – Joe Jones, Bill McDavid Pontiac .313
C – Dick Zuccatto, Citrus Motor Bombers .264
IF – Frank Trejo, Citrus Motor Bombers .565
IF – Bob Bennett, Citrus Motor Bombers .438
IF – John Groller, Patriots .409
UTIL – Dale Cramer, Argus .375
OF – Joe Higgens, Hays Roofers .500
OF – Bob Osborn, Impala .421
OF – David Hackney, Bill McDavid Pontiac .353
OF – Jack Stengel, Harrelson Motor Co. .333


1. Citrus Motor Bombers, Pomona, CA
2. Impalas, Downey, CA
3. Patriots, Allentown, PA
4. Nighthawks, Long Beach, CA
5t. Harrelson Motor Co., Moline, IL
5t. Argus Host Team, Rock Island, IL
7t. Bill McDavid Pontiac, Ft. Worth, TX
7t. Hays Roofers, Phoenix, AZ
9t. Elks Club, Bryan, TX
9t. Lange’s Insurance, Dubuque, IA
9t. Jamco Inc., Oklahoma City, OK
9t. Interiors Ltd, Ogden, UT
13t. Corry Construction, Pittsburgh, PA
13t. Skrbina Cement Co., Longmont, CO
13t. Boosters, Pueblo, CO
13t. Teamsters, Tulsa, OK
17t. Yellow Cab Co., Charleston, SC
17t. Valpo Chiefs, Valparaiso, IN
17t. Abbottsford, BC


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