2005 ASA Open Women’s Slow Pitch Nationals

2005 held at Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Champion: Armed Forces, San Antonio, TX (West)
Runner Up: Yard Dawgs, Calhoun, GA (East)

SCORES: Armed Forces 16-2, 14-8, 9-5 – (3 games to 0)
What a difference a year makes. Last year the Armed Forces women’s team went 1-3 in the Hooters Championship Series.
This year it walked away with the Women’s Open national title after sweeping the Yard Dawgs of Calhoun, Ga. Saturday at the ASA Hall of Fame Stadium. The Armed Forces won three consecutive games including the title game Saturday afternoon, 9-5, led by shortstop and series MVP Tammy Baldwin. A sergeant in the Army, Baldwin went 2-for-4 Saturday and finished the championship with an impressive .750 batting average. She had nine hits and four of them went four extra bases with three doubles and a home run. She brought home six runners and had an RBI in the third and deciding game. The Armed Forces finished with a team batting average of .509. The Armed Forces won the first title for the West in the Women’s Open, sweeping the Yard Dawgs and outscoring them 39-15. Armed Forces Tammy Baldwin was on fire the whole series as she started off in the first game with three hits (two of them doubles) and three RBIs in the 16-2 opening game win. Her bases loaded triple ignited the Armed Forces team to a 14-8 victory in the second game. Pitcher Laurie Doughty held the Yard Dawgs once again and went 3-3. She finished 3-0 Pitching and batted .625. Tammy Baldwin, Cheryl Trapnell, Shannon Eichenseer and Niki Dunn all had a pair of hits apiece. Third baseman Stephanie Johnson and Carol Pearson led the Yard Dawgs with three hits in as many at-bats including a pair of RBI singles.

  • MVP – Tammy Baldwin, Armed Forces (9-12, .750, 1 HR, 6 RBIs, 3 2Bs)
  • Batting Leader – Tammy Baldwin, Armed Forces – .750
  • Home Run Leader – Tammy Baldwin, Armed Forces – 1

2005 East held at Gadsden, Alabama.

Champion: Yard Dawgs, Calhoun, GA
Runner Up: Long Island Tides, East Northport, NY

  • East MVP- not awarded
  • East Batting Leader – ?
  • East Home Run Leader – ?


  • P-Diane Kurant, West Michigan Stray Cats
  • C-Jean-MarieHudcock, Long Island Tides
  • 1B-Tricia Lipareli, Long Island Tides
  • 2B-Lisa Redder, Long Island Tides
  • 3B-Lisa Stellato, Long Island Tides
  • SS-Gretchen Gruber, Yard Dawgs
  • OF-Jody Trimmer, Long Island Tides
  • OF-Bonnie Rodgers, Long Island Tides
  • OF-Rhonda Varnesdeel, West Michigan Stray Cats
  • OF-Stacy Stanfield, Yard Dawgs
  • UT-Rachel Hyatt, Yard Dawgs
  • UT-Amanda Corley, Yard Dawgs
  • UT-Christy Jameson, Yard Dawgs
  • UT-Dana Wilhite, Yard Dawgs
  • UT-Jennifer Sis Woods, Long Island Tides


  • P-Dena Stacks, Yard Dawgs
  • C-Kari Clifford, West Michigan Stray Cats
  • 1B-Tara Lehnertz, West Michigan Stray Cats
  • 2B-Nicole Merchant, West Michigan Stray Cats
  • 3B-Renee Bolitho, West Michigan Stray Cats
  • SS-Carol Perroz, Long Island Tides
  • OF-Christine Bell, Long Island Tides
  • OF-Tammy Luneburg, Long Island Tides
  • OF-Lisa Lines, Shooters
  • OF-Diane Hatch, Shooters
  • UT-Jodie Howe, West Michigan Stray Cats
  • UT-Angie Huff, Yard Dawgs
  • UT-Rhonda Graham, Yard Dawgs
  • UT-Carol Pearson, Yard Dawgs
  • UT-Tiffany Daniels, Shooters


1. Yard Dawgs, Calhoun, GA 3-0
2. Long Island Tides, East Northport, NY 3-2
3. West Michigan Stray Cats, Lowell, MI 2-2
4. Shooters, Orlando, FL 0-2
5. Traders, Collierville, TN 0-2

2005 West held at Waxahachie, Texas.

Champion: Okaki, Santa Ana, CA
Runner Up: Lady Blue Jays, San Antonio, TX

The women of Team OKAKI (Santa Ana, Calif.) were victorious over the Labor Day weekend to claim the ASA Women’s West Open Slow Pitch National Championship. Unfortunately due to prior commitments they are unable to continue on to battle their counterparts from the East during the Hooters Championship Series in Oklahoma City. Okaki won the final 2 championship games over the Lady Blue Jays 19-14 and 7-3 and finished 6-1, outscoring their opponents 89-44. Lady Blue Jays could make the trip to the National Championship Series, so the Armed Forces (USA) who finished third will represent the West.

  • West MVP-Tamara Silvera, Okaki
  • West Batting Leader – Lisa King, Lady Blue Jays
  • West Home Run Leader – Nicole Friola, Okaki


  • P-Katrina Garcia, Okaki
  • C-Jamie Thompson, Armed Forces
  • 1B-Mya McCrae Truelove, Lady Blue Jays
  • 2B-Tamara Silvera, Okaki
  • 3B-Jackie Dixon, Armed Forces
  • SS-Gina Perez, Lady Blue Jays
  • OF-Alma Dorado, Ladies First
  • OF-Christie Dammer, Okaki
  • OF-Lisa King, Lady Blue Jays
  • OF-Zeena Rossi, Lady Blue Jays
  • UT-UI Bal, Ladies First
  • UT-Karrie Warren, Armed Forces
  • UT-Janet Miyahara, Okaki
  • UT-Karla Martinez, Okaki
  • UT-Kat Sherer, Ladies First


1. Okaki, Santa Ana, CA 6-1
2. Lady Blue Jays, San Antonio, TX 3-2
3. Armed Forces, Peterson AFB, CO 4-2
4. Ladies First, Los Angeles, CA 3-2
5t. YaYa, Carrollton, TX 1-2
5t. RIL, College Station, TX 2-2
7t. Karphone, Los Angeles, CA 1-2
7t. Hosea’s Angels, Waco, TX 0-2
9t. Macken Plumbing, Rochester, MN 0-2
9t. My Attitude, Waxahachie, TX 0-2


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